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Coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), this July marks the return of all-new episodes of, Scouting for Adventure; an original series based on the BSA and their flagship magazine, Boys' Life. This season the series will follow the journeys of four troops as they experience the high adventure only scouting can provide.

Season three is filled extraordinary trips of a lifetime. Get hooked with trophy fishing, as scouts from Troop 95 - Fort Collins, Colorado, leave the Rocky Mountains to encounter the diverse and legendary waters of the Florida Keys at the Florida National High Adventure Sea Base.

Set your sights on the rugged terrain of New Mexico, as young outdoorsmen from Oklahoma trek across the world famous Philmont Scout Ranch and learn the skills of fly fishing, archery, shooting sports and more.

Steer straight into the breathtaking beauty of the north, as a crew from Troop 44 – Mendon, Massachusetts venture into the historic canoe bases of Northern Tier for a week of fishing and wilderness adventure.

The season concludes at Fort AP Hill, sight of the greatest scouting event of the century, the National BSA Jamboree celebrating 100 years of scouting.

As the Boy Scouts of America commemorates its 100th Anniversary… Outdoor Channel is excited to continue the journey with Scouting for Adventure.

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Award winning, Boys’ Life is the official publication of the Boy Scouts of America. Published 12-times a year, it is simultaneously entertaining, educational and informative. The magazine serves the active lifestyle of its audience while fulfilling the vision of the Boy Scouts of America.

Boys’ Life readers are dynamic individuals - they are outdoor adventurers, computer enthusiasts, devoted sportsmen, avid collectors, spirited gamers and dedicated environmentalists, all with an underlying passion for their community and country. Boys’ Life is creatively engineered to cater to the interests of their unique audience. To accomplish this goal, the magazine showcases the talents of top writers, photographers and illustrators in two separate demo editions, one for those six through 11 and another for those ages 12 through 17.

Boys’ Life offers readers an exciting way to follow all that’s happening in their world both inside and outside the realm of Scouting. The magazine is a staple in the exclusive environment of our loyal subscribers, positively inspiring and serving their unique lifestyle.

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