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Season: 2017

Episode 701 - Seth Feider - Mille Lacs

After a huge win in the Bassmaster AOY Championship, Minnesota native Seth Feider and Zona return to smallmouth heaven Mille Lacs Lake. They'll battle big waves but find smallmouth brotherhood as they tame the beast.

Episode 702 - Mike Iaconelli Part 1

Finally, a show years in the making is coming to fruition. Zona and Mike Iaconelli have worked side by side for years but never from the deck of the same boat. That all changes today on Ike's hometown waters. What could possibly go wrong?

Episode 703 - Mike Iaconelli Part 2

There was no possible way that Zona and Ike were going to let what happened to them on their first day together on the water be the end of their story. Lightbulbs went off after day one and on day two no fish is safe.

Episode 704 - Brent Ehrler - St. Clair

Last year Zona and Bassmaster Elite Pro Brent Ehrler went through a couple of grinds on ZAFS. This year, it's time to take it a little easier and put the odds in their favor on the hallowed smallmouth grounds of Michigan's Lake St. Clair.

Episode 705 - Jeff Kriet - Falcon

It's been years since Zona ventured down to South Texas and the warm waters of Falcon Lake. In the years since, it's come back into it's prime. Who better to tag along than ZAFS buddy, Bassmaster Elite Pro Jeff Kriet. Buckle up, this one starts fast!

Episode 706 - Phil Marks - Toledo Bend/Sam Rayburn

There have been few places hotter in fishing lately than Toledo Bend, and what better way to pregame on Superbowl Sunday than getting out on it and smashing some giants? Zona and Strike King's Phil Marks are looking to find the endzone.

Episode 707 - Jordan Lee - Mille Lacs

Longtime ZAFS buddy Jordan Lee has been busy lately and the once blooming bromance of Z and Lee has taken a bit of a hit. Lucky for you all of that gets pushed aside as they tackle the smallmouth motherload that is Mille Lacs in Minnesota.

Episode 708 - Chris Lane - Guntersville

Moving from Florida to Guntersville years ago, former Bassmaster Classic Champion and resident "Bull in a China Shop" Chris Lane has made himself right at home. Throw in ZAFS rolling into town and the China Shop doesn't stand a chance.

Episode 709 - Denny Brauer - Falcon

Nervous day at Zona's Awesome Fishing Show. Since childhood Zona has looked up to bass fishing icon Denny Brauer as a hero. Finally the moment arrives that Denny joins ZAFS and there's no greater place for this meeting than Falcon Lake.

Episode 710 - Zona Solo - Michigan

Last year Zona did a dock flipping show with Jacob Powroznik. The fishing community erupted with questions and comments and showed they were thirsty for any info they could get. Well, today is your lucky day. Dock flipping class is in session!

Episode 711 - Hackney - Grosse Savanne

Zona got his first taste of the incredible Grosse Savanne in Louisiana last year with Greg Hackney. Some places are just too good not to get another taste of no matter how quickly you return. And it has to be with Hackney by his side.

Episode 712 - Zona Solo - Star City

Hard to believe but another season of ZAFS is coming to a close. What better way to wrap up the year than with a look back at the highs and lows of the year. That's right, Zona isn't holding anything back the good, the bad or the well, ugly.

Season: 2016

Episode 601 - Carl Jocumsen - Michigan Largemouth

Two countries collide as Australian Pro Angler Carl Jocumsen brings the Outback to Northern Michigan and joins us for a springtime largemouth frenzy.

Episode 602 - Kevin VanDam - Michigan Smallmouth

KVD has joined us before for many memorable smallmouth beatdowns but this time we aren't going finesse. This time it's hand to hand combat with the brown beasts!

Episode 603 - Jordan Lee - Smith Lake, AL - Largemouth

We first met Jordan Lee back in his crazy college days, well that boy has grown to be a man. Fresh off his first season on the Bassmaster Elite Series, Jordan takes us to his home state of Alabama for some top water explosions.

Episode 604 - Zona & Kids - Table Rock, MO - Largemouth

Every couple of years we do a show with the Zona boys. This time we left the destination up to them and they take us to the heart of family, Bass Pro Shops Big Cedar Lodge, on incredible Table Rock Lake.

Episode 605 - Jacob Powroznik - Cayuga, NY - Largemouth

You ever hear the saying "a bull in a china shop"? Well, it may have been crafted for our guest today. Pro Angler Jacob Powroznik is a force to be reckoned with on and off the water. Time to head to New York's Cayuga Lake for a dock fishing social hour.

Episode 606 - Aaron Martens - Guntersville, AL - Largemouth

Our guy this week could not miss in 2015! Bassmaster Angler of the year, Aaron Martens is on a roll like no other. We caught up with the Furious Hawg Snatcher to flip the hallowed grass of Lake Guntersville. You don't wanna miss this one.

Episode 607 - Ontario - Ehrler - Smallmouth

Thousand Islands ALWAYS pays off for us with monster Smallmouth. But something was different about this trip from the get go. Our guest Brent Ehrler had a delayed flight and a night of no sleep before this one kicked off, but he's not backing down.

Episode 608 - Bullard's Bar - Ehrler - Spotted Bass

The Spotted Bass photos that are coming out of Bullard's Bar are unreal. Multiple world records have been caught there in the last couple of years. We got a call from our buddy Brent Ehrler who wanted to give a run. Cali here we come.

Episode 609 - Michigan - Solo - Largemouth

There's no place like home, that phrase is at the core of this weeks show. When you grow up fishing a lake and return over and over again it holds a special place in your heart. Yet, it can still surprise you.

Episode 610 - Michigan - Grigsby - Smallmouth

It's been a few years since I got together with my old friend Chad Grigsby. Those type friendships always pick up right where they left off and this one is no exception, picking up with monster Smallmouth.

Episode 611 - Beaverfork - Solo - Largemouth

There's something to be said for the satisfaction that comes from going out on a heavily pressured lake in the dead heat of Summer and coming away with a good bag. Grab some giant worms and get to work.

Episode 612 - Grosse Savanne - Hackney - Largemouth

We have been to some special places on the Z show through the years. The unbelievably gorgeous Grosse Savanne in Louisiana, is one of those places and Greg Hackney is one of those guys to experience it with.

Season: 2015

Episode 501 - Combs - Lake Fork

After a cold, tough grind on Falcon Lake in 2014. Z and Pro Angler Keith Combs are out for some Texas Largemouth redemption on hallowed ground at Lake Fork.

Episode 502 - Hite - Thousand Islands

20 years ago Z and Pro Angler Davy Hite met on the shores of Lake Ontario in upstate New York. What better way to celebrate a reunion than finding a calm day to get out and wreck some giant Thousand Island Smallmouth.

Episode 503 - Kriet - Falcon Lake

Sad to say it, our old standby Falcon Lake let us down last year. Twice. But we aren't going down without a fight. No, we are back with Texas Pro Angler Jeff Kriet and we're out for revenge.

Episode 504 - VanDam - Lake Huron

It's been a rough year for our buddy KVD. Which means it's time for a "Lift You Up Show". Even the greatest need a pick me up sometime. Fortunately, we have just the medicine, Lake Huron, giant Smallmouth and lots of em.

Episode 505 - Bowman - Kentucky Lake

2 things have never happened on the Zona show…..We've never ventured out to the Bass heaven that is Kentucky Lake and we've never taken out our old friend, Bassmaster.com editor Steve Bowman. Springtime fun is here.

Episode 506 - Impallomeni - Key West

For years I've been heading south to Key West and fishing with my buddy, Florida Keys guide Steve Impallomeni. Everytime I come down I'm looking for one thing……carnage. Guess what? We found some.

Episode 507 - Overstreet - La Perla

One year ago I read about a guy developing a trophy Bass lake in South Texas. Guess what he's feeding em? Freshwater Prawns, yep giant lobster creatures.  This place is a Bass anglers dream, and a frog's nightmare.

Episode 508 - Kenny - Central Florida

My old buddy JT Kenny is a beast flipping the grass mats of Florida and for more than a year he's been begging me to come see this little honey hole he found. A chance to leave Icy Michigan for Sunny Florida? Uh, yeah.

Episode 509 - Umbrella Rig Michigan Smallmouth with Dave Mercer

My friend Dave Mercer came down and we taped an episode of his show Facts of Fishing and crushed some smallmouth on the umbrella Rig. Well, showing pure TV host greed, I wanted a show like that of my own.Glad to say I caught em. Mercer? Well…

Episode 510 - Lake Guntersville Largemouth with Randy Howell

We are heading back to the scene of the crime with 2014 Bassmaster Classic Champ Randy Howell to where he won the big one on the center of all things Bass fishing, Lake Guntersville. The weather deals us some blows but Guntersville always brings it.

Episode 511 - Michigan Smallmouth - Solo

I love a grinder. Since the beginning of ZAFS we have said we shoot no matter what and today is one you would want to back out of. But not us, nope, we are going. Temp of 40 and wind gusting 35 - 40? Perfect.

Episode 512 - Toledo Bend Largemouth with Greg Hackney

One of my best buds in the world, Greg Hackney, went on a tear last year and won himself the Bassmaster Angler of the Year. It's the perfect time of year for a Toledo Bend beatdown and I wanted no one with me but him. Ah, if only things went as planned.

Episode 513 - Bowman-Kentucky Lake

2 things have never happened on the Zona show…..We've never ventured out to the Bass heaven that is Kentucky Lake and we've never taken out our old friend, Bassmaster.com editor Steve Bowman. Springtime fun is here.

Season: 2013

Lake St Clair/KVD

Attention smallmouth addicts anonymous support group: the meeting starts here. When you get Mark Zona and Kevin Vandam together in Michigan the smallmouth bass get nervous. But, while waiting on the sun to shine, KVD gets a mysterious phone call that changes the entire show.  Let the smallmouth slaunch beat down commence. During the show a shocking discovery comes to light about KVD’s past that threatens his entire BASS career… and it all hinges on his old nickname in Detriot:  “Rabbit.”

Lake Mille Lacs/Randy Moss

Here is a little known fact: Mark Zona’s college roommate was NFL player Randy Moss. The funny thing is, as they were sitting around the dorm, Randy Moss told Zona how much he wanted to have a fishing show one day, which was ironic because Zona wanted to be an NFL wide receiver. As fate would have it, they switched reality’s. Now they have a reunion in Minnesota on Mille Lacs, a lake neither of them has fished before. As the action heats up, Zona collapses on the deck of the boat pouring water all over himelf. A must see.

Trinity River/Tommy Sanders

Legendary outdoor host Tommy Sanders is brought in to confront Mark Zona about his fear of Choppy the Clown from his spooky background. In order to remove the evil spirits, they travel to the Trinity River in search of spooky evil devil monsters. The hunt is on for giant oversized 100lb+ alligator gar that lurk not only in the muddy waters but in Zona’s past…  Don’t watch this episode alone.

Ontario/James Overstreet

First of all, there is this world renowned outdoor photographer. Second of all, he has been a silverback gorilla but now it appears he is on his way to being a Manquatch. There is only one person who could do this to James Overstreet: the man is Mark Zona. In order to achieve Manquatch, they must hunt for the collision with the wolf pack. The smallmouth wolfpack that hunts the waters of Lake Ontario. But something happens along the way that pushes Z over the limit and the editors have to break out the beeping machine (sorry kids.) The Manquatch then experiences an uncomfortable silence… None of this makes any sense until you watch this undeniable show.

Solo/ Michigan Largemouth

Out of the thousands of lakes in the greater Michigan area, there is one thing that you don’t want to be this time of year if you’re a fish. And that my friends is a bluegill. Poor little tasty nuggets just swimming innocently around minding their own business. Until Mr. Largemouth comes crashing out to ambush the devils and only scales are left slowly sinking to the bottom of the lake. Mark Zona knows that if you put your boat on one of these lakes and act like a bluegill, literally, you can do things to big largemouth that even your grandfather wouldn’t have done.

Arkansas/Jerry McKinnis/largemouth

Nervous, nervous, nervous. That’s what Mark Zona is. And the reason is that Man has come around. The boss man. The legend Jerry Mckinnis that was shooting fishing shows before any of us were alive. But something is amiss. How can you fish a lake that has disappeared? Like literally the lake is gone. This shocking discovery can only mean one thing… tune in to this bizarre and historic show.

Lake Kissimmee/Bobby Lane

Oh it’s that special time of year, the sun is coming out and the frost is melting away. Where better to head than south to Florida and who better to meet up with than Bassmaster Elite Series pro Bobby Lane for our Annual Spring Break getaway. We party all over Bobby’s old stomping grounds of Lake Kissimmee pounding mats and taking names. And in the process... witness a once in a lifetime lightning strike.  Polish up that gold rope... grab a spot at the pool bar... throw an extra umbrella in that fruity drink... and tune in for the spring break party of a lifetime.

Lake St. Clair/Detroit River Muskie Pete Maina

Zona's affection for large, toothy critters is well noted. And if you are looking to find some of the largest and toothiest you need not travel much further than... downtown Detroit. Did you misread that? No. Oh it’s one of the best on Earth. And on top of that we are hunting them down with a true Muskie Master... Pete Maina. Sounds like a can’t lose combination... right? Wrong. A little storm called Hurricane Sandy has something to say about it, things are gonna get muddy. Can we make it happen? Watch and see.

Lake Okeechobee Randall Tharp

You know, in the realm of big bass, there may not be a lake with more history than South Florida's Lake Okeechobee. And for some insane reason, it has alluded Zona's Awesome Fishing Show. Well, that end's today. We are trekking down to the Big O and meeting up with a mangy, snaggle toothed, long clawed, furry little Honey Badger who has been absolutely tearing it up on Okeechobee over the past few years. The "Honey Badger" Tharp knows how to sniff around the grass, pads and mats of this place and pull out that perfect South Florida Slaunch. Will we catch that fish of a lifetime? Maybe. Will we have the time of our lives? No doubt.

Lake Champlain Dave Mercer

If you could use only one word to describe what happens when Dave Mercer and Zona get together it would be……pain. Oh yes. Lots and lots of pain. Whether it be sleet, snow, ice covered lakes or even a heated lake which decided to go heat-less the day we fished it, we haven't really put the odds in our favor to see greatness. Well today, that all changes. It's a blue bird, 80 degree day in Upstate New York and the fish filled Lake Champlain is gonna be the stage for a beautiful weather beat down. Look out “Champie,” there's a couple of new monsters on the lake.

Season: 2012

James Overstreet, Falcon Lake TX

What's the best BIG BASS lake in the country? 2 words....Falcon Lake! Ztrain and Outdoor Camera stud James Overstreet are heading down for a midwinter Rancheria beat down!!!! These two outlaws lay down the law right out of the gate, but even these two pistoleros are stunned at what they find. If you like true trophy bass, this one is for you.

Zona Solo MI Show

Behold the visual essence northern Michigan has to offer! This week were heading to one of Ztrain's favorite aqua playgrounds he cut his teeth on as a boy. The smallmouth are big, nasty and horribly dumb!!!! Oooh, and that's just how we like em!! This truly is an outdoor experience where illusion becomes reality, and reality becomes illusion.

Charlie Hartley, Green Bay WI

Next stop on the Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show train: Green Bay. Next passenger to come aboard the ZAFS Express: a one Charlie Hartley. With all the success the Packers had this NFL season (with that stud fantasy football quarterback they have) what can go wrong in Green Bay? Nothing. Pure and simple bassfishing fun.

Jeff Kriet - Falcon Lake, TX

Oh, it’s time for Rancheria Big Bass Beatdown II of the season, as Z and Bassmaster Elite Series pro Jeff Kriet head back out on Falcon Lake in search of more beasts. It’s been a tough year for Zona, and buddy Kriet thinks Falcon may give him just the help he needs……Slaunch style.

Stephen Browning - Lake Ouachita, Ark

It’s back to school time, as Zona gets a call from Bassmaster Elite Series pro Stephen Browning to head down to Arkansas to do some learning with the ultra-controversial “Umbrella Rig”. Lessons will be learned, hang ups will happen, and monsters of all species will be caught in this experimental edition of Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show.

Dave Mercer - Newton Lake, Ill

Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show makes its annual winter time retreat to power plant heated Newton Lake in Illinois. And for bitter cold, snowy, icy conditions, who better to bring along than the Bass fishing storm from the north himself, Dave Mercer. Cuddle up to the fireplace, grab your hot chocolate and prepare yourself for a Slaunch sleigh ride through a winter wonderland.

Kevin Wirth - Arkansas

It’s a bittersweet ending to this season of Zona’s Awesome Fishing show as we go out in style all while celebrating the career of Bassmaster Elite Series pro Kevin Wirth. If you’re going to throw a retirement party, you might as well do it up big, and where better to party than a mysterious public lake in Arkansas? Help yourself to some punch and a slab of cake as we punch some slabs in the mouth.

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