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Season: 2015

Episode 201501: Once in a Lifetime Elk

Big game hunter Joe Thomas heads to Arizona for the thrill of a lifetime on the hunt for a massive bull elk bow kill.

Episode 201502: Kentucky Magic

Kentucky is ripe with game as Harold and David go Rabbit hunting and Russell Knight seeks a bluegrass state trophy buck.

Episode 201503: South TX White Tails

In search of a legendary Texas whitetail buck, Joe Thomas heads to the southernmost reaches of the lone star state. David Hale and Harold Knight share some strategy on how to bag a late season gobbler.

Episode 201504: Calling Them In

Harold Knight checks out every bull he can find in New Mexico looking for the perfect trophy Elk. Russell Knight calls up a Tennessee long beard.

Episode 201505: November 9th

Joe Thomas tries to prolong his annual streak of killing a giant Ohio buck on November 9th. And Harold Knight shows two professional fishermen why you shouldn't be too quick on the trigger during an East Tennessee turkey hunt.

Episode 201506: Ladies Only

The Ultimate Hunting ladies pick up their guns and take to the woods and fields of west Kentucky in search of big bucks and gobbling longbeards.

Episode 201507: Argentina

Joe Thomas heads south, way south, to hunt buffalo and red Stag in Argentina. Travis Faulkner hunts a Midwest buck in terrible conditions.

Episode 201508: Fall in Kentucky

David Hale and Harold Knight watch the dogs work on a quail hunt in Kentucky, then Travis Faulkner heads out after a big Public Land buck.

Episode 201509: Greenland Adventure

Joe Thomas racks up the frequent flyer miles as he heads to Greenland to try to put down a Muskox and Russell Knight gets an Alabama gobbler.

Episode 201510: Late Season Magic

Ashley Jay heads to the Midwest hoping to take a legendary Ohio buck. In east Tennessee Travis Faulkner makes the gobblers strut.

Episode 201511: Midwest Giants

Joe Thomas swings through prime Midwestern states during the Whitetail rut, And Travis Faulkner tries to put down a very interesting longbeard in the Appalachian Mountains.

Episode 201512: Mullie Madness

Joe Thomas braves the heat and dust of Nevada in August to go after a monster mullie. Rafe Nielsen, of Browning Arms, goes after his first Tennessee Gobbler.

Episode 201513: Manitoba Slam

Joe Thomas has a magnificent trip to Manitoba.

Season: 2014

Early Season

David Hale’s early season hunt turns into a close encounter with a big Buck and Harold Knight calls in a rainy day Alabama gobbler for Dixon Brooke III.

Recipe for Success

Harold Knight has his sights on  a big bull in New Mexico, the Iron Chef tries to put an Alabama  long beard on the Menu, and Kent Kelly goes after a bear before it can come after him.

A Pretty Good Trade

Harold Knight locks in on an early season Kentucky buck, then heads to Tennessee for a run and gun turkey shoot with FLW angler of the year, Andy Morgan.

Fighting Elk

David Hale battles for a shot at a fighting elk in New Mexico, while Harold Knight Calls in two Tennessee toms for Miller Robinson.

Second Angle

Mike Wall has his eye on a Midwest whitetail, David Hale calls a turkey for Scag Mowers head man John Crowson, and Ryan Smith takes aim at a Nebraska Tom.

Close Encounter

Harold Knight hunts the rut,  Russell Knight has the ultimate close encounter, and Ryan Smith doubles down on Nebraska toms.

2nd Time is the Charm

David Hale tries to coax a Kentucky Buck into crossbow range, Harold Knight teaches Ashley Jay how to call in a Gobbler.

Putting in the Work

Harold Knight take his crossbow on a Kentucky Rut Hunt. Travis Faulkner looks for a Public Land bruiser buck, and Russell Knight looks for a Tom in Tennessee.

This One's for You

Jack Snow puts down a Kentucky Buck in memory of a close friend, Travis Faulkner and David Hale pursue spring turkeys.

East, West, and Center

John Skrabo puts down a West coast Elk, while Russell Knight Sr. and Russel Knight Jr. double down on some Tennessee turkeys.

Wherever the Hunt May Lead You

Travis Faulkner, James Faulkner, and Russell Knight seek whitetail deer and Turkey across three states.

Duck, Duck, Moose

Harold Knight & David Hale enjoy a massive duck hunt in Arkansas and Pat Descastro looks for a trophy moose in the Northwest Territories.

Waiting for the Shot

Travis Faukner hunts public land bucks in the thick growth of an old coal strip, Harold Knight waits for the right shot on a strutting Tom and Ryan Smith finishes up his season in Missouri.

Season: 2013

Passing the Test

Harold Knight has to pass the ultimate test in New Mexico; he has to beat the eyes and nose of a lead cow. If he passes a big bull will be in his future, if not it’s game over! Then we travel to Alabama for opening day of turkey season, where the Ultimate Hunting crew has mixed results on their hunts.

Camera Man's Revenge

After being stuck behind the camera for several years Camera man Russell Knight finally gets his shot in front of the lens on an early season bow hunt in Kentucky. Then Mike Wall from Sheffield Financial joins David Hale on an incredible spring turkey hunt with a henned-up gobbler.

Wild and Crazy in New Mexico

David Hale is joined by longtime friend and hunting companion Kent Kelley on a wild and crazy New Mexico Elk hunt where things happen fast. Then we follow World Champion Turkey caller Chris Parrish as he tries to fill a spring gobbler tag in Alabama.

A Little Help From Friends

Harold Knight is  bow hunting the early season hoping to find a shooter buck out during the daytime, and to make it happen he gets a little help from Hank Parker. Then we follow David Hale as he gets longtime friend and business partner Harold Knight to call him up a spring gobbler.

Early Season Help

The Ultimate Hunting crew opens their season with David Hale bow hunting the early season for white tails and then moves on to a turkey hunt that almost wasn't. Then we follow Travis Faulkner into the mountains for more exciting spring Turkey action.

Camera Man's Revenge Part 2

Russel Knight gets to step in front of the camera once again, but this time he will be after his first bull elk, and with Harold Knight along to do the calling, the odds are definitely in Russell’s favor. Then we join Ramie Colson, Andy Morgan and Harold Knight on a spring Gobbler hunt in Tennessee where an aggressive gobbler tries to tear apart there Bob N’ Tail Decoy.

One Shot One Kill

Harold Knight takes out his favorite Browning A-Bolt rifle during the rut to see if he can score another good buck then we head back to the mountains of Tennessee with Travis Faulkner as he tries to connect with another mountain gobbler.

Too Close

First we join Jack Snow from Sheffield Financial on a midday rifle hunt in Kentucky where he tries to see if Harold's A Bolt shoots as straight as Harold says it does, then we follow Dixon Brooke and Harold Knight on opening day of turkey season in Alabama and learn that a gobbler can be too close.

Rutting Bulls and Bucks

Steve Farmer and Harold Knight have a plan to try to ambush a big New Mexico bull, see if their plan works out in this exciting down to the wire hunt. Then we join Travis Faulkner on public land in Kentucky for an amazing whitetail hunt during the late pert of the rut.

Monster Buck

Join Travis Faulkner as he talks with Stanley Suda from Ohio about how he killed his Monster Buck, and watch the footage from this self-filmed hunt. Then we follow Harold Knight to Eastern Tennessee where he hunts with friend Daniel Morgan and bags a long distance gobbler; sometimes you have to take the shot.

Rifle Bucks

Jeremy Smith travels in from New Mexico to take a break from elk hunting and hunts the rut in the Midwest, trying to get a personal best whitetail. Then we follow Travis Faulkner to Tennessee on another public ground whitetail hunt. Then we join in as David Hale takes his Grandson Dylan Edmonson turkey hunting during the youth season.

A Gobbler for Kelley

First we join Hunter Aiken as he hunts whitetail during the rut in Kentucky, then we follow Kelley Clawson from Polaris and Harold Knight as they try to get Kelley an opening day gobbler. Then Travis Faulkner takes us to his honey hole in eastern KY on a turkey hunt that comes together fast!

Crossbow Buck

We join David Hale on his first ever crossbow hunt, the rut is on and David wants to get a big buck with his new Mission crossbow. Then we join Harold Knight and Jack Snow from Sheffield Financial on opening day of the spring turkey season in Kentucky and Jack and cameraman Mike Auten end up playing twister to try and get the shot. Then we finish up with a run and gun turkey hunt with David and Harold, only this time David is doing the calling for Harold!

Season: 2012

A Bull for Harold

Harold Knight heads west to elk hunt in New Mexico during the rut and David takes his grandsons Blake and Dylan Turkey hunting during the early youth season. We also flash back to a 2004 whitetail hunt with David Hale on the Ultimate Hunting Classic Moment.

Early Kansas Buck

David Hale heads to Kansas for an early season White tail hunt and Harold knight travels to Alabama for an opening day turkey hunt with his friends Dixon and Nelson Brooke. On the Ultimate Hunting Classic Moment we go back to 2001 and join Harold Knight on an elk hunt in New Mexico he would rather forget.

New Mexico Giants

David Hale and Kent Kelley get in on a wild elk rut hunt in New Mexico and outdoor writer Travis Faulkner chases turkeys in eastern Kentucky. We also go back to 2005 for the Ultimate Hunting Classic Moment and join Harold Knight on a great white tail hunt.

Red Oak Bucks

Harold Knight shows us why to pay attention to the acorns in the fall on a great bow hunt. Then Harold and Jack Snow show you how to deal with windy conditions in the turkey woods. We also jump back to 1998 for a great Montana Elk hunt.

New Mexico Chaos

Harold Knight and Steve Farmer get into some wild elk rut hunting in New Mexico, and we jump back to 2005 for a great Midwestern whitetail bow hunt. Then it’s off to eastern Kentucky for a turkey hunt with outdoor writer Travis Faulkner.

Early Season Tricks

David Hale goes bow hunting for white tail deer in the Midwest and shows us how to take advantage of a good acorn crop. And Harold Knight shows what to do to bag a turkey on a windy day. On the Ultimate Hunting Classic Moment we jump back to 2004 and join David on a great Turkey hunt in some burned over timber.

Picking the Right Bull

Shannon Spears joins David Hale in New Mexico on a wide-open New Mexico Elk hunt during the peak of the rut. Outdoor writer Travis Faulkner and David Hale team up to hunt a group of old smart gobblers in Kentucky and on the Ultimate Hunting Classic Moment we jump back to 2004 to go bow hunting with Harold Knight in Kentucky.

West Kentucky Buck

Gary Keeton bow hunts during the rut in his home state of Kentucky and David Hale heads to Eastern Tennessee to turkey hunt with professional bass angler Andy Morgan. The Ultimate Hunting Classic Moment flashes back to 2005 for a South Texas muzzleloader hunt with Harold Knight.

Chaos on the River

David Hale heads west to New Mexico for an exciting elk hunt during the rut. The Ultimate Hunting Classic Moment joins Harold Knight bow hunting in his home state of Kentucky and then David Hale takes his grandson Dylan turkey hunting during the 2012 youth season.

Midwest Whitetails

Davis Aiken rifle hunts for rutting whitetails and John Crowson is on a pre-rut bow hunt over a green field. Harold Knight is joined by Aaron Barrett for some early morning turkey action in Tennessee and the Classic Moment takes us back to the year 2000 to follow David Hale on a great Midwest turkey hunt.

Dylan's Big Buck

David Hale bow hunts the rut in the Midwest and then takes grandson Dylan Edmonson on a great Kentucky Thanksgiving day rifle hunt in Kentucky. The Ultimate Hunting Classic moment finds Harold Knight in Illinois on a classic rut hunt from the past, then we join World Champion Turkey Caller Chris Parrish and Knight and Hale pro-staffer Matt Gillaspy in Missouri for some wild turkey hunting action.

Kentucky Elk

The Ultimate Hunting cameras follow Jim DeFew on a Kentucky elk hunt that was 11 years in the making then Harold Knight has to deal with an uncooperative gobbler in the Midwest. The Classic Moment flashes back to 2004 and joins David Hale on a southern Illinois rut hunt.

Late Season Tricks

Harold Knight bow hunts Midwest whitetails and shows why you never give up when you have the right spot. Earl Bentz has a great turkey hunt with Harold Knight in Tennessee then in the Ultimate hunting Classic Moment David Hale takes us back to 2005 for a southern Illinois Turkey hunt with his partner Harold Knight.

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