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Season: 2014

Blackwater Duck

It's the first hunt of duck season in Georgia with Blackwater Outfitters and a host of Army and Air Force veterans.

Salome's Spiral Quest - Part 1

Salome, TQ's personal PH in Africa, has a dream of taking the 4 spiral horned animals of South Africa.  She starts her quest, going after Bushbuck and Nyala.

Salome's Spiral Quest - Part 2

Salome, TQ's personal PH in Africa, continues her spiral horn quest with the Eland and Kudu.

Oxbow Bear

Black Bear hunting at Maine's Oxbow Lodge with Team TQ.

Booyah! Kansas

Whitetail hunting and trick bow shooting in Kansas.

.30-30: Squirrel Gun in Africa

John Wilson and his .30-30 aim to make believers out of the doubters who call it a "squirrel gun" in Africa.

Big O Boar Hogs

Big O Tires store manager, Shawn Amen, along with friends, are the recipients of a grand prize giveaway, hog hunting at Georgia's Millwood Lodge.

Jake & Jessie Youth Hunt

Jake and Jessie, children of Team TQ's Jeff Shepard, get a jumpstart on gobblers during Georgia's first ever Youth Season for turkeys.

Chicken Dance

Exploring the historical and majestic lands of the Native American hunting ground in Montana, featuring an elk bow hunt and a classic Buckshot Red moment.

Tripp's Turkey Slam

Team TQ’s renowned turkey hunter, Tripp Neal, begins his quest for the “Grand Slam”, with stops in Florida and Kentucky.

Texas Rio

Tripp Neal of Team TQ goes for turkey number 3, a Texas Rio,  in his quest of a “Grand Slam”.

Turkey Wrap

TQ's turkey hunting machine, Tripp Neal, wraps up his quest for the "Turkey Grand Slam", hunting Merriam in South Dakota.


Newcomer to the hunting scene, Amanda, experiences hog hunting at Georgia's Millwood Lodge, and has her sights set on a blonde hog, plus trick archery from TQ's James Jean.

Gator Nuisance

Jeff Shepard, alligator trapper for the state of Georgia, catches up to some nuisance gators with a little help from his "little" friends.

Buckshot Red and Wing Fest

After a weekend with B-Bob at Hilton Head Island's "Wing Fest", Buckshot Red heads home for the opening of turkey season in Georgia.

Hogtying: Brooks Family Legacy

Georgia's Brooks Family has spent some 60 years catching wild hogs, now
the next generation takes the reigns, and HER name is Joni.

Like Father, Like Son

TQ's own Lance Maffett, retired Marine Colonel, and his officer candidate son, Luke, go in search of their first Eastern Turkeys in Georgia.

'Bama Catfish Noodlin'

What happens when John Wilson sends Buckshot Red and B-Bob to Alabama to noodle for catfish? See for yourself.

From Zero to Hero

Retired Marine Lance Maffett is down to his last day for a Maine Black Bear, so the heat is on.

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