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Episode Guide

Season: 2017

Episode 2101 - Better the Second Time Around at Cielo Vista

A second trip to Cielo Vista Ranch in pursuit of trophy bull elk comes down to the wire for Joey Burns.

Episode 2102 - You Win Some, You Lose Some

Two hunters pursue trophy bull moose in Wyoming and Colorado.

Episode 2103 - From the Blind to the Canvas

World-champion taxidermist Lowell Shapley pursues a trophy Texas whitetail and furthers his career as a wildlife artist.

Episode 2104 - Backcountry Buglers at Cielo Vista

James Bakke hunts the beautiful back country Cielo Vista Ranch for a trophy bull elk.

Episode 2105 - Rim Rock Rams

Hal Gahm of Texas Trophy Hunters Association and friends travel to El Escondido Ranch in West Texas for trophy aoudad and mule deer.

Episode 2106 - Continuing the Hunting Heritage

Dr. Deer mentors a young deer hunter in Mexico as they pursue a mature trophy whitetail buck.

Episode 2107 - Hill Country Axis

Hornady's Neil Davies hunts the Texas Hill Country for a trophy axis buck.

Episode 2108 - Convergent Coyotes

Hunting predators with Byron South of Convergent Hunting Solutions in Colorado and West Texas.

Episode 2109 - Hunting with Heroes and Trinity Oaks

THTV joins Trinity Oaks as they honor some of our wounded heroes and hunt for trophy Nilgai.

Episode 2110 - The Trophy Experience

Hal Gahm takes his family into the woods for a true "Trophy Experience."

Episode 2111 - Hunting the Hard Way at Cielo Vista Ranch

Join Jason Smith as he takes the challenge of archery hunting elk to the next level with a recurve bow.

Episode 2112 - Backcountry Buglers at Cielo Vista - Part 2

It's Josh Leininger's turn to call in a trophy bull elk in the backcountry of Cielo Vista Ranch.

Episode 2113 - Big Waves and Long Curls

Big wave surfer Dave Wassel hunts the mountains of Hawaii for a trophy ram.

Season: 2016

Episode 2001 - Big Bull Elk & Cutthroat Trout

Les Copeland hunts Cielo Vista Ranch during the peak of the rut for a big bull elk.

Episode 2002 - Youth Afield

City Kids Adventures takes inner city youth hunting in TX and a young man goes after his 1st pronghorn in CO.

Episode 2003 - 7.62 Antelope

Daniel Defense owners, Marty and Cindy Daniel hunt Colorado for pronghorn antelope with their new .308 rifles.

Episode 2004 - The Greatest Generation

Trinity Oaks takes a WW2 and a Korean War vet out for a special hunt in South Texas.

Episode 2005 - Runway Model Hunts The Rut

Kristen Ottea - runway model, taxidermist and hunter goes after a buck in the Texas hill country during the rut.

Episode 2006 - Back to Bugling September Bulls

Steve Troesch returns to Cielo Vista Ranch for another go at a big bull during archery season.

Episode 2007 - Spanish Ibex Grand Slam, pt. 1

Chipper Dippel hunts for Spain's Ibex grand slam.

Episode 2008 - Spanish Ibex Grand Slam, pt. 2

Chipper finishes up his ibex hunt with a special mountain top ceremony to honor his father.

Episode 2009 - Border Problems

Two Special Operations teammates hunt together and run into a situation on the Texas/Mexico border that requires Border Patrol and Homeland Security assistance.

Episode 2010 - Escondido Aoudad

Hal Gahm of Trophy Hunters TV hunts the mountains and plateaus of West Texas for big free range aoudad at El Rancho Escondido.

Episode 2011 - Yellow Aspens & Colorado Bulls

The rut is in full swing at Cielo Vista Ranch in Southern Colorado.

Episode 2012 - South TX Whitetail

The team hunts South TX for whitetail deer.

Episode 2013 - Grand Slam Complete

TTHA pro-staffer, Chipper Dippel recaps the first three of his Spanish Ibex and then goes after his fourth to finish out his grand slam.

Episode 2014 - Tim Sylvia in the Hill Country

Retired UFC fighter Tim Sylvia comes down to Texas to chase some hogs with friends.

Episode 2015 - The Circle of Life

Trinity Oaks tells the story of Lt. Paul Silber, a donor and friend, hunting in Alaska and opening the gate of his ranch for their programs.

Episode 2016 - Passing the Torch

Big & J's Jeremy Atkins and Hornady's Neil Davies hunt with their boys in South Texas.

Episode 2017 - Pigs Dig It

Big & J's Jeremy Atkins and Zach Clark hunt hogs and have a surprise encounter in the central Texas.

Episode 2019 - Earl Campbell & Granger Smith

A peek back into the archives for Earl Campbell's hunt in the late 90's along with Granger Smith in South Texas.

Episode 2020 - J-Ray in South Texas

A West Virginian Army soldier heads south for his first taste of hunting in Texas.

Episode 2021 - Cielo Vista Trials & Tribulations

Don Rohr hunts the Colorado mountains hard.

Episode 2022 - A Lookback at Cielo Vista

Looking back at some of the best hunts and encounters at Cielo Vista Ranch.

Episode 2023 - Coastal Brown Bear

TTHA's Hal Gahm looks back on old brown bear hunt and then returns with his friend Jason Smith.

Episode 2024 - Best of South Texas

A look back at our season in South Texas - big bucks, border issues and good times.

Episode 2025 - Hogs, Crawfish & Southern Boyz Outdoors

The Southern Boyz Outdoors crew and Swamp People's Bruce Mitchell invite Hal Gahm down for a bayou hog hunt and crawfish boil.

Episode 2026 - Piggies & Bucks

Trophy Hunters TV's Josh Kinser hunts his lease in TX with his sidekick.

Season: 2015

Episode 1901 - A Long Time Coming

Chris Muhleman goes after his first trophy bull elk with a bow at Cielo Vista Ranch in Southern.

Episode 1902 - Chamois Camp

Josh Kinser and former Army Ranger, Trey Bullock, set up spike camp in New Zealand to hunt Chamois.

Episode 1903 - Where The Big Bull Tahr Are

Josh Kinser hunts long and hard from a spike camp deep in the rugged mountains of New Zealand’s South Island for a bull tahr.

Episode 1904 - 43 Years in Different Stands

After 43 years of marriage and hunting in different blinds, Debbie & Buddy finally hunt whitetail together in the same blind at Charco Marano.

Episode 1905 - Adapt & Overcome

Military Warriors Support Foundation and 2 wounded vets hunt big, South Texas bucks while they are receiving treatment at San Antonio Military Medical Center.

Episode 1906 - Buffalo County Ghosts

Trophy Hunters TV's Josh Kinser heads north to Buffalo County, Wisconsin right smack in the middle of the rut.

Episode 1907 - Operation Nilgai

Several wounded vets go hunting with Trinity Oaks for elusive Nilgai bull in South Texas.

Episode 1908 - Guns Up - Kendall Jones & Taylor Altom

Texas Tech Cheerleaders Kendall Jones and Taylor Altom hunt South Texas for whitetail bucks in the rut.

Episode 1909 - Rutting Bulls & Bucks

Josh Leininger hunts for bull elk in Colorado at Cielo Vista Ranch and later in the season, tries to rattle up some whitetail bucks in South Texas.

Episode 1910 - Bugling September Bulls

Steve Troesch hunts Cielo Vista Ranch in Southern Colorado for a big bull elk with his bow.

Episode 1911 - Big & J, Father & Son

Big & J's Jeremy Atkins and his son hunt pre-rut down in South Texas.

Episode 1912 - Elk-taker

Foxpro's Mike Dillon goes after a big bull elk at Cielo Vista Ranch during Colorado's archery season.

Episode 1913 - An Elk Ambush

Jake Arnsdorff of Ambush Firearms goes after his first bull elk with a new firearm.

Episode 1914 - 40 Years of Texas Hunting

Texas Trophy Hunters Association celebrates their 40th Anniversary.

Episode 1915 - Ice Caves & Chamois

Cameraman Chase Greenville switches roles and hunts for chamois in the New Zealand mountains.

Episode 1916 - Mclean's Elk Adventure

Mclean Russell of Boundless Hunting works hard at Cielo Vista Ranch for his bull elk archery tag.

Episode 1917 - Texas Triple Shot

Sarah Nixon, one of the winners in the Texas Triple Shot contest goes after her aoudad in West Texas.

Episode 1918 - Rangers Lead The Way

Army Ranger Trey Bullock hunts the second part of his New Zealand adventure - tahr and red stag

Episode 1919 - Granger Smith and America's Finest

Country music star Granger Smith hunts South Texas with two wounded warriors.

Episode 1920 - The Growler Bull

Boundless Hunting's William Russell hunts Cielo Vista Ranch with his bow and goes after a bull that growls instead of bugling.

Episode 1921 - South Texas Three-Peat

Big & J's Aaron Keller hunts South Texas during pre-rut and fills the coolers full of venison.

Episode 1922 - Backstraps n' Biscuits

Bruce Mitchell, also known as the "Alligator Man," leaves the swamp and heads to the Texas Hill Country to do some "highlander hunting."

Episode 1923 - Heroes At Burr Ranch

Wounded Heroes from Military Warriors Support Foundation hunt whitetail at the Burr Ranch in deep South Texas.

Episode 1924 - Ambush In The Sangre De Cristo

The new Ambush Firearms rifle gets broken in at Cielo Vista Ranch in Southern Colorado as the Trophy Hunters TV team chases bull elk.

Episode 1925 - Pre & Post Rut, South Texas

Zach from Big & J hunts pre-rut in South Texas and later one of the Wounded Heroes from Military Warriors Support Foundation hunts post rut.

Episode 1926 - Best of the 2015 Season

The "best of the best" stories and highlights from The Trophy Hunters' 2015 Season.

Season: 2014

Episode 1814 - Seals vs. Hogs

U.S. Navy SEALs go to Purple Heart Ranch and work on their hog problem.

Episode 1815 - Big & J's Jeremy Atkins hunts the brush country

Jeremy Atkins of Big & J heads to South Texas to hunt whitetail deer.

Episode 1816 - Henna Chevrolet at Preston Ranch

The boys from Henna Chevrolet hunt whitetail deer with TenPoint Crossbows in the Texas Hill Country.

Episode 1817 - Hog Combat

U.S. Special Operations soldiers battle hogs in the North Carolina swamp.

Episode 1818 - Escondido Mule Deer

Hal Gahm of The Texas Trophy Hunters Association hunts mulies in West Texas.

Episode 1819 - Bugling Bulls & Family Time at Cielo Vista Ranch

Dr. Jim Leininger takes his grandkids along on an archery elk hunt and has multiple close encounters at Cielo Vista Ranch in the Rocky Mountains of Southern Colorado.

Episode 1820 - Big & J's Aaron Keller hunts South Texas

Aaron Keller of Big & J heads south to go after a Brush Country buck during the middle of South Texas’ rut.

Episode 1821 - Chasing Rocky Mountain Wapiti

Rick Bednar of TenPoint Crossbow Technologies and JP Garza hunt Cielo Vista Ranch for a big bull elk during Colorado archery season.

Episode 1822 - The Brush Country Ghost That Almost Got Away

Travis chases a big South Texas buck all season at Charco Marrano. Later in the season, Travis and his boys, “Catfish” and Jose, go after a nice buck.

Episode 1823 - Steve's Elk in the Sangre de Cristo

Steve Bednar goes on his very first Rocky Mountain bull elk hunt at Cielo Vista Ranch in Southern Colorado.

Episode 1824 - Chuck's First Buck

A highly decorated U.S. Special Forces soldier heads to the Burr Ranch for his first buck.

Episode 1825 - Backcountry Bull

Josh Leininger hikes into the Sangre De Cristo Mountains Backcountry in search for a great Rocky Mountain Bull Elk.

Episode 1826 - Justin's Last Minute Buck

A wounded paratrooper hunts the Burr Ranch for a big South Texas buck.

Mountain Beard & Trophy of a Lifetime

Military Warriors Support Foundation takes Special Forces Sniper Scott Ford to New Zealand to hunt Himalayan tahr and a Trophy Red Stag.

Josh's Big Musky Bull Tahr

Josh and Scott are still in Canterbury, New Zealand chasing after Himalayan bull tahr, this time with Josh pulling the trigger.

First Bowkill, First Elk

Phil Bednar of TenPoint Crossbow kills a bull elk with a bow for the first time.

Gold Star, Purple Heart

Three young men whose fathers were killed in combat are treated to world class whitetail hunts at the Purple Heart Ranch in Texas.

Season: 2012

Season Premier - “The Unicorn Buck”

Matt Hughes travels to Kansas, where he meets with baseball legend Will Clark. Together they search for trophy whitetails, but what they encounter is more than fantasy. Hosted by 9-time UFC Champion Matt Hughes.

Glassing For Nilgai

Trophy Hunters TV travels to South Texas in search of Trophy Nilgai. Accompanied by Nikon Sport Optics and Owens Outdoor Sales Team. Hosted by 9-time UFC Champion Matt Hughes.

TenPoint Crossbows goes to South Texas

The bucks on a South Texas Ranch are in big trouble as the boys from TenPoint  Crossbows team up with Ralph & Vicki Ciaciarulo of Archer’s Choice for an early season crossbow experience. Hosted by 9-time UFC Champion Matt Hughes.

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