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About the Show

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Enjoy an exciting new season of action-packed hunting on L.L.Bean Guide to the Outdoors. Join host Bill Gorman, L.L.Bean’s great-grandson, as he takes you on exhilarating adventures to some of the world’s premier hunting destinations. Bill has teamed up with JBO Productions’ Addicted to the Outdoors and award-winning producer Steve Finch to capture every thrilling moment from beginning to end.

Official Site: http://www.llbean.com/hunting1/guideToOutdoors.html

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Meet The Host(s)

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    Bill Gorman

    Bill Gorman serves as Hunting & Fishing Product and Media Advisor at L.L.Bean's headquarters in Freeport, ME. As an avid outdoorsman, he's traveled the globe, logged countless miles in search of trophies, adventures and lasting memories with family and friends.

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