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Steve's Outdoor Adventures TV is a high adrenaline big game hunting program featuring western big game hunting at its finest. No tree-stand whitetail hunts, turkey hunts, or bass fishing on this show. Join Steve as he pursues his quest to complete a super slam of North America with his CVA muzzleloader each episode features true adventure hunts for Moose, Grizzly & Brown Bear, Caribou, Muskox, trophy Mule Deer, Elk and much more. We feature the finest big game hunting adventures across the Western United States and around the world. Join us each week for the hottest big game hunting on television today!

Follow Steve West as he travels to adventure destinations around the world hunting big game! See his exact GPS coordinates and follow his daily posts from the field on Steve West's Adventure Mapshare Page.

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Official Site: http://www.stevesoutdooradventures.com/

Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/pages/Steves-Outdoor-Adventures-TV/257590793857

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    Steve West

    Steve West is a professional hunting consultant and owner of Steve's Outdoor Adventures - a booking agency that helps bring clients on the same trips they see on television.

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