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Armed with only his wits, the most rudimentary tools and devices, and zero armor, predatory expert Manny Puig will guide you through some of the murkiest waters and most dangerous places on earth, in an informative and heart-stopping half hour that will make you think twice before going below the surface.

Best known for his appearances as the long-haired educator, expert, and voice of reason for many Jackass stunts involving wild animals throughout both the television and theatrical runs, Cuban-born Manny Puig has more than earned the necklace of teeth that adorn his body by years of experience spear-fishing and primitive hunting. In addition to Jackass, Puig has also been featured in the TV series Wildboyz, countless appearances in many documentaries, and Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

Savage Wild - 2009
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Each episode of Savage Wild will follow Manny wherever the danger lies: whether it's wrestling a wild boar, carefully maneuvering through the water with a monster alligator, or hopping a ride with a great white shark. The amazing part, however, is the technique in which Puig accomplishes his mission. Choosing to avoid the modern protections, devices, and methods that his current counterparts rely on, Puig utilizes only the bare essentials. A spear here, an old snorkel there. Manny prefers to fight the primal battle between man and his elements alone, often shunning the cages and scuba tanks, while instead, opting for only the basics.

Puig's love for wildlife began as a young child, who left his native Cuba at six years old and moved to the Florida Everglades. It was here that he learned to hunt, and found that he could survive for days on only creek water and his surroundings. It wasn't long before he was filming his own adventures in and around the Florida Keys.

Recently, Puig also lent his skills, years of experience, and vast knowledge of the animal kingdom to help create and craft his own line of shark spears and knives. His signature equipment can be found online, in South Florida dive shops, and is quite popular with hunters that prefer the challenge that comes with switching from a spear-gun to a basic pole spear.

Additionally, Savage Wild is produced by award-winning filmmaker and creator Robin Berg (Speargun Hunter, Shooting Gallery).

Savage Wild is perfectly suited for viewers both young and young at heart. In a world in which technology makes life easier, safer, and less predictable, Manny Puig, who admittedly has never used a credit card or written a check, turns the clock back.

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    Manny Puig

    Host of Outdoor Channel's "Savage Wild." Educator and expert spear-fisherman and primitive hunter.

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