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After The Hunt

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After The Hunt

After episode 1109:

After the Hunt: Deleted Scene of Steve Coon's Illinois encounter.

After episode 1108:

After the Hunt: Find out what happens when Pam Shults fires a bullet at a deer with a corn husk in front of it.

After episode 1107: AK Encounter

After the Hunt: Doug Hampton has a great Alaska buck encounter.

After episode 1106: Better Late Than Never

After the Hunt: David Lindsey sends camera man to trim limbs.

After episode 1105: Blair Goins' Encounters

After the Hunt: One Deer, two deer, three deer

After episode 1104: 

After the Hunt: Jeff Lindsey Iowa Buck kill and recovery prank

After episode 1103:

After the Hunt: Joe Shults' Illinois Buck Encounters

After episode 1102: Hadley Creek 8 pt

After the Hunt: Online exclusive video from Episode 2

After Episode 1101: Biologic Buck

After the Hunt: Online exclusive video from Episode 1: Biologic Buck.