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Jimmy Big Time, Outdoor Channel’s first-ever scripted comedy program, follows the exploits of Jimmy "Big Time" Miller; the self-described "Father of Outdoor Television." The show highlights one man’s quest to become the greatest outdoor television host in history. Shot in mockumentary format, Jimmy Big Time is a hilarious and irreverent look at what happens behind the camera in the highly competitive world of outdoor television.

Jimmy Big Time – 2009
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The Reason Outdoor Television Was Invented

Without exaggeration, Jimmy Big Time is the greatest outdoor show ever produced for the medium of television. Period. Hosted by Jimmy "Big Time" Miller -- the world's foremost authority on hunting, fishing, trapping, field dressing and snowmobile maintenance -- Jimmy Big Time provides a no-holds-barred access look at what it takes to produce the best, most-watched, technically-advanced outdoor program in the universe.

Official Site: http://jimmybigtime.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/JimmyBigTimeTV?v=app_111917138820507

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Meet The Host(s)

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    Jimmy 'Big Time' Miller

    Jimmy 'Big Time' Miller" is currently the executive producer, on-air host and director of the hunting/fishing/shooting television program, self-titled "Jimmy Big Time" only on Outdoor Channel.

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