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Episode Guide

Season: 2015

Episode 1 - Kansas Muzzleloader Redemption

Tecomate's David Morris and Scott Railey travel to Kansas in Septemeber armed with Traditions Muzzleloaders, but high winds and hot weather make for tough hunting conditions. After a rough early season start, David returns in Novemebr in hopes of redemption. 

Episode 2 - Texas Buck for a Hero

Country music singer Mark Wills takes war veteran Hugh Foskey on a deer hunt in South Texas.

Episode 3 - Double Down in Nebraska

David Morris goes after big whitetails on the renown Platt River and then heads north to the Sand Hills for mulies.

Episode 4 - Kentucky Bucks

After having successful hunts two years in a row, Blaine Burley heads back to his faithful spot at Hall Farms in Kentucky to hunt the rut in mid-November.

Episode 5 - Utah

David Morris leaves the whitetail woods to go after trophy elk in the wild and beautiful high country of Utah's famous Tavaputs Ranch.

Episode 6 - Icebox Bucks of Saskatchewan

David Shashy travels deep into the frigid Canadian wilderness in search of the fabled monster whitetails that inhabit that harsh land.

Episode 7 - South Texas Trophy Quest

Tecomate Pro Staffer David Shashy heads to the Sombrerito Ranch in the "Golden Triangle" of South Texas in search of one of the giant bucks that made this part of Texas famous.

Episode 8 - North Dakota Redo

After a tough hunt last year in North Dakota, Tecomate Pro Staffer Terry Sedivec heads back on a spot and stalk hunt hoping to redeem himself.

Episode 9 - Wild Wyoming Mulies

David Morris joins Jadee Kroeger in the wide-open spaces of Wyoming once again in pursuit of the big mulies of the Cowboy State.

Episode 10 - Montana Double-Header

David Morris sets his sights on pronghorns and big deer, whether whitetails or mule deer makes no difference, when he returns to Montana's Powder River Country to hunt with his old friend Bill Perkins.

Episode 11 - Texas Hunting Shootout

See what happens when football greats Jordan Shipley, Colt McCoy and Joe Thomas square off in an old-fashion hunting shootout in South Texas.

Episode 12 - Texas Rivalry Without End

The gridiron battles between the Texas Longhorns and Texas A&M Aggies may have ended when the Aggies joined the SEC, but the rivarly lives on in this showdown on La Perla Ranch.

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