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A television program with content about “The Hunt for the very best saltwater inshore and freshwater fishing guides.”

Exclusive Bassmaster Elite Angler and longtime saltwater expert Byron Velvick exposes the very best guides in both freshwater and saltwater. Byron will seek out these best of “star” guides in all regions of U.S., Canada and Mexico, and shine the light on why they are the best of the best. How to find them and how to utilize them . . . and how to have fun doing it as only Byron does! Aside from the great information gathered from these guides, Velvick will keep it fun and challenging. Each episode will have goals to hit and challenges to meet that will push the guides to the limit.

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Meet The Host(s)

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    Byron Velvick

    Reality fame Byron Velvick is a professional sport fishing tournament winner and host & on screen talent for various network shows including Byron Velvick's Guides Eyes on Outdoor Channel.

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