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Beyond The Cast

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Beyond the Cast

Beyond Episode 4: The Brutal Storm

It's a brutal run down the south shore of Lake Okeechobee and Jason Quinn is running out of time. Then this happens! Watch what happens in this video from Ultimate Match Fishing's Beyond the Cast.

Do the hosts fish?

You see them on every episode giving you the blow by blow commentary and dissection of the competitors strategy, but what is really going through their heads? Find out in this video.

Look inside Gagliardi's Tackle Box

Ever wonder what an angler's strategy for a tournament is? Well look no further than his tackle box. Get the inside look in this video!

Struggle on Okeechobee

The Final quarter is underway and Gagliardi is struggling to get to his fishing spot. Find out what happened in this online exclusive video you did not see on TV.

Beyond Episode 1:

Look inside Kriet's Tackle Box

Other than the strategy locked inside an angler's brain, the only other way to know what he's thinking is to look in his tackle box. Go inside now!


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