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Experience the thrill of the hunt in exciting new locations around the world and in your own back yard on SCI’s Expedition Safari. Host, Mike Rogers, returns for an amazing ninth season, treating you to world-class hunts and challenging locations.

This year, Mike’s journey takes him to New Zealand’s South Island as he hunts monster red stag and fallow over the mountainous landscape. He then switches continents and heads South to Argentina’s wild lands. There he is passionately in pursuit of mouflon, buffalo, black buck and red stag face up to Mike in this southern hunter’s paradise.

The Laurentian Mountains were the backdrop for this year’s Pathfinder Hunt where two challenged young men take the hunt of their lives for unbelievably huge stag. Meet these brave youth while they pursue monsters in the woods.

Mike also travels to the beautiful diverse country of Croatia. Known for its vast coastline, Croatia also has some of the best hunting grounds in the world. Balkin Chamois, stag, boar and jackal offer up exciting hunts in Eastern Europe.

Joining Mike this season, is SCI President Craig Kauffman on a Veteran Whitetail hunt in Chattanooga, Tennessee. This group of hunters enjoyed camaraderie and the pursuit of their obsession near the Tennessee River.

Other locations include the Colorado plains for the swift Pronghorn Antelope and South of the border to Mexico for Carmin Mountain Whitetail. Mike visits an old friend in Alaska where he ventures back in search of the elusive stone sheep. A challenging hunt awaits him in the cold Alaskan wilderness. This season offers up a variety of thrilling wildlife and amazing hunts across the globe.

For over forty years, Safari Club International has been protecting hunters’ rights and promoting wildlife conservation. Mike Rogers embodies these values and encourages fellow hunters to follow their passions with respect and appreciation for nature and wildlife. Conserving our rich hunting heritage nationally and internationally, SCI is First for Hunters!

Official Site: http://www.safariclub.org/

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Meet The Host(s)

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    Mike Rogers

    Host and executive producer of Outdoor Channel's hit show SCI Expedition Safari. Mike Rogers brings to each episode a lifetime of experience across multiple fields of expertise.

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