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Episode Guide

Season: 2

Episode 201 - Texas Swordfish

The swordfish is the king of the ocean and the king’s of catching them is Booby Trap.  Their record catches are known far and wide.  Host Carter Andrews’ Obsession has found a limited window of weather aboard the Booby Trap and breaks another record.

Episode 202 - The Florida Mullet Run

The annual mullet migration down the East coast beaches of Florida:  nothing short of epic when it’s going off.  If you hit it right it’s a check off your bucket list.  What happens next is something Carter has admittedly never seen in his life.

Episode 203 - Nova Scotia Monsters, Pt1

One of Carter's bucklists begins in Ballantyne’s Cove Nova Scotia with Steven’s Bluefin Tuna Charters experiencing the power of the largest fish that swims and nearly brings Carter to his knees as he goes standup gear instead of the chair…

Episode 204 - Nova Scotia Monsters, Pt2

The epic adventure to catch the largest fish that swims the ocean continues.  All that needs to be said is this show turned out to be one of the all time best days of Carter Andrews fishing career including hand feeding 1000lb monsters offshore…

Episode 205 - Backyard Wyoming

Carter calls Wyoming home most of the year.  This week longtime friend and angler Curt Hamby joins Carter for a fall float down the legendary Snake River past the Tetons for an epic day of bucket list flyfishing catching cutthroat and brook trout.

Episode 206 - Louisiana Offshore SNAPPER

Take two sets of husbands and wives the are all Obsessed with fishing, load their livewells with bait and chum the oil rigs offshore of Venice, Louisiana and you get one incredible show.  Don't miss this one.

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