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Rick Browne is creator, host and executive producer of the wild game hunting/fishing/cooking show Ready, Aim... Grill, RAG premiered on the Outdoor Channel in 2005 where is ran quite successfully for two seasons, and after a hiatus to go around the world for his public TV series Barbecue America, is bringing his cooking show for hunters and fishermen.

A renowned barbecue and grilling expert, he is also the author of Grilling for All Seasons (Sellers Publishing, 2009)The Best Barbecue on Earth (TenSpeed Press, 2008), The Big Book of Barbecue Side Dishes (Sellers Publishing, 2007), Grilling America and The Frequent Fryer Cookbook, (Regan Books, NY 2003) and co-author of The Barbecue America Cookbook (The Lyons Press, 2002). He is currently working on a “Ready, Aim... Grill - Recipes, Tips & Tall Tales” which will be a companion cookbook to the wild game series.

A writer, photographer, pitmaster, restaurant critic and consultant, he is also a Doctor of Barbecue, holding an honorary Ph.B (Doctor of Barbecue Philosophy) bestowed upon him by the prestigious Kansas City Barbeque Society for his expertise and commitment to barbecue. He has appeared on Fox & Friends, the TODAY show, Live with Regis & Kelly and CNN, and has been featured in People Magazine and USA Today. In addition, he was the focus of numerous articles in both print and broadcast media during a 30,000-mile road-trip this past year promoting his books and television programs.

He's a member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals, the Society of American Travel Writers, the Canadian Barbecue Smokers Association, the National Barbecue Association, the International Bar-B-Que Cookers Association, the Kansas City Barbecue Society, the World Barbecue Association, and is a founding member of the California Barbecue Association. As a KCBS-certified barbecue judge he has judged at the Kansas City Royal, Blue Springs Invitational, Portland's Bones-n-Brew, Memphis in May, and the Jack Daniel's World Championship Invitational barbecue contests.

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    Rick Browne

    Rick Browne is a renowned barbecue and grilling expert and author on the subject. Rick is also an experienced photojournalist and holds an honorary Doctor of Barbecue Philosophy, which he puts too great use as host of "Cooking with Rick Browne" on Outdoor Channel.

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