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Season: 2013

Two Friends Afloat In Frigid Seas For 37 Hours; Only One Survives

Best friends, Ken Henderson and Ed Coen are fishing in the Gulf of Mexico when suddenly their boat sinks. After treading water for over 30 hours, both men are desperately hypothermic and hallucinating. Henderson is forced to make an agonizing decision to try to save both their lives.

Teen Brutally Attacked By Shark; Brother Saves His Life

Craig Hutto, a 16-year-old Tennessee boy, is fishing with his brother Brian in waist-deep water off Cape Blas, Florida when he’s attacked by a shark. Brian must pull Craig to shore, but the shark will not release its death grip. Craig barely survives the attack and loses his leg.

Hunter Lost in Everglades Faces Quicksand; Animal Attacks & Starvation

Jamey Mosch is an experienced hunter from upstate New York, but he has never seen a jungle-like environment like the Everglades. The 30-year-old becomes lost in the dense vegetation and eventually falls neck-deep into a pit of quicksand. His survival story takes many nightmarish turns during 5 desperate days.

Injured Female Hunter Miraculously Survives, but Loses Both Legs

Mischelle Hileman is elk hunting when she slips and falls. Two tree limbs puncture her left leg, immobilizing her. Over the next four nights, Mischelle survives by crawling to a creek to drink water and foraging for berries. Three days after the official search ends, one of Mischelle’s hunting buddies finds her clinging to life with fresh bear tracks encircling her. Mischelle’s frostbitten legs are amputated below the knee.

Teen Hunter Survives Coyote Attack

Teenager, Jackson Jordon is hunting in the Georgia woods alone. He hears a noise behind him and turns expecting a deer. Instead he finds three rabid coyotes leaping at him. He manages to shoot one but one coyote bites into his forearm, and another rips into his thigh. He fights his way free and stumbles to safety, but then must contend with rabies.

Spear Fisherman Attacked By Shark; Friends Race To Save His Life

Connor Bystrom leaps into the water to save his best friend C.J. Wickersham, who nearly has his leg torn off by the razor-sharp teeth of a massive, marauding bull shark. As Bystrom pulls CJ. onto the boat with the help of their other friends, he sees exposed bone and severed arteries through a grotesque open wound. -- It’s now a headlong race for survival.

Hunter Saves His Son's Life After A 40 Foot Fall

Richard and his son, Jacob, are hunting sheep when Jacob loses his footing and falls 40 vertical feet off a rock-side cliff. After an agonizing hour-long hike to the bottom of the cliff, Richard finally locates his son. Jacob is unconscious with deep lacerations and bruises and he’s suffering seizures. The next morning, Richard stabilizes his son as best he can and heads off to find help for his stricken son. Will he make it back in time?

Deer Attacks Fisherman; He and Nephew Must Battle To the Death

Ron Smith and his nephew Aric Alvarez trudge along the Trinity River, a well-known gathering place for North Texas fishermen. They encounter a friendly whitetail deer who seems docile and friendly. But suddenly the animal violently attacks Ron and it takes both men to save his life.

Father and Son Bow Hunters Attacked By A Grizzly

A father and son head out early in search of elk. The bow hunters hike down a hill with Dad leading by 30 yards. Leming Jr. stops when he hears a noise and turns to see a charging bear. He sprints downhill, thinking he can move faster in that direction, while his father lets an arrow fly. The arrow hits its mark, but the bear is unstoppable.

Could You Survive?

Survival expert Terry Schappert dynamically reviews the harrowing tales explored in Season One of Trip Gone Bad and takes viewers on a vivid inside look at what happened and what went wrong. Terry then offers survival tips for hunters and fisherman faced with the same life and death decisions.

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