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Reel in the Outdoors actually started as an idea several years ago. While there are plenty of great fishing shows on the tube, I wanted to do something different. I wanted to see why Americans absolutely and undeniably love fishing.

So I set out, camera, microphone and a rough idea in hand, to find out what makes America so interested and intent on angling. What we found not only surprised us, it entertained us, too. Not only did we get a chance to spend time with some of the top anglers in the country on their favorite body of water, but we also got to meet people who are passionate about not only fishing, but their unique style of fishing.

This season on Stihl's Reel in the Outdoors with Joe Thomas, I'll travel from Mexico to Alaska, fish farm ponds and streams, chase bass, king salmon, muskie, catfish and whatever else will bite, and try to pass along tips, hints and secrets I've learned from over 25 years on the pro tournament trail to help you enjoy angling more than ever before.

And now you're wondering…why is a chainsaw company sponsoring a fishing show? Well, I’ve been fortunate enough to be associated with Stihl and Bryan Equipment Company, the Stihl distributor in my home region, for many years. The folks at Stihl get it. They understand that the same passion and desire that attracts people to angling also attracts them to the do-it-yourself spirit that Stihl embodies. Stihl didn’t become the number one chainsaw manufacturer in the world by accident. It’s hard work, dedication and a commitment to excellence that drives the Stihl brand. So visit your local Stihl dealer or their website. Let them know you support a company that supports your passion and the great outdoors.

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    Joe Thomas

    Joe Thomas is a widely respected veteran of outdoor media with over 20 plus years of on air experience, Joe brings an honest and genuine approach to everything he does and his work ethic is unquestioned.

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