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About the Show

Huntin' The World... Southern Style! is a cutting-edge outdoor TV show bringing you the hunt from departure to the harvest. Based on family values, we appeal to the wife and kids as well as the most hard-core hunter.

Our host and pro staff will share their personalities, as well as in-depth looks at guests such as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, country music great, John Michael Montgomery, and NASCAR Crew Chief, Greg Zipadelli.

One of the few outdoor shows to air year round (52 weeks), Huntin' The World... Southern Style! will take you around the globe in search of adventure.

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Meet The Host(s)

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    Ken Cobb

    Pursuing hunting in 12 states and various countries, Ken Cobb has spent the last 24 years hunting whitetail deer, something he's extremely passionate about. Find Ken hosting his show "Huntin' The World... Southern Style!" on Outdoor Channel.

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