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Season: 2012

A New Season is Upon Us

Wildlife Obsession Season 10 brings more big giant racked gnarly whitetails straight into your living room than ever before. Diligently following a season's journal format, Mark and Terry Drury guide you through the trials and tribulations, the successes and failures, and the plain old fashioned hard work and grit that it takes to grow and harvest a trophy whitetail.

The season premiere takes us from a mid March shed hunt at Terry's farm in Northern Missouri to the heart pounding intensity of Drury team member Ben Rising's pursuit of a 180 class beast during Ohio's opening weekend before returning to Terry's farm again for a family hunt featuring the whole Drury gang: Mark, Taylor, Matt, and Terry.

The season is just beginning on Wildlife Obsession, but it's anything but a slow start out of the gate. Witness the drama unfold this week on Wildlife Obsession.

The Killing Tree

October can be magical, we talk about the October lull, but just prior to that and after that can be some of the best times to be in the stand and this weeks episode will prove just that. We start off in Iowa with Mark Drury in early October as he’s trying to close the chapter on a giant nine point with a two-year history. From there we jump to late October and we’re headed to Pike County Illinois with professional baseball pitcher Kyle McClellan, in pursuit of his first buck.


This week on Wildlife Obsession: Mark Drury fulfills a lifelong dream of hunting with his father Ralph when the two set out on a late October doe hunt in Southern Iowa.

The pre-rut is in full swing in Illinois as Drury team member, Tom Ware, follows his instincts and hangs a tree in a key location hoping to finally harvest an impressive 150 class whitetail he’s been observing all year. On Halloween, Mark Drury heads out early one morning to his favorite tree in Iowa where the nocturnal whitetail phantom, Chiquita, suddenly appears from the shadows.

November Is Upon Us

We kick of November in good old fashion, hunting three of the biggest big buck states in the United States. A Booner is taken in Illinois by Drury team member Keith Keuhn on November 1st. Then we turn that journal page to November 5th, Drury team member Rick Malik drew that coveted Iowa tag, and his expectations are through the roof. From there, we cross the border into Missouri and join up with Jeff Propst on November the 8th. It’s been one of the warmest and slowest ruts that Jeff can remember, but he’s got a game plan to activate the Boss Buck decoy.

The Real Deal

Early November continues to fill the pages of our journal. Dan Thurston travels south in search of a giant Texas whitetail nicknamed the "Goat Shed Stud."  While there, he also takes a close friend on an unforgettable hunt that’s guaranteed to inspire and move even the hardest of hearts. Meanwhile, in Illinois, Drury team member, Bric Steward, battles the heat and fights to stay positive despite the little deer movement on his quest to harvest the monster buck, nicknamed "The Skinny 10."

Warm Weather Antics

This season sweet November isn’t so sweet as a rash of unseasonably warm weather is plaguing the Midwest. This week we turn the journal pages to November 10th and 11th and before the shows over three bucks will hit the ground. Chris Comstock grunts and rattles in a dandy in Missouri. Terry Drury’s ultimate setup pays off as he smokes a giant in Illinois. Then we head up to Iowa and tag along with Drury team member Dave Kramer. Dave’s done his homework, and heads to the timber with his PSE.

Country Hospitality

The Drurys dust off their Thompson Centers as they prepare for a gun season like no other in Missouri as mid November arrives. Terry and Matt Drury head to their blinds on a rainy November 15th, the second day of the Missouri Rifle season. Meanwhile, Mark invites country music star, Gary Levox, to his Missouri farm for a fun filled hunt that neither one will forget. The conditions are perfect, and the bucks are on their feet. Witness all the action this week on Wildlife Obsession.

High Tower

Mid November is here and the warm weather conditions are still not optimal, but that’s not going to keep the Drury team members at bay. This week we turn the pages of the journal to November 19th and 21st. Steve Coon utilizes his trusty good luck doll in Illinois. Chris Comstock sets his cousin Adam over a bean field in Missouri, with hopes of letting the Thompson Center roar. And finally, we’re back in Illinois, but this time with Larry Steward as he lands a buck he calls High Tower.

Closing Out November in Style

This week on Wildlife Obsession: The team grabs their bows and hits the road. Jeff Lindsey works his magic with the MAD Hypergrowl in Iowa as he tries to call in an old mature buck to his tree stand. Team members Eric Bothun and Lee Novotny arrive in Kansas where an enormous 180 class whitetail behemoth waits to greet them. Rounding out the show are Joe and Pam Shults embarking on a family hunt at their farm in Illinois. Pam braves the chilly weather and gets to show off her Thompson Center Gun skills to proud husband, Joe. Excitement, adventure, and family bonding, see it all this week on Wildlife Obsession.

Batter up

December has finally arrived, the second rut is in effect, deer are in those winter feeding patterns, and you know the Drury team won’t be missing out. This week we turn the journal pages from December 5th to the 12th. We step up to the plate at Lodge 25 in Illinois with professional baseball legend Jim Thome, as he spends his off-season chasing those giant Whitetails. Then we’re off to Terry Drury’s Missouri farm. Terry’s narrowed down his hit list and is focusing on one deer. Will he be able to hold out? Stay Tuned!


Two extraordinary hunts in mid December appear this week on Wildlife Obsession. The first, a S.H.O.T. (Safe Hunters of Tomorrow) sponsored hunt in Ladysmith, Wisconsin, follows Tanya Poppe, a physically disabled young woman, as she returns to the farm of Bill Rands, in search of a buck called "Crabclaw" that she first encountered earlier in the year in September. The second hunt chronicles Mark’s quest to harvest a massive 190 class whitetail on the snowy frozen tundra of Iowa. Mark combats the freezing temperatures and dangerous weather conditions all while trying to outsmart and outmaneuver this ancient whitetail warrior.

Wyoming Endemic

Christmas has passed and it’s the perfect time to head to the blind as the pages of our journal flip to December 27th and January 2nd. Drury team member Chris Propst closes out December with a bang in Northern Missouri. Mark and Taylor Drury ring in the New Year with a classic father daughter hunt. Taylor’s got an itchy trigger finger and all she needs is a buck to step in front of her custom pink Thompson Center .223. Then we bundle up for snow-covered mountains of Douglas, Wyoming for a very special segment as Todd Cornish and his veterinarian field students continue research to understand the complex and lethal Chronic Wasting Disease and it’s effects on the mule deer population.

Every Dog Has Its Day

Steve "Coon Dog" Coon hits the jackpot when he draws a late Iowa muzzleloader season tag, and Mark Drury knows just the buck to put him on. When Steve’s first trip north ends on a sour note in late December, Mark and Coon Dog reunite in early January for one last ditch effort to harvest a whitetail and not send "Dog" home with his tail between his legs. Mark’s neighbor, David Lindsay, also decides to take advantage of the cold weather and attempt to close out the season with a monster buck himself. The final episode of the season will not disappoint! Don’t miss it this week on Wildlife Obsession.

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