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Outdoor America is a signature series for both Outdoor Channel and the show’s iconic host, Steve Gruber. Gruber made his debut on Outdoor America – currently one of the network’s longest running outdoor adventure series – at the age of 28 in 1994. The series features high energy outdoor adventures around the world and heart pounding in-your-lap whitetail action from across the Midwest and worldwide; from walking the spines of mountain ridges from New Zealand’s Southern Alps to the unforgiving spires of the Alaska Range. At its essence, Outdoor America gives viewers an up close look into the spirit and drive of Steve Gruber.

In 2011, Steve and Outdoor America will return to their roots and focus solely on hunting pursuits. The shows add upgraded graphics for topography, animal descriptions, locations, wind direction and more. Coupled with new state of the art graphics, the show will deliver the excitement to viewers with an all new flair. Also in 2011, Gruber adds to his already impressive travel list of 36 states, 9 countries, 6 provinces, 4 continents and 2 territories. To get it all done Steve relies, as always, on trusted hunting companions to make the tough shots including: Mark Millis, Randy Lack, Dan Wallace, Tim Andrus, Bruce Horrel, Rodney Oyer and all of Team Wolf Creek.

The 2011 hunting season will include a wide variety of big game species including deer, moose, elk, bear, wild pigs and African plains game. This season’s episodes will also feature outdoor television veterans like hunting guide Randy Lack hitting the field in pursuit of fast flying wing shooting opportunities, or Bruce Horrel hunkering down in the blind to take his chances with the best waterfowl hunting in North America. Mark Millis, Tim Andrus and Dan Wallace will set their sights on big game from huge black bears in Canada to moose and elk in the lower 48. Bring it all together and Outdoor America continues to deliver a tasty combination of hunting action, spicy humor and adventure like no other series on cable.

This year’s episodes of Outdoor America are polished by the award-winning production staff of Wolf Creek Productions, one of the most respected and honored production teams in the business. Led by veteran outdoor photographer and editor, Tom Nichols, the team behind the scenes at Wolf Creek is second-to-none in crafting the perfect combination of wildlife, natural beauty, up close action, dynamic music sound tracks and graphics to deliver the best possible viewing experience.

We are proud and excited to open the next chapter of Outdoor America with such an experienced and veteran team.


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    Steve Gruber

    Two-time Emmy winning newsman, on air personality, and writer, Steve Gruber is now president of Wolf Creek Productions with a multitude of award winning show, he currently hosts "Excalibur's Deer City USA" & "Outdoor America" on Outdoor Channel.

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