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Marc & Todd's Crazy Clips, hosted by Comic Marc Ryan, is a 30-minute, action-packed, side-splitting showcase of the wildest, most outrageous and downright stupidest situations, stunts, crashes, pranks and surprises ever seen outdoors and caught on video. From hunters attacked by their prey to off-roaders getting stuck in the mud and powerboat towing mishaps, Marc & Todd's Crazy Clips collects and presents the craziest clips from across America and presents them in a fast-paced, laugh-filled half-hour.

Comedian host Marc Ryan and his sidekick Todd, an acerbic stuffed wild boar, introduce the clips and provide witty commentary as each video plays. When an inept hunter is treed by a hunting dog or falls from his perch and gets pecked by angry turkeys Marc will embellish the clip with comments like, “Gobble, gobble, where’s the stuffing?” or “Tastes like chicken.” Marc and Todd mock a fisherman who is yanked into the water after hooking a marlin, because he forgot to strap in, and heckle four-wheelers who aren’t as capable as their Jeeps and ATV. We’ll even see hunting dogs that haven’t got a clue. Clips for the show are sourced from the Internet, Outdoor Channel’s viewers and blooper reels provided by Outdoor Channel’s producers.

Tune into Outdoor Channel for a half-hour of laughs on Marc & Todd's Crazy Clips.


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Meet The Host(s)

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    Marc Ryan

    Comedian host Marc Ryan and his sidekick Todd, an acerbic stuffed wild boar, provide witty commentary for Outdoor Channel's entertaining show Marc & Todd's Crazy Clips.

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