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After The Hunt

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After The Hunt

After episode 13:

After the Hunt: Joe Shults and Tara encounter.

After episode 12:

After the Hunt: Tara shooting competition.

After episode 11:

After the Hunt: Jeff Lindsey Iowa Buck fight.

After episode 10:

After the Hunt: Doug Hampton's Alabama encounter.

After episode 9:

After the Hunt: Deleted Scene; Steve Coon IL Encounter.

After episode 8:

After the Hunt: Find out what happens when Pam Shults fires a bullet at a deer with a corn husk in front of it.

After episode 7:

After the Hunt: Doug Hampton has a great Alaska buck encounter.

After episode 6:

After the Hunt: David Lindsey sends camera man to trim limbs.

After episode 5:

After the Hunt: Illinois encounters.

After episode 4:

After the Hunt: The Journey - Jeff Lindsey Iowa Buck kill and recovery prank.

After episode 3:

After the Hunt: Joe Shults' Illinois Buck Encounters

After episode 2:

Video 1: After The Hunt: Hadley Creek 8 pt

Video 2: After The Hunt: Hampton Hog.

After episode 1:

After the Hunt: Biologic Buck