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Hosted by seasoned veterans Larry Woodward and Bob Richardson, Outdoors in the Heartland will begin its seventeenth season in 2012 with new double-action shows. The dynamic duo of Larry and Bob set the scene with string-stretching fishing shows and heart-thumping hunting shows. Outdoors in the Heartland allows viewers to share the host's knowledge and experience of what it takes to capture the outdoor experience on film.

You'll see big bass, bucks, bulls and bears from all parts of the country along with special instructional segments that are so helpful you just might want to take notes. Woodward and Richardson also host ScentBlocker Most Wanted on Outdoor Channel, premiering in 2011.

Official Site: http://www.oith.com/

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Meet The Host(s)

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    Bob Richardson

    Bob Richardson has spent 35 years loving boats and as such has become an avid bass fishermen & tournament participant; as an outdoor enthusiast he produces & co-hosts Outdoors In "The Heartland" and "ScentBlocker's Most Wanted" airing on Outdoor Channel.

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    Larry Woodward

    Larry Woodward grew up guiding hunters and fishermen in Northeast Missouri. Larry's passion ranges from Smallmouth Bass fishing to Big Game hunting and he has always wanted to show the everyday outdoorsman where and how they too can fish.

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