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These are The Legends of Rod & Reel.
Some are famous; some are not. Some catch crappies; some chase bass.
Some battle tarpon; some cast for carp.
No matter, they all share one thing in common.
Every Legend is exceptional with a hook and line. They possess fishing skills the rest of us can only wish we had.
They have a thirst to catch.
They fish with passion.
These are The Legends of Rod & Reel.
Their stories will be produced by Ron Schara Enterprises and told by Ron Schara, America's premier storyteller.

Trevor Gowdy – Come along as we head to Boston, MA, to fish with Trevor Gowdy. You may know his dad, Kurt, as the famous announcer of the Boston Red Sox and now Trevor is making his own name in the world of fishing.

Gary Roach – Tag along with Mr. Walleye, Gary Roach, and discover his walleye ways from A to Z and you'll know why he's a Legend.  How does Mr. Walleye find the fish?  His theory: If they're not deep, they're shallow or somewhere in-between.

Dave Romeo – World records certainly aren't broken easily; Exactly why bass fisherman David Romeo became a Legend of Rod and Reel.

Frank Moore – If you've never met steelheader Frank Moore, you should. At 86-years-old, he's earned the title, "Legend" on Oregon's North Umpqua river.

Bill Dance – Yes, Dance is his name (real name) and fishing is his reel game.  We go behind the scenes with the one and only Bill Dance who may be America's most popular fisherman as well as a Legend.

Rimmer Covington
– Yellowfin Tuna….they call it the gold of the gulf coast. No one knows where to cash in more than Rimmer Covington. Hop aboard and hold on as Rimmer launches into the blue water.

Larry Dahlberg – Profile of a Legend Larry Dahlberg, who makes his living in search of the biggest, baddest fish in the world.  How does he do it and what makes him tick?  Larry the Legend answers the questions.

Mike McClelland – It’s the story of the local boy who grows up to be a Bass Master Champion. Mike McClelland is one of the elite bass fisherman in the US.

Flip Pallot – Critics hailed the fishing show, Walker Cay Chronicles, as the best on television.  Now meet the talent behind the show, angler/writer, philosopher Flip Pallot.  And guess what?  This fishing Legend is a bone collector, too.

Ron Weber/Patricia Strutz – Two Legends for the price of one. The most famous fishing lure in the world is the Rapala.  On this segment of Legends, you'll meet Legend Ron Weber, the American angler who discovered the lure in North America and made it the number one best seller. Her name is Patricia Strutz but you might know her as Blonde in a Boat. She’s a muskie guide that takes on all comers.

Joe Baigas – As soon as you meet Joe you’ll never forget him. He’ll be the first one to tell you he’s not the best angler, but spend a day fly-fishing with him and you won’t forget it.

Ted Takasaki – Ted Takasaki put himself in the record books with a one-day professional walleye record.  See how Ted's passion makes him one of the best anglers in North America.

Best of Legends – You asked for it and now you got it. We’ve taken the best of the best and made one great show. Sit back, you’re about to go fishing with a great group of Legends.


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    Ron Schara

    A storyteller in print, radio and television, Ron Schara uses colorful tales of the outdoors to create an experience for his audience. Ron's own stories have been featured on dozens of television programs.

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