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"In hunting, the chase and killing of the game is after all but a part of the whole."
-Teddy Roosevelt

Inside Outdoors TV launched its Season 7 on Outdoor Channel in July of 2013, continuing with a unique insight and respect for “the hunt” . . . the whole hunt and living by the motto: “Inside Outdoors TV is a high quality outdoor television production with a very realistic appeal.”

Inside Outdoors TV is being shot, produced and hosted by Anello Productions, Inc. The Tulsa, Oklahoma-based company, is in its 32nd-year of business and has specialized in outdoor programming/productions for most of its tinier. Having shot and produced Jimmy Houston Outdoors, Fishing with Roland Martin (in the ‘80s and current producer), Bassmasters TV (13 years), the FLW Tour, as well as hundreds of outdoor commercials, product features and promotional videos, the company is one of the longest running production companies in the outdoor industry.

Tim Anello, Co-host of Inside Outdoors TV, has taken on the role of Vice President and Chief Editor of the 3 decade old company. Dave Poteat was hired on as an Account Executive and Producer in 2004 and inspired the company to take on its next challenging production…a national hunting show. Inside Outdoors TV went into production in October 2005 and made its national debut in January 2007!

“I am proud to tell anyone who wants to listen that we are hunters,” said Tim Anello. “Along with my partner, Dave Poteat, who brings a ton of outdoor television experience to the table, our passion for the sport of hunting is what fueled our desire to develop this unique hunting show concept. My technical background and love for the outdoors, along with Dave’s more than 27 years of hunting experience and a decade as an outdoor videographer, combined with our company’s vast experience in outdoor programming production, has made Inside Outdoors TV one of the best!”

Inside Outdoors TV maintains a realistic appeal without sacrificing quality and flow of events. “Basically, if it doesn’t make any sense, and we can’t figure out how to bridge the gap in explanation, it gets cut!” said Dave. “Tim and I are business partners and have our struggles, trust me! But we were huntin’ buddies first and that’s what gave IOTV wings! We don’t try to come across as elitists, we let the viewers know we’re human and that missing, screwing up our lines, or not being able to come up with one at all, is all part of the real deal. Along with bantering and friendly competitions amongst each other we do share our experience and knowledge, of hunting and the equipment we use, with our viewers. This way, maybe we can entertain them, give them something to relate to, and teach them a thing or two that can help them be a better hunter!”

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Meet The Host(s)

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    Tim Anello

    Co-Host, vice president, and chief editor of "Inside Outdoors TV," Tim Anello's avid love for the outdoors, with bird hunting his specialty, helps drive him on Outdoor Channel's show.

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    Dave Poteat

    Senior producer, co-host and account executive Dave Poteat pursues his childhood dream job - a passion for hunting, fishing, and the outdoors - through his show "Inside Outdoors TV" on Outdoor Channel.

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