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Season: 2013


This episode looks at what goes on behind the scenes at one of the most remote outfitting operations on the planet!

Fall Bears 1

Jim and his long lost cousin Guy Shockey wade up rivers and deep into the Temperate Rainforests of British Columbia on a search for Black bear with a bow at close range. Bears are everywhere in this episode and the location is straight out of something from Jurassic Park.

Fall Bears 2

A continuation after Fall Bears 1 where Jim and Guy are essentially surrounded by black bears.


Monster poisonous centipedes and other cuddly creatures are the norm for Jim on this adventure through the darkest jungles of Liberia.

Yukon 1

Jim and team buckle down in the face of unseasonal weather in the most exciting Yukon moose season to date!

Yukon 2

Snow, snow, and more snow. The season continues.

Saskatchewan Todd Deer

Jim and Todd Bissenden take on the biting cold winter of Saskatchewan to make Todd's dream of getting a giant Saskatchewan buck with his bow a reality!

Ethiopia Corey

Ethiopia Corey

Spring Bears

Spring Bears

Saskatchewan Jim Deer

Jim reflects on his best memories of the season leading up to his own unforgettable hunt after a giant non-typical buck.



Ethiopia Jim

One of Jim's most gruelling hunts to date in the jungled mountains of Ethiopia after the "ghosts in the mists", the Mountain Nyala. Every opportunity seems thwarted by the animals stealthy nature and the jungle mists that keep them safe.

Best Of

The best and worst as well as a little of what's to come in the final Professionals season!

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