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Season: 2017

Episode 701 - Three Stories, One Bear

Michigan Conservation Officers investigate a bear killed during the season's opening weekend. A suspicious bag of trash left at a state park. Why every successful bear hunter has to turn in a tooth from his kill.

Episode 702 - Elevated Charges

It's a late night for two Michigan Conservation Officers as an investigation into a hunting blind on federal property turns into much more. The area is also home to a once nearly extinct bird that is now making a comeback.

Episode 703 - Chasing the Big One

Montana Wardens spend a week tracking the killer of two out of season deer. Anonymous tips and eye witness accounts keep the Wardens hot on a trail filled with many twists and turns.

Episode 704 - Buggy-ing Out

The Fourth of July weekend in Silver Lake State Park is a non-stop party. It's always a thrill ride as Michigan Conservation Officers help patrol the park during this busy time and make keeping the peace their number one priority.

Episode 705 - Counting Shells

Michigan Conservation Officers spend a lot of time enforcing the laws of waterfowl hunting. Using canoes, they work silently across the state's largest game area. It's not all work as one officer oversees a class trip to the pheasant field.

Episode 706 - Shed Hunting

Opening Day looking for antlers is like a Christmas morning for shed hunters. A few are willing to break the law for a crack at a monster shed. Montana Wardens are on the look out for one offender who is no stranger to a run-in with the law.

Episode 707 - Interstate Travel

To slow the spread of CWD, Michigan Conservation Officers work Opening Day to make sure no deer come in from infected states. Their goal is to stop any deer that don't belong. Suspect deer are checked at the Wildlife Disease Lab.

Episode 708 - Dog and Decoy

Montana - Wardens use everything from a deer decoy to a K-9 to make sure hunters are following the rules.

Episode 709 - Deer Patrol Bros

During the opening week, COs and brothers Bill and Shane Webster patrol the state using vastly different strategies. Bill is on aerial patrol looking for illegal bait piles while Shane is working the web to track down offenders.

Season: 2016

Episode 601 - Law Dodgers

Region 4 Warden Bryan Golie chases down hunters that dodged a game check station. A nearly four hour investigation reveals exactly what they were hiding.

Episode 602 - Crying Shame

Region 5 Warden Nick Taylor is in the crosshairs when a hunter points a gun directly at him. And in Region 2 Wardens find a huntress with a secret she is hiding.

Episode 603 - Illegal Possession

Region 3 Wardens chase down a check station runner only to find the hunters have shot a deer – but what and where is the question?

Episode 604 - Under Fire

The drought conditions in Montana threaten to close down hunting and fishing in the Treasure State. But dead fish and restrictions are the least of the Warden's worries when the Bears come to town.

Episode 605 - False Witness

Block Management is one of the keys to great hunting in Montana but the rules are set. If you are going to break them the Wardens will be there to hold you accountable.

Episode 606 - Frozen Fire

When a report of an illegal buck surfaces Warden Joe Kambic goes to work to find the shooters. Things heat up for Warden Rick Smauch when he responds to a fire, and Bryan Golie fights the winter weather just to patrol his area.

Episode 607 - River Rescue

Drownings happen every Summer on Montana's rivers and lakes. Region 1 Warden Chris Crane steps in to save a kayaker while Region 2 Wardens catch friends fishing in the wrong spot.

Episode 608 - Death Valley

Something is killing deer in the Missoula Valley and it has FWP working overtime to find the culprit.

Episode 609 - Careless Endeavors

Opening weekend mayhem has wardens running from one call to the next. But not all violations are negligence.

Episode 610 - Grey Ghost

Wardens get a tip about grey pickup shooting a deer at night; but even joining forces they have a tough time tracking down the Grey Ghost.

Episode 611 - Dump Site

Region 4 Wardens find a deer in the dumpster, multiple deer dumped alongside the road and a deer left by a trespasser. It's all in a long day's work!

Episode 612 - Hidden Truth

When Wardens stop a truck the first of November with Christmas trees in the back they know something is being hidden. Most likely the truth!

Episode 613 - Back Country

Wardens do way more than just drive around in trucks and check licenses. This week the region one wardens go off grid to protect Montana's natural resources.

Episode 614 - Double Kill

Region 5 has a rash of illegal elk kills and it's up to the Wardens to investigate the Double Kills.

Episode 615 - Hot Mess

Wardens gear up for the last week of the season. The pressure is on, putting the Wardens right in the middle of a Hot Mess.

Episode 616 - Long Day

When Elk start to migrate the days get long. Wardens keep an eye on the herd and find that at night it really gets weird.

Episode 617 - Bad Decisions

Ethical hunters make the right decisions every day. This week Wardens find themselves confronted with Bad Decisions.

Episode 618 - Fly By

Wardens set up a check station in Region 5. When the hunters decide to run it the chase is on.

Episode 619 - Road Warrior

Wardens set up a decoy to stop road hunting in Region 7. It's not long before they catch a shooter.

Episode 620 - Last Hurrah

A veteran warden works his last season. Wardens look back at a decorated career of one of the best.

Season: 2015

Episode 501 - Never Ending Day

The Warden's day starts early with an opportunity to capture a convicted game violator who has dodged the law for over 3 years. But just as one case closes another begins - forcing them to work late into the night.

Episode 502 - Angry Like a Moose

Region 4 Wardens are called in to round up a 1000 pound bully. But this youngster is not leaving the safety of his home. The Wardens turn to drastic measures to secure the situation.

Episode 503 - River Rescue

Region 1 Wardens come across a squatter on public land that leaves them speechless. And Region 5 Wardens are on high alert at the annual Yellowstone River Boat Float.

Episode 504 - Failure To Tag

Birds, bucks and missing licenses. This week the Wardens watch a clear violation take place in Region 5. Property lines are crossed in pursuit of upland game and a license check comes up empty.

Episode 505 - Warden's Instinct

There is often a fine line between false information and the truth. Veteran Region 5 wardens use their sixth to bring game violators to justice.

Episode 506 - Fourth Dimension

Fourth of July in Montana – Flathead Lake is where the party is at. But with the heat tempers flare and the free flowing alcohol combines to make a dangerous situation.

Episode 507 - Behind The Shed

When the game ranges are opened up for Antler Shed Hunting it's all hands on deck for the Montana Game Wardens. Reports of Bears, Mountain Lions and lost hunters keep the wardens busy.

Episode 508 - Fun in The Sun

When Jet skis get too close to boats things can turn dangerous. And Warden Bryan Golie questions an angler in search for the truth.

Episode 509 - Above and Beyond

Wardens often go the extra mile to investigate a report of illegal activity, help a hunter or protect landowner rights. This week Wardens go that extra mile with an unexpected outcome.

Episode 510 - Thrill Kill

In 2012 The small community of Whitefish Montana was shocked by the useless killing of over 20 deer. Region 1 Wardens think outside the box to put a stop to this heinous crime.

Episode 511 - Invasive Species

Protecting Montana Waters from Aquatic Invasive Species is a top priority for Montana FWP. But when AIS check stations are set up in Region 1 and 3 it's up to the Wardens to educate the public.

Episode 512 - Axel and Chains

When Wardens respond to a call sometimes getting there is most of the battle. And we pay tribute to an honorary warden that will truly be missed.

Episode 513 - Stolen Future

Montana Game Wardens have their hands full with headless deer, trophy bull elk being poached and illegally tagged deer. But the Future of hunting is bright with a new batch of hunters.

Episode 514 - Night Chase

With a massive Winter storm bearing down on Northern Montana Wardens aren't backing off. Wardens catch one guy in a web of lies at a check station while miles away they chase down a decoy shooter that refuses to give up.

Episode 515 - Wasted Dummy

This week Warden Lesofski searches out a hunting party that left their elk to rot. While Region 2 Wardens rush into a volatile situation after their decoy is shot from the road.

Episode 516 - Minor

A riverside check station catches four minors with no life jackets and a lot of alcohol. Then Warden Golie stops two car full of minors that should not be behind the wheel.

Episode 517 - True Lies

A check station outside of Billings stops a guy who refuses to tell the truth. Investigating who shot the deer reveals a long history of game violations.

Episode 518 - Head Case

Someone shot and stashed the head of a trophy bull elk. Wardens spend months staking out the head. Once it is moved they use high tech equipment to locate the head and capture the suspect.

Season: 2014

Episode 401 - Antler Raiders

The Game Wardens are in search of two trespassers who have jumped the gun during the opening of the annual shed hunt.

Episode 402 - Across the Seeded Fields

The joys of pronghorn season are plagued a rogue ATV.

Episode 403 - Guts

The Wardens discover an unusual scene on the shoulder of the interstate.

Episode 404 - Litica

An accused poacher mysteriously eludes the Wardens.

Episode 405 - In the Drink

With the summer season in full swing, the Wardens try to keep partiers heads above water.

Episode 406 - Warrants and Weed

With no fishing license and pending warrants, this case is going up in smoke.

Episode 407 - Cheeseheads

Wisconsin hunters, accused of an over limit violation, try to get past a check station.

Episode 408 - Three-Fifty-Seven

An investigation into a poached deer leads Wardens on a bizarre and frustrating manhunt.

Season: 2013

Episode 301 - Grizzly Attack

This week, Wardens tells grizzly tales.  In western Montana, the line between wilderness and civilization is grey at best and when a bear comes to town, things can go bad quickly. One man lives to tell his story of a charging sow, a 44 Magnum, and only three bullets.

Episode 302 - Water Rescue

This week on Wardens, a young boy is adrift on the mighty Missouri and wardens get a lesson in whitewater rescue.

Episode 303 - Paddlefish

Episode 3 - This week on Wardens, springtime in Montana gets folks out paddle fishing, bear hunting, and antler hunting, while others just kick back at camp and enjoy a good chainsaw party.

Episode 304 - Poacher Sentencing

This week, wardens snare a cattle-killing grizzly and witness the fruits of their labor.  After years of investigation and a successful takedown operation, leaders of a major poaching ring get their due.

Episode 305 - Nuisance Bear

This week on Wardens, a habituated bear wreaks havoc in a suburban neighborhood, wildfire threatens Warden Golie’s home, and wardens confront a man violating one of the oldest game laws in Montana – hunting over a salt lick.

Episode 306 - Moose & more

This week, wardens trek deep into grizzly country to investigate the killing of a moose and a TIP-MONT hotline caller leads to hunters in the act of poaching.

Episode 307 - MT Summer

This week on Wardens, it’s summer in Montana and that means it’s time for the Yellowstone Boat Float. In addition to the calamity of the partying boaters, loons and beavers and sculpins all make an appearance, and one woman’s river expedition turns into a trip to jail.

Episode 308 - The Mystery

This week on Wardens, the who-done-it mystery of the whitetail deer takes several turns and all day to solve; while a huge herd of elk stampede across the ranches of the Rocky Mountain Front, tearing down fences and eluding hunters.

Episode 309 - Operation Saturation

This week, wardens wrangle a troublesome, ornery bear by day, and then in the dark of night, they inundate the Deer Lodge valley, putting the sting on spotlighters.

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