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Season: 2013

Whitetails & Fast Pheasants

Welcome back to a new year on Ultimate Outdoors with Wayne Pearson! We’re kicking the year off right when we visit Spring Creek Ranch in Kansas for a Whitetail Deer hunt with Wayne. Then we’re off to Torrey Lake Lodge in South Dakota for some high flying pheasant action.

Mule Deer, Turkey and Quail

Today on Ultimate Outdoors with Wayne Pearson, we join Harold Reynolds and Randy Slaughter as they hunt for a Mule Deer on the Quinlan Ranch in northern New Mexico. Then Wayne takes Randy Lair on a turkey hunt at the Matador Ranch in Texas. Then it’s a fast flying Quail hunt at Southern Woods Plantation in southern Georgia.

New Mexico Elk, Fast Flying GA Quail

Join us today as we head out west to New Mexico with Rio Brazos outfitters for an elk hunt with DR Allen Woods. Then were headed down to Lakeland Georgia to The Ford Farm for some south Georgia Quail hunting.

Turkey and Moose Galore!

This week on Ultimate Outdoors we will be joining Fred Carter on a Eastern Turkey hunt in Warwick Georgia, and then head up north with Ben Chason to Crosshairs Outfitters of Alaska on a Moose hunt.

New Mexico Elk, South Dakota Ducks

This week on Ultimate Outdoors with Wayne Pearson, the New Mexico Elk hunting gets tense as Wayne looks to harvest a huge bull at the Lodge at Chama! Then the chase is on in South Dakota! Our friends with Goey Hunting Calls and Coteau View Hunts team up for a successful duck hunt.

Tips and Tricks for Hunting Pheasant and Elk

This week on Ultimate Outdoors we join Wayne Pearson on an exciting elk hunt and an enjoyable pheasant hunt. This week's episode is jam packed with useful information and is noteworthy for beginner to advanced hunters of all types. Don't miss it!

Best ways to prepare for a hunt

This week is another legendary episode of Ultimate Outdoors! Join Wayne as he reveals some very good information about the best ways for preparation for a hunt! That’s not all. The animals are out and about are ready to put our hunters to the test. Tune in with us this week. Let’s have a blast--no pun intended!

Ultimate Outdoors - 1309

This week we will be joining Rhett Morris with Beyond Borders Outfitters and his guest Mike McMullen fishing for Tarpon in Punta Gorda Florida. Next we will be heading to Tallahatchie Hunts in Swan Lake Mississippi to go on a duck hunt with Neal Rohrbach and his father Mitch Rohrbach.

Season: 2012

Bada bing, bada Boom!

Ultimate Outdoors kicks off a brand new season with the Ultimate Outdoor mix. First we’re on the hunt for a scimitar Oryx with MMK Outfitters in Texas, and then we’re pulling in the walleye in Ohio, and will wrap up the day with Coteau View Hunts and thousands of high flying ducks.

Tarpon and Whitetail

It’s an exciting day on Ultimate Outdoors. First we’ll join Captain Keith Rogers on a day on the water.  Then we’ll be on the hunt with Ben Chason for a trophy whitetail at Matador Ranch.  And finally we’ll end things nicely with a youth hunt for a whitetail in South Georgia.

Redfish, Trout and Trophy Elk

This week’s episode will have you at the edge of your seats. First you’ll be wishing you were on the other end of the rod when Captain Shawn Lanier and his guests reel in the fish. Then you’ll follow along with Wes Jones on his quest for a trophy elk at The Lodge at Chama in Chama, New Mexico.

Waterfowl and Two Turkeys

Ultimate Outdoors is bringing you the best in birds this week! We’re waterfowl hunting with James River Outfitters in South Dakota and then we’re after the gobbler.  Wayne is on the hunt for the Merriam’s Turkey in South Dakota at Torrey Lake Lodge and Jim Waller is hoping to call in an Osceola in Florida.

Texas Deer, Crappie Fishing, Osceola Turkey

Turkey, whitetail and crappie, all in one sitting! First we’re at Matador Ranch with Wayne Pearson on the search for a trophy whitetail, next we’re in Immokalee, Florida trying to call in the Osceola turkey, and we’ll finish of the day with a mess of crappie at Grenada Lake Charters.

Good Times Hunting

We’re flying high on Ultimate Outdoors with a great duck hunt on Tallahatchie Hunts in Mississippi. Then we’re joining four generations of Hensley family for a quail hunt at Ford Farm in South Georgia.

Flying Circus

This week on Ultimate Outdoors, Neal Rohrbach is waterfowl hunting in South Dakota with Snake Creek Outfitters, Darin Lewin is in search of a monster elk at The Lodge at Chama in New Mexico, David Young is at Matador Ranch in Texas looking for a trophy whitetail, and Jack Caves is in Georgia in search of an Eastern Turkey.

Gettin' Fishy with Big Racks and Gobblers

Today on Ultimate Outdoors, we’re in Georgia hunting a huge gobbler, then we’ll make our way over to Mississippi for some super fun crappie fishing, and finally we’ll visit Texas on the hunt for trophy deer and hogs. Don’t miss another exciting episode of Ultimate Outdoors!

New Mexico Mule Deer and South Dakota Turkey

This week’s episode starts off with Darin and his guide Pat in The Lodge at Chama, New Mexico tracking down a good mule deer. Then Wayne, with his good friend and guide Dan seek out a good turkey in South Dakota. We end things up with two awesome turkey hunts with Harold and his son Jackson Reynolds taking some monster gobblers at Torrey Lake Lodge in Platte, South Dakota.

Merriam Turkey & Texas Whitetail

Join us as we follow Wayne Pearson on a Nebraska and South Dakota Merriam turkey hunt. After that Jackson Reynolds is on the hunt for a Texas whitetail at the Matador Ranch.

Texas Deer, Crappie Fishing, Osceola Turkey

Today on Ultimate Outdoors, we’re headed down to Florida for speckled trout and a special cooking segment with our own David Sparks, then we’ll head west to Louisiana for some red fish adventures, and finally we’re back in Florida going turkey hunting.

Wounded Warriors, Tallahatchie Ducks

This week on Ultimate Outdoors, our friends at Leavellwood lodge get together with Hooah! for a fantastic bass fishing outing with the Wounded Warriors. Meanwhile, in Mississippi there’s plenty more duck hunting to be had with Tallahatchie Hunts.

Rewinding the Season

This week on Ultimate Outdoors, we’re rewinding the season to re-visit some of our favorite hunts. From that crazy hog hunt in Matador, to the Flying Circus at Snakecreek, this episode is going to be a wild ride of all our favorite moments.

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