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Season: 2016

Episode 601 - Desert Bulls

RMEF's David Allen and Flextone's Pete Angle head to the New Mexico high desert in search of rutting bulls.

Episode 602 - The Pursuit

RMEF member Tim Compton gets another shot in Utah after coming up short in 2015.

Episode 603 - Music to My Ears

Country music artist Mark Wills and his daughter Macey take on bugling bulls in Mexico with a muzzleloader. Macey is searching for her first elk for a very good reason.

Episode 604 - Chasing in Colorado

Bryan Emrich from Peak Auto and Team Elk host Brandon Bates chase bulls in Colorado with an OTC tag.

Episode 605 - Here We Go Again

RMEF co-founder Charlie Decker is cutting up in New Mexico with good friends and supporters of the RMEF.

Episode 606 - It's Heritage

Lewis and Kristy Titus hunt DIY style on public land in Oregon.

Episode 607 - The Ultimate Challenge

Rick Connell hunts Utah with traditional archery equipment and gets the shot he's waited a lifetime for.

Episode 608 - Last Shot

Curt Heinert of Montana Canvas hunts bulls in Colorado during one of the season's final hunts.

Episode 609 - Rut it Up

Eric Siegfried, founder of onXmaps, chases bulls in New Mexico during the peak of the rut.

Episode 610 - Eclipsed

Team Elk host Brandon Bates returns to Montana with friend Scott Chester and tries to overcome a problematic moon cycle.

Episode 614 - Hunting with Friends

Steve Anderson and Ray Basta hunt DIY style in their home state of Montana.

Episode 615 - More than Music

Country music star Mark Wills hunts New Mexico during the muzzleloader season with Jared Wire from Cabela's.

Episode 616 - It Comes Honestly

Seth Compton hunts Utah during the rut with his father, RMEF life member, Tim Compton.

Episode 617 - Montana Giant

Cole Hoefle and Nate Poetzl hunt Montana during the peak of the rut and find success on a giant Montana bull.

Episode 618 - goHunt

Lorenzo Sartini hunts New Mexico with a bow and shows how his company goHUNT.com can help hunters find success while chasing western big game.

Episode 619 - Time for the Wild

Yeti's Ben O'Brien hunts late season in Colorado with a last minute chance to fill his freezer for the winter.

Episode 620 - Gear Up

Jonathan Hart from Sitka and Joel Harris from Zeiss tackle Montana during the rut and put the best elk gear to the test.

Episode 621 - Make Your Mark

Travis Hall and Ryan Godderidge of Browning hunt New Mexico during the rut and discuss why the RMEF is so vital to conservation.

Episode 622 - Away Time

Country Music star Tracy Lawrence hunts Montana and has a chance to escape the busy life of celebrity on the road.

Episode 623 - Like My Dad

David Allen and son Garrison Allen hunt Montana during the rut chasing elk.

Season: 2015

Episode 501 - It's Worth It

RMEF member Tim Compton hunts in Utah and tries to complete his 30 year quest for an archery elk.

Episode 502 - The Big 5

RMEF Team Elk host Brandon Bates and Pete Angle hunt for a big 5x5 bull in New Mexico.

Episode 503 - A Way to Say Thank You-Part 1

Country music artist Easton Corbin brings his uncle to the Express UU Bar Ranch to say thanks for introducing him to the outdoors.

Episode 504 - A Way to Say Thank You-Part 2

Continuing our hunt with country music artist Easton Corbin at the Express UU Bar Ranch, RMEF's Steve Decker hunts for a management bull.

Episode 505 - Big Horn Public Hunt

RMEF Team Elk member Randy Newberg hunts public land in Wyoming with life member Mark Hirvonen, who’s dealing with health issues and wants to get just one bull in his lifetime.

Episode 506 - An American Hero

Fort Hood shooting victim Patrick Zeigler finally realizes his dream of hunting elk, after almost losing his life in the 2009 attack.

Episode 507 - The Golden Age of Elk Hunting

Team Elk member Kristy Titus joins John Caid in New Mexico for a management bull hunt. Kristy learns why we are in the golden age of elk hunting.

Episode 508 - Eli's Story

Team Elk member Kristy Titus helps 14-year-old Eli James on his first bull elk hunt. The James family is a testament to what's right with today's families and youth.

Episode 509 - The Wolf Impact

We learn more about the legal issues surrounding wolves and the impact they've had on elk from an attorney who's helped RMEF. Plus, country music artist Chuck Wicks hunts big bulls in New Mexico.

Episode 510 - Mapping Montana

Join Eric Siegfried and Rob Hart of onXmaps, as they chase rutting bulls in Montana.

Episode 514 - Just Like the Old Days

Lifelong friends Bill McBeath and George Berry hunt public land in Nevada, just like they did growing up together.

Episode 515 - The Iron Gate

Team Elk host Brandon Bates and country music star Josh Thompson hunt Colorado and find a particular bull with a very distinct sound.

Episode 516 - Robinson Family Tradition

Three generations of Robinsons continue their family tradition of hunting.

Episode 517 - Worth the Wait

Team Elk member Randy Newberg, along with friend Randy Martin, hunt public land in Arizona. Randy Martin holds off knee surgery just for this special hunt.

Episode 518 - Hot in Colorado

Team Elk host Brandon Bates hunts opening week in Colorado and finds bulls bugling despite the 100 degree heat.

Episode 519 - Mr. Consistency

Johnny Unser takes on Montana during archery season and continues to be one of the most consistent hunters Team Elk has ever seen.

Episode 520 - Hunting is How We Grow

Teen hunter Jessica Nielson pursues elk for the first time with the help of RMEF President and CEO David Allen.

Episode 521 - A Bull for the Pack

Glen Eberle of Eberlestock hunts rutting bulls in Montana and puts the Team Elk pack to good use.

Episode 522 - Real Cowboys Hunt

Former PRCA All-Around World Champion Lewis Feild and PBR CEO Jim Haworth hunt big bulls during Colorado's rifle season.

Episode 523 - Hunting is Healing

Team Elk member Kristy Titus hosts Kirstie Ennis and Charlene Westbrook on two very special military related elk hunts.

Episode 524 - All Over the Outdoors

Country music artist Easton Corbin brings his uncle archery hunting in New Mexico, to say thanks for introducing him to the outdoors.

Season: 2014

Episode 1411 - A BULL FOR THE BULL MAN

PBR stock contractor Jeff Robinson hunts New Mexico with Team Elk host Brandon Bates.

Episode 1412 - AN EARLY START

Youth are the future of hunting. We follow two teenage girls as they hunt mule deer in Montana.

Episode 1413 - LOVE OF THE HUNT

Vicki Reed and Kristy Titus are elk hunting in Montana. Kristy puts months of preparation to work and Vicki searches for her first elk.

Episode 1414 - NEVER TOO BUSY

Team Elk host Brandon Bates and country music artist Easton Corbin, prove you’re never too busy to hunt, as they find time to get out in Montana.


Our youth are the front lines of conserving our hunting heritage. This week we introduce a new hunter the outdoors.


Kristy is in search of an elusive Colorado bull. Perseverance is the key to success on this hunt.

Episode 1417 - PASSING IT ON

Archer Xtreme owner Mark Garcia takes his son on his first archery elk hunt. Also, we join Julia and Jessica Nielson on their first hunt for mule deer.

Episode 1418 - PBR GOES HUNTING

The RMEF and its relationship with PBR has created hundreds of thousands of dollars for conservation. We’re hunting with PBR CEO Jim Haworth and 3-time stock contractor of the year, Jeff Robinson, in New Mexico and Arizona.


Late season mule deer hunts can be difficult and cold. We hunt with Outdoor Life editor Andrew McKean and RMEF co-founder Charlie Decker.


RMEF President and CEO David Allen and life member Bill McBeath hunt Nevada and discuss land protection for the state’s wildlife.


Yamaha Executive Steve Nessl hunts with Team Elk member Kristy Titus for bulls in early season Utah.

Episode 1422 - THE ELK ARE BACK

RMEF Team Elk host Brandon Bates hunts in Kentucky and talks about the successful elk restoration efforts in the Bluegrass State.

Episode 1423 - RMEF-30 YEARS OF SUCCESS

RMEF’s celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2014.  We take a closer look at the organization’s efforts to ensure the future of elk, other wildlife, their habitat and our hunting heritage. 

Season: 2013

Fast Paced Montana

Johnny Unser and RMEF Volunteer Mike Baugh hunt Montana in a fast paced, rut filled environment.

Utah Fun

See the lighter side of Team Elk host Brandon Bates, when he returns to one of his favorite hunting grounds in Utah.


A young hunter’s first elk hunt ends in a GIANT way, while David Blanton of Realtree gets a crack at his biggest bull ever.

Giants of Southern Colorado

Southern Colorado is known for giant bulls, and when you put two very experienced hunters, Cameron Hanes and Scott Chester, in the middle of big bull country, excitement follows.

Elk Are Everywhere

The UU Bar Ranch in New Mexico has become known as one of the most incredible places to hunt in North America because of good land stewardship and wildlife management. We follow PBR CEO Jim Haworth and Lee and Tiffany Lakosky along on their hunts.

Shoot Like a Girl

Three women of the outdoors, Kristy Titus, Karen Butler and Cristy Crawford, get after it and show that elk camp isn’t just for guys.

Together for Conservation

RMEF President & CEO, David Allen, and Larry Potterfield, Founder and CEO of MidwayUSA, make hunting together an annual affair and discuss the best ways to partner for conservation and our hunting heritage.

Ladies Choice

This hunt is just for the ladies. Watch two women, Kristy Titus and Lorri Chester, work hard and get it done in Colorado.

Family Affair

Hunting has always been a family tradition for the Earnhardt’s. We go elk hunting with Kerry and Taylor Earnhardt in New Mexico.

Even the Rut Can be Hard

When the bulls are bugling and the rut is crazy, getting close to elk can still prove to be a challenge, as RMEF President & CEO David Allen and Tim Compton found out.

Craziness is Spelled UU BAR

Team Elk host Brandon Bates has been blanked at the UU Bar Ranch in New Mexico for three years in a row. Could this be the year that the stars align?

Ghosts of the Northwest

No one knows the ways of the Roosevelt better than Cameron Hanes. He hunts in his home state, while a youth hunter gets an opportunity at a true giant.

Hunting is Conservation – Best Encounters

This may be our best season ever! This episode reminds us all why Hunting Is Conservation.

Season: 2012

Thank You

Team Elk member Scott Chester donates a tule elk hunt to a soldier wounded in Iraq, as a thank you for his service to our country.

Opening Day

Team Elk host Brandon Bates heads to Utah for an early season opener in August.

Partners in Conservation

Larry Potterfield, Founder and CEO of MidwayUSA, and David Allen, RMEF President and CEO, hunt the famed Express UUBAR ranch in New Mexico.

A Little More Country

Team Elk welcomes country singer Easton Corbin to the team as he experiences his first elk hunt in a big way.

Double Up

Team Elk member Cameron Hanes takes on Utah with his sights set on an early season bull and a giant mule deer in velvet.

Montana Elk

Team Elk introduces a real woman of the outdoors…Kristy Titus, while Scott Chester tries his hand on block management land in eastern Montana.

Show Me the Bulls

CJ Buck, President and CEO of Buck Knives, and former Indy car driver Johnny Unser, Jr. take on Idaho in archery season, while Cameron Hanes looks to connect in Colorado.

Expect the Unexpected

PBR Bullrider Dustin Elliott hunts elk in Colorado, while Team Elk host Brandon Bates manages an unexpected situation in Wyoming.

Enter the Roosevelt

Cameron Hanes takes on his home state of Oregon where he looks

East Meets West

Team Elk member Ron Shaffer travels from Pennsylvania to Montana in search of his first bull elk.

The Rut is On

Cameron Hanes stalks a giant bull in New Mexico, while Mark Garcia of Archer Xtreme gets in the middle of rutting bulls in Colorado.

Montana Mule Deer

PBR entertainer Flint Rasmussen hunts mule deer in Montana.

Hunting Is Conservation

Hunters are the reason North America has the most successful and sustained model of conservation in the world... Here’s the proof.

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