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Episode Guide

Season: 2013

Texas Duck Dynasty

Justin takes “Martin” from Duck Dynasty to the Laguna Madre in South Texas to lay the boomshackalacka on the ducks with Austin Outfitters.

Bowhunting Texas Bucks Eye to Eye

Justin bowhunts from the ground near Brady, TX for a big brush country buck with his buddy Benjamin Eubanks.

Kansas Whitetails Part 1

Justin is putting the stalk on big Kansas bucks hoping to put an end to the Kansas Curse at Kansas Hunting Experience.

Kansas Whitetails Part 2

Justin is putting the sneak on a big Kansas buck with his friends Chris Fletcher and Cody Keith at Kansas Hunting Experience.

Alabama Timber Roosters and Quail

Justin warms up with some quail hunting with friends and then gets after the gobblers around South Alabama.

Bowhunting Pork Chops in North Florida

Justin bowhunts for hogs in the swamps of North Florida with friends.

Bucks Down South

Justin and friends hunt deer around South Alabama and North Florida.

Arkansas Ducks in the Rice

Justin and his buddies go after mallards on the rice fields of Arkansas.

Alabama Timber Roosters Mid Season

The birds are acting tough but Justin is tracking down ol’ timber rooster around his hometown.

Illinois Bucks

Justin hunts with his buddies in Southern Illinois trying to find that big buck with bow and muzzleloader.

Laguna Madre Ducks

Justin and the gang are hitting some different spots around the Laguna Madre in South Texas looking for some diver ducks.

Alabama Timber Roosters End of Season

Justin is trying to finish up the turkey season strong around South Alabama.

Bucks Down South

Justin and his buddies are after big bucks during the rut in South Alabama and North Florida.

Season: 2012

Texas Bowhunting Eye to Eye

Justin heads out to his friend Troy’s place to bowhunt off the ground for some Texas-sized whitetails.

Antelope in Colorado Part 1 of 2

After problems keep Justin’s bow from arriving, he heads out with rifle in hand to stalk up on a big antelope buck.

Bowhunting Elk in Colorado Part 2 of 2

Finally, Justin’s bow arrives in camp and he heads up the mountain in search of bugling bulls.

Kansas Bowhunting Big Bucks Part 1 of 2

Justin and his friends are back in Kansas trying to follow up on last year’s success on big bucks. The weather is doing its best to hold them down.

Kansas Bowhunting Big Bucks Part 2 of 2

Justin is still trying to get a big buck on the ground, but everything seems to be stacked against him. Brutal weather and conditions make this a hunt where the weak need not apply.

Corpus Christi Ducks

Justin is back with the gang and his old friend Geoff Austin hunting ducks on the Laguna Madre. Plenty of laughs and incredible duck hunting.

South Alabama Turkeys 1

Justin and his friends are opening up the Spring turkey season at home near Enterprise. Craig Morgan and his son even tag along for a hunt while they are there for a concert at Toadlick Music Festival.

Illinois Deer

Justin and his friends check out a new piece of property and get on the bucks. Justin shows how he chooses a spot to hang his stand. Great insight on why he does what he does.

North Florida Hogs

Justin and his friend, Benjamin Eubanks, stalk some hogs with their bows and have some great laughs along the way. Wasp Archery’s team shows up for some of the fun as well.

HoneyBrake Ducks

Justin and his friends head to HoneyBrake lodge in Louisiana for some true flyway duck hunting. Justin’s old college roommate is a guide there as well and they have a ton of fun putting some ducks in the blind.

South Alabama Turkeys 2

Justin and his friends continue through turkey season and try to figure out how to get these tough birds to cooperate, a ton of fun and gobbling action along the way.

Alabama Deer

Justin finally gets to put a show together of Alabama deer hunting after three long years of trying, a show full of excitement and relief.

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