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Episode Guide

Season: 2014

Wiltse Mule Deer

This week husband and wife team, Mike and Holly Wiltse, are headed to Nelson Outfitters where they normally chase Whitetails. This year, however, they are in pursuit of Mule Deer.

Nebraska Turkey Mishap

This week we are joining the Martin Family as they chase gobblers in western Nebraska with a stick and string. The action is intense and the turkeys were cooperating. 

Mokan Turkeys

The Martin family is up again this week. They had an incredible spring last year and this week they’ll round out their season in Missouri and Kansas.

Sam's 217

This week we are joining prostaffer Sam Doss as he has a three year quest for a deer he calls “Slash.” At the end of this quest, Sam is rewarded with a 217 inch giant.

Youth Turkeys

This week is all about getting kids involved in turkey hunting. Wyatt Gregory hunts in Missouri and Iowa and prostaffer Mike Wiltse takes his daughter and nephew hunting in Minnesota.

Nelson Antelope

This week Mac Lee and Adam Anderson head to Sheridan, WY to hunt antelope with Nelson Outfitters. Bowhunting these creatures can prove to be difficult, but the footage is incredible.

Nelson Turkey/Mule Deer

We start off in the spring as Jay heads to Nelson Outfitters to bowhunt beautiful Merriam’s turkey. We’ll conclude the show with Jay returning to Wyoming in the fall to chase Mule Deer.

Kodiak Brown Bear

Prostaffer Jake Latendresse documents his trip to Kodiak Island to film Juan Garcia hunt Brown Bears with a bow. Jake got some amazing footage as they were calling bears in with a predator call.

Adam's Turkey Season

This week we follow Adam Anderson through his 2013 Turkey season. Limiting himself to head shots only (with a bow and arrow) made for some awesome footage.

Mac's Turkey Season

Mac’s goal for the 2013 Turkey season was to get some incredibly unique footage of turkeys interacting with the decoys.

Kansas Turkeys

This week we join Shea, Nathan, and Molly out in Kansas as they share their incredible 2013 season. The footage is up close and personnel as these gobblers close the distance.

Jay 2012 Kansas Buck

This week Jay heads to the Diamond Springs Ranch in search of monster Whitetails. As the late season is dwindling down, Jay wonders if he has made a mistake in passing so many deer.

Leftover Turkey

These are the final hunts of the year from our prostaffers. As you might have guessed, we saved the best for last.

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