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When you watch Realtree Outdoors, you are learning from the best in the industry. Bill Jordan travels the country in search of all types of game, from waterfowl and turkey, to deer, elk, bear, and more.

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Meet The Host(s)

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    Bill Jordan

    Family man and outdoorsman, Bill Jordan created his versatile & innovated camouflage company Realtree decades ago to much praise and currently is host of "Realtree's NASCAR Outdoors on Outdoor Channel."

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  • /content/personalities/david-blanton-218x123.jpg

    David Blanton

    Family man David Blanton has been an integral part of Realtree's video efforts since he started in 1991 and executive produces two shows: "Realtree Outdoors" & "Bill Jordan's Realtree Monster Bucks."

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