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Pro Hunter Journal highlights the outdoor pursuits of the industry's most accomplished hunters. A "Who's Who" list of dedicated. diehard outdoorsmen and women, the show gives viewers a sneak peek into the play books of such fan favorite personalities as Michael Waddell, Jim Shockey, Lee and Tiffany Lakosky, Stan Potts and Gregg Ritz. The hit show takes viewers on an adrenaline-filled ride to all compass points - from Midwestern whitetail stands to the African dark continent or dangerous game. The Pro Hunters pursue big game in extreme conditions and exotic destinations. In addition to high-octane hunting adventure, Pro Hunter Journal details the strategies, techniques and gear of these industry veterans. It's a must-see for hunters of all ages.

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Meet The Host(s)

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    Gregg Ritz

    An Olympic level shooter, industry leader in outdoor manufacturing, media & marketing, Gregg Ritz combines his passion for adventure hunting, the whitetail woods, family, fitness and God into all that he pursues.

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