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Episode Guide

Season: 2014

Antler Raiders

The Game Wardens are in search of two trespassers who have jumped the gun during the opening of the annual shed hunt.

Across the Seeded Fields

The joys of pronghorn season are plagued a rogue ATV.


The Wardens discover an unusual scene on the shoulder of the interstate.


An accused poacher mysteriously eludes the Wardens.

In the Drink

With the summer season in full swing, the Wardens try to keep partiers heads above water.

Warrants and Weed

With no fishing license and pending warrants, this case is going up in smoke.


Wisconsin hunters, accused of an over limit violation, try to get past a check station.


An investigation into a poached deer leads Wardens on a bizarre and frustrating manhunt.

Season: 2013

Grizzly Attack

Episode 1 - This week, Wardens tells grizzly tales.  In western Montana, the line between wilderness and civilization is grey at best and when a bear comes to town, things can go bad quickly. One man lives to tell his story of a charging sow, a 44 Magnum, and only three bullets.

Water Rescue

Episode 2 - This week on Wardens, a young boy is adrift on the mighty Missouri and wardens get a lesson in whitewater rescue.


Episode 3 - This week on Wardens, springtime in Montana gets folks out paddle fishing, bear hunting, and antler hunting, while others just kick back at camp and enjoy a good chainsaw party.

Poacher Sentencing

Episode 4 - This week, wardens snare a cattle-killing grizzly and witness the fruits of their labor.  After years of investigation and a successful takedown operation, leaders of a major poaching ring get their due.

Nuisance Bear

Episode 5 - This week on Wardens, a habituated bear reeks havoc in a suburban neighborhood, wildfire threatens Warden Golie’s home, and wardens confront a man violating one of the oldest game laws in Montana – hunting over a salt lick.

Moose & more

Episode 6 - This week, wardens trek deep into grizzly country to investigate the killing of a moose and a tipMONT hotline caller leads to hunters in the act of poaching.

MT Summer

Episode 7 - This week on Wardens, it’s summer in Montana and that means it’s time for the Yellowstone Boat Float. In addition to the calamity of the partying boaters, loons and beavers and sculpins all make an appearance, and one woman’s river expedition turns into a trip to jail.

The Mystery

Episode 8 - This week on Wardens, the who-done-it mystery of the whitetail deer takes several turns and all day to solve; while a huge herd of elk stampede across the ranches of the Rocky Mountain Front, tearing down fences and eluding hunters.

Operation Saturation

Episode 9 - This week, wardens wrangle a troublesome, ornery bear by day, and then in the dark of night, they inundate the Deer Lodge valley, putting the sting on spotlighters.

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