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Season: 2015

Episode 301 - The Tag Team 2-4-5

"Jason Carter and Kip Fulks hunt one of the biggest and most elusive bucks in Northern Utah. The monster buck known as “Fibber,” has evaded hunters for years. How long will his luck run with Jason and Kip on the stalk?"

Episode 302 - Ghosts and Demons

Jason Carter hunts Nevada the land of giant mule deer, but the biggest of them all seems to constantly disappear. Bryan Offutt, after a year off from archery hunting due to injury, brushes aside the recent past with a great bull elk in Utah.

Episode 303 - Size Matters

"Jason Carter, hot in pursuit of “Buster,” passes up big buck after big buck. Koby Fulks, flying deep into remote Alaska, struggles to find a mature Dall sheep at extreme distances."

Episode 304 - Ridge Reaping

"Koby Fulks continues his hunt for Dall sheep at extremely high altitude. Finding the right ram and stalking into range prove difficult despite “Alaska nice” weather."

Episode 305 - Untracked and Tracked Down

"Jason Carter and his good friend Adam Bronson hunt moose in a region of the Yukon that has not been hunted for 30 years. Bryan Offutt goes after a big buck in Northern Utah."

Episode 306 - Primordial Premiere

Jason Carter and Adam Bronson continue their hunt for the first moose to be harvested from this untouched region of the Yukon.

Episode 307 - Dead Cold in the Desert

"Jason Carter takes Bryan Offutt to his Nevada stomping grounds, the land of mule deer giants. The cold air of the Nevada backcountry brings the rutting mulees out in force, but will the cream of the crop rise into Bryan’s crosshairs."

Episode 308 - Running of the Bulls

"Jason Carter and Koby Fulks head to New Mexico to hunt a unit known for big bulls. The chaos of the rut brings with it an abundance of young bulls, making it a challenge to get to the big boys. With such dense foliage and bugles in every direction will Jason and Koby harvest the monster bulls they are after?"

Episode 309 - Needles in Haystacks

"Jason Carter begins his hunt for a cous deer in Northern Mexico. The land is as big as the species is small and finding them will not be easy. Kip Fulks must wade through many young bulls in Northern Utah to find a mature elk."

Episode 310 - El Gran Pequeño

Jason Carter continues his hunt for cous deer in Northern Mexico. Once again a huge backdrop and dense foliage conspire to conceal the stealthy cous deer.

Episode 311 - Vaya con Dios

"In a fitting tribute to a lost friend, big bucks fall in the deserts of Mexico as the annual trek south of the border yields a great harvest! Join Jason Carter and Marvin James as they hunt for giant mule deer."

Episode 312 - Cold Tracking

"Jason Carter and team head to the south Idaho deserts to hunt mule deer. The snow and cold alternate between helping and slowing the hunt. Tracks lead to small buck after small buck until the last light of the last day."

Episode 313 - What is Past is Prologue

"What does it take to be a Ridge Reaper? For three seasons Jason Carter and company have lived the Ridge Reaper code and come out with amazing results. In the Season 3 finale we’ll go back in time to re-live some of the most exciting moments captured on Ridge Reaper TV."

Season: 2014

Episode 1

Jason Carter and team head to the Yukon Territory to hunt for Dall Sheep in one of the most remote concessions in Canada. Though the sheep are plentiful these full curl giants are elusive.

Episode 2

Jason Carter heads to his Nevada stomping grounds to hunt bucks that rarely encounter hunters. In North Eastern Utah, Bryan Offutt gets his season off to a fast start despite an offseason injury.

Episode 3

In the Nevada Desert,  Jason Carter continues to pursue his toughest quarry yet. Koby Fulks tracks down "Captain Hook", a big buck that had eluded him the year before.

Episode 4

Koby Fulks, after repeated encounters with "Captain Hook", finally takes his prize. Jason and team head to New Mexico in search of a 420" behemoth.

Episode 5

Jason Carter responds to a surprising twist with a classic archery kill. Kip Fulks teams up with the legendary Jim Shockey to hunt a massive Yukon bull moose.

Episode 6

Kip Fulks and Jim Shockey go after a marauding grizzly and end up with a Yukon two for one. Jason heads to Arizona with an enviable public elk tag. The challenges loom large in this vast and varied unit.

Episode 7

In Utah, Bryan Offutt sets his sights on a BIG buck that had managed to evade Jason Carter earlier in the season. Meanwhile, Jason must contend with dense terrain that is thick with bulls.

Episode 8

Koby Fulks is in Utah hunting elk in thick of the rut. Five hundred miles away, Jason Carter hunts pronghorn in a huge unit in Wyoming.

Episode 9

Jason Carter teams  up with dog handler Josh Horrocks, in pursuit of a massive mountain lion. Bryan Offutt pushes deep into the Alaskan wilderness where the lines between hunter and hunted blur.

Episode 10

Jason Carter contends with windy and 15 degree weather in search of a big buck on public land. Bryan Offutt battles the cold, rain and ever shifting Chugach winds as he sets his sights on the ultimate Alaskan predator.

Episode 11

Kip and Koby Fulks take their father, "The Colonel", out to Utah on a rare mule deer hunting opportunity for the Fulks family. Jason Carter and team continue to battle the elements and multiple hunters on Colorado public land.

Episode 12

Colonel Fulks bags a big mature buck in Utah. Jason Carter heads to the Sonoran Desert in search of the dark antlered Mexican mule deer.

Episode 13

Jason Carter ends the season playing the classic game of "shoot or don't shoot."

Season: 2013

The Bull Elk Regulators

Jason Carter and his team have a rare draw tag muzzleloader Elk hunt in New Mexico. Kip Fulks starts his journey in the High Uinta Mountains hunting monster bull elk.

Ancient Hunting Grounds and The Wallow

Kip continues his hunt in the High Uinta’s hunting down a monster bull elk. Jason heads to the hot deserts of Nevada to start a grueling journey for a rare 40-inch wide mule deer.

Typically Killed

Jason and his team have been the deserts of Nevada for almost 2 weeks trying to kill a 40-inch wide mule deer. Running low on food and patience the hunt continues. Koby Fulks starts his journey in the Uinta’s for an Elk, hunting with a bow.

Heart of an Elk

Jason’s brother-in-law John, has drawn a rare tag in the deserts of Utah, to hunt ELK with a rifle. This unit hosts some of the biggest bulls in the state. Koby continues his hunt and he is hot on the trail of a giant elk.

Two Tough to Kill

Jason’s brother-in-law John took two great shots on a bull elk, but the relentless animal got up and walked off, they must now do everything they can to track the injured animal. Bryan Offutt hunts the desert highlands of Utah for a giant mule deer they call ol’ 69.

Night Falls on the Mulies

Bryan has been close to getting the mule deer they call ol’ 69, but with time running out it will be a race to the end. Chris Petersen, Jason’s cameraman has a great public land hunt in the plains of Colorado.


Jason Carter and Bryan Offutt team up to hunt for giant Elk in the deserts of Utah. They are hunting a public land unit and going after a giant, but other hunters in the area could cause some problems.

Prongs in a Haystack

Jason and Chris both have an Antelope tag in the plains of Wyoming. Hunting a new unit, they will need to scout the area and determine the best antelope to harvest.

Mentors and Masters

Jason Carter started guiding a long time ago. Russ Young helped Jason become the Trophy Hunter he is today. A good friend for years killing some record-breaking elk and mule deer; they team-up again in Colorado for giant Mule Deer. Bryan Offutt crosses the border to the north to hunt with Blaine Richards for Canadian Mule deer.

Old Friends, Same Results

Jason continues his hunt in Colorado with his long time friend Russ young. They are looking for a giant mule deer. Bryan and Blaine continue to battle the cold weather in Canada in search for giant mule deer.

Giant in the White Out

Jason Carter and Kip Fulks team up in southern Nevada to hunt giant mule deer. With ever changing weather this hunt will be tough as the take aim at a mule deer that could gross 200.

Cold Blood

Jason and his team head to the northern mountains of Nevada to rifle hunt an Elk. Cold weather and large herds of Elk will make it difficult to spot the right one and harvest him in time.

Ciervo Sur

Jason and Chris head south of the border to go after Mexican Mule Deer. With recent drug raids in near by towns this hunt proves anything but ordinary.

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