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Season: 2016

Episode 901 - Kansas: Brunson Mayhem

Jon and Gina head to Kansas to hunt with Mark Knight of Midwest Whitetail Adventures. Though this trip is a bit more special, as they are bringing their three youngest kids along to try and help them harvest their first ever whitetail bucks.

Episode 902 - New Mexico: Bugling Out West

Jon and Gina head to New Mexico to hunt with New Mexico Arrowhead Outfitters in search of some trophy elk. With Jon tagging his first elk last season, he's aims to get one a bit bigger, but the priority lies with Gina harvesting her first ever elk.

Episode 903 - California: Northwestern Blacktail

Jon heads west to California to meet up with Brad Miller of Country Boys Outdoors. Hunting with outfitter, Gordon Long of Multiple Use Managers, Jon hunts down his first ever blacktail with his Seekins Precision.

Episode 904 - ATTO Couples: The Shepards

ATTO Couples is back for its third year, and first up are Jessica and Tyler Shepard. These two die-hard fans give it their all as they hunt down whitetail bucks with their Mathews bows deep in the woods of Indiana.

Episode 905 - New Mexico: Foolish Antelope

The Brunsons head to Roswell, New Mexico for an out of this world Pronghorn hunt. Though this week is special, as they are joined by Huntin' Fool member and contest winner, David Greer. Be sure to watch and see if all three can tag out.

Episode 906 - Wisconsin: Rutty Bucks Up North

Jon and Gina are back in Wisconsin for their fifth year straight hunting with good friend, Johnny-O. It's been one heck of a hunt the last few years here in Wisconsin, so the Brunsons are back to hunt harder than ever.

Episode 907 - ATTO Couples: The Hydes

It's the second episode of ATTO Couples this season and up next is Amanda and Buddy Hyde from Missouri. Hunting is in their blood and the Hydes are ready to bring the pain with their Mathews NoCam Bows.

Episode 908 - Nebraska: Winter Mulies

Jon and Gina are back in Nebraska for their 11th year hunting with Deer Meadows Outfitters. With wind and snow forecasted to bring temperatures down into the negatives, the Brunson's undertake one of their most difficult hunts in Nebraska to date.

Episode 909 - Florida: Surf n Turf Special

Jon and Gina are in their home state with good friends, Tom Rainey and Brent Feathers of Browning Trail Cameras. The Brunsons aim to share the life of a true Florida sportsman, from fishing the flats to hunting long beards down in the backwoods.

Episode 910 - Texas: Cactus Whitetail

Jon heads to the Lone Star State with Brad Miller of Country Boys Outdoors to get after some Texas whitetail bucks. Although a tradition for Brad, Jon is a newcomer to the Mirasol Ranch and is pumped for what's in store.

Episode 911 - ATTO Couples: The Woodwards

It's the last installment of the ATTO Couples this season and Henry and Lakisha Woodard are ready to make two monster Mississippi whitetails take a dirt nap.  Find out if the Woodwards can make it happen!

Episode 912 - Florida: Saltwater Hunting

Jon and Gina take the hunt to the open blue waters of the Florida Keys in hopes of filling their Grizzly coolers with some saltwater game. The Brunsons have their spearguns and their Mathews Halon Bows and are ready for some action-packed hunting.

Episode 913 - Best of Season 9

Jon and Gina take you back through the most epic hunts from Season 9. So, buckle up, because you're in for one wild ride!

Season: 2015

Episode 801 - Colorado - Full Draw Huntin'

Jon and Gina head out to the sprawling plains of Colorado to meet up with Fred and Michele Eichler of Full Draw Outfitters. This week the Brunsons are targeting both elk and antelope. Will Gina be able to take down a nice Colorado pronghorn? Will Jon be able to knock out his first elk? Make sure you to tune in for the season premiere of Addicted to the Outdoors to find out, only on Outdoor Channel.

Episode 802 - Wisconsin - 'Scansin Therapy

The Brunsons are back in Wisconsin for the fourth year in a row. While Jon’s tagged out the last three years straight, Gina’s had to leave empty handed every trip. Can she finally turn her luck around? And will Jon continue his streak or will unexpected turmoil bring him to his knees? This is an episode you don't want to miss!

Episode 803 - ATTO Couples - Derek & Jesse

ATTO Couples is back! This season features Derek and Jesse Eason of El Dorado Springs, Missouri. These two are dead set on getting a buck down in front of the camera for the world to see. Will these dirt-knuckled, outdoor addicts be able to make their dream a reality? Tune in to Outdoor Channel this week to find out!

Episode 804 - Nebraska - Revenge on the Mulies

Jon and Gina head to Nebraska for their 10th year at Deer Meadows Outfitters. After a massive blizzard ruined their chances of knocking down a mulley during last year’s season, the pair are out for vengeance. Can the Brunsons make blood hit the sandhills or will howling winds leave them trophy-less? Tune in to see if the duo can get it done in Nebraska.

Episode 805 - Kansas - Midwest Whitetails

The Brunsons journey to Kansas and meet up with Mark Knight of Midwest Whitetail Adventures. Having tagged out on Mark’s Illinois property a few years back, can Jon and Gina make history repeat itself? Tune in to Outdoor Channel to find out.

Episode 806 - Florida - Open Water Huntin'

It’s blue water and cool breezes on this week’s ATTO. Jon and Gina head to the Florida Keys to hammer down on some salt-water game. They’ve got their Mathews’ at the ready for some high-octane bowfishing. They're also grabbing their spear guns and dropping 60ft below the surface to spear some deep sea fish. Don’t miss this week’s action packed episode!

Episode 807 - ATTO Couples - Bryan & Beth

On the second episode of ATTO Couples, we head to Kentucky to meet Beth and Bryan Hayes. The Hayes’ have got a stacked hit list of monster bucks, but will they be able to cross any off their list? Don’t miss this week’s episode if you want to find out!

Episode 808 - New Mexico - Big Bulls Out West

Jon journeys to New Mexico and doesn’t plan on leaving without his first ever trophy Elk. After a spot-and-stalk bust in Colorado, will he finally get his hands on one of these elusive giants? Find out this week on ATTO, only on Outdoor Channel.

Episode 809 - Roadtrip Whitetails

Jon and Gina are chasing down peak rut whitetails as part of their annual road trip. After finishing up in Wisconsin, the Brunsons head to 52 whitetail properties in Clear Lake, Indiana to meet up with Brad Miller. Will this year’s road trip be a success? Find out this week, only on Outdoor Channel.

Episode 810 - Florida - Southern Turkey Mashup

The Brunsons hit Ross Hammock Ranch in their home state of Florida with Tom and Brent from Browning Trail Cameras. From knocking down Osceolas, to chasing down hogs, to fishing the flats of Crystal River, Jon and Gina are looking to give the Browning guys the true Florida experience. Make sure to catch this week’s ATTO, only on Outdoor Channel.

Episode 811 - ATTO Couples - Nick & Karla

On the final ATTO Couples episode for the season, we meet with Nick and Karla Fulton of Carthage, Illinois, and they’re ready to take their hunt to the national stage! Will the Fulton’s be able to finish strong? Catch ATTO Couples this week on Outdoor Channel to find out!

Episode 812 - Florida - Deep Sea Huntin'

It’s blue water and cool breezes on this week’s ATTO. Jon and Gina head to the Florida Keys to hammer down on some salt-water game. They’ve got their spearguns and Mathews’ bows at the ready for some high-octane deapsea hunting. Can the Brunsons bring in the fish? Or are they going home with an empty cooler? Don’t miss this week’s action packed episode!

Episode 813 - Best of Season 8

Hold on tight, because we’re taking you on a ride through ATTO Season 8’s most epic moments. Get addicted all over again, only on Outdoor Channel!

Season: 2014 & 2015

Episode 701 - Johnny-O's Ridge Top Whitetails

Jon and Gina Brunson head back to one of their favorite hunting destinations in Wisconsin. For two years, Jon has been able to fill his tag while Gina has gone home empty handed. Will Jon be able to pull of filling his tag for a third year in a row? 

Episode 702 - Ohio's Whitetail Hit List

Jon and Gina Brunson find a new spot during their annual road trip, Big Pine Outfitters in Ohio. The guys there have a hit list of bucks that charges up both Jon and Gina. Gina has an encounter of a lifetime, putting her face to face with a big buck.

Episode 703 - ATTO Couples - The MacPherson's

To start off the Addicted Couples series, it’s off to Missouri to meet the McPhersons. We get an inside look at this “all in” duo.  Months of planning, scouting and a lot of luck come down to one moment as Robin faces off with a big bruiser buck.

Episode 704 - Turkeys in the Sunshine State

This week on Addicted to the Outdoors, Jon and Gina Brunson are hunting their home state of Florida. Year after year they enjoy hunting for Osceola's down in the swamps. They will also be going after hogs and slinging arrows at some fish.

Episode 705 - Roadtrip Whitetails

Jon heads solo to hunt a new B52 whitetail property in western Kentucky.  It’s the first year this land can be hunted and the ATTO crew is excited. Especially after Brad Miller started getting trail cam photos of a buck he named Miracle.

Episode 707 - ATTO Couples - The Jackson's

Second in the instalment of Addicted Couples, Justin and Lindsey Jackson live the life of true outdoor addicts. Find out what kind of action a couple like this can get into when hunting is on the mind 24/7!

Episode 708 - Bowfishing the Blue Water

Jon and Gina Brunson are in their native Florida and looking to get in on some bowfishing in the Keys. This is the first time they’ve brought along their film crew and they’re hoping for success. Will Gina succeed or will she go home empty handed?

Episode 709 - Alabama Squirrel Master

Jon and Gina Brunson head to Alabama for their first attendance at the annual GAMO Squirrel Master Classic. With friends from the industry also there, the action is nonstop as everyone battles to see who can get the most squirrels to the scale.

Episode 710 - B52 Whitetails

Jon and Gina Brunson are back with B52 properties trying to fill another buck tag, for the third year in a row. Last year, Jon was able to harvest the buck known as Towers, scoring in at 156, and they were excited to be back.

Episode 711 - World Turkey Hunting Championship

It’s time for the second annual World Turkey Hunting Championship hosted by Bobby Pinson. With over 40 teams registered this year, the turkeys of western Kansas will be getting everything but the kitchen sink thrown at them.

Episode 712 - ATTO Couples - The Jenson's IOWA Buck Love

Third in the instalment of Addicted Couples, the ATTO film crew heads to Iowa to get an inside look at Beau and Dawn Jensen.  Sit back as Beau squares up with one monster whitetail that calls the Jensen’s backyard home.

Episode 713 - Best of Season 6

Coming at you hot off the edit floor, we bring you back to some of the best hunts and wildest moments during the 2014 season of Addicted to the Outdoors. 

Season: 2013

Wisconsin Bucks

Jon and Gina are back hunting with their good friend Rob from Lancaster Archery Supply at Jonny O's place in Northwest Wisconsin. Jon is looking to tag out on another old buck and Gina has an encounter the first morning that leaves her wondering why she still has a tag in her pocket.

Michigan Whitetails

Longtime friend and retired NBA superstar Brad Miller finally has the lodge of his dreams built, and the ATTO crew is invited to come break the new B52 properties place in. Being able to hunt in 3 states from one location has its advantages. There is one buck that has been showing up in trail cam photos on a Michigan property nicknamed "Towers", and Brad has been watching him for a while.

Indiana Whitetails

The other half of the hunt at Brad Millers B52 properties happened in Indiana, and just because Jon was able to fill his tag on a nice buck in Michigan, that did not slow him down. Taking advantage of being able to hunt 3 states from one Lodge, the whole crew switches to Indiana and though it may take some hard hunting, tags begin to get filled.

Wyoming Speed Goats

Heading to Wyoming for a first time antelope hunt, the Brunsons meet up with their good friend Brad Miller. Spot and stalking in the Sandhills is never an easy task, but as the bad weather rolls threw the team presses on and starts filling tags.

Nebraska Mule Deer

Deer Meadows Outfitters is a yearly stop for the Brunsons, mixing it up they go a little later in the year for muzzleloader season. With no zones to hold the crew back, they have over 300,000 acres to put the spot and stalk on some bucks and cover some ground in the Sandhills. They may not get it done the first day, but in the end Jon is left with minutes of light left, waiting for a shot on what could be his biggest mule deer yet.

South Texas Combo

Down in Texas they like to do things a little different, and that's what happens when Jon takes a charity auction winner on his first gator hunt, this is also Jon's first gator hunt outside FL. Then after that the whole crew loads up for a couple days of wing shooting.

World Turkey Hunting Championship

It's time for the debut event of the World Turkey Hunting Championships in La Cygne, Kansas. TV and music celebrities from all over will be teaming up to hunt for a chance at the title of World's Best Turkey hunter. Also supporting the KWO foundation, this event is raising money for a good cause all while enjoying the outdoors.


Jon and Gina head over to Kansas to hunt with retired NBA superstar Brad Miler on their good-friends property, Randy Ferman from Extreme Hunting Solutions. It's early season and the crew is trying hard to pattern the deer and fill their tags. Then we catch up with the Brunsons later in the season when they get a chance to hunt another one of Brads B52 whitetail properties in Ohio.


Dedicated to a true legend in the duck hunting industry, this show is the last hunting adventure for "Cowboy" James Fernandez, inventor of the Double Reed Duck Call. Hunting at the world class Stan Jones Mallard Lodge, the Brunsons get to go on a hunt they will never forget, and the best part, their friends get to experience it with them too.


Back at it for a third year in a row, Jon heads to meet up with the Kentucky crew and it's time to take a bunch of first timers out to see if they can catch a  big ol' catfish with their hands. While there they also break the bows out to do a little bowfishing in the evening.

Keywest Bowfishing

Jon and Gina head to the Florida Keys to do something for the first time ever, bowfish in the blue waters off Key West, chasing large game fish such as tuna and dolphin. They even brought the Barnett Crossbow to really mix things up. This is one fast shooting episode you will not want to miss.

Florida Combo

Back in their home state of Florida, Jon and Gina take the kids on a combo turkey and hog hunt. Gina is off to a hot start on the turkeys, then there are still two Brunson kids left that need to drawl first blood on a hog. Mixing in a little fun with the Gamo air guns, they whole family has a great time.

Best of Season 6

Taking all the heart pounding action and stuffing it into one episode, the Brunsons take you on a journey through their favorite year yet during the Best of Addicted to the Outdoors Season 6.

Season: 2012


On this brand new episode of Addicted to the Outdoors, Jon and Gina Brunson were invited by their friend Rob from Lancaster archery to hunt whitetails in Wisconsin. They meet up with Jon Oakden and right away they are seeing bucks. It’s getting close to the rut and Jon is determined to get a whitetail with his bow.


Jon and Gina Brunson are headed north to hunt massive whitetails in Alberta, Canada with Northern Wilderness Outfitters. After taking some time to figure out the best spot for stands, Jon and Gina get right into the hunt. They are seeing great bucks, but hunting on huge fields makes it tough to get into bowrange. As the trip nears its end Jon comes up with a plan that puts him in a position to fill his tag on a great Alberta buck.


This week Jon and Gina Brunson are chasing mule deer at one of their favorite places to hunt, Deer Meadows Outfitters. Joining them is NBA superstar, Brad Miller, who is excited about his first hunt ever in Nebraska. In the past everyone has tagged out the first day, so make sure to tune in and see whether or not they can keep the tradition going.

Africa One

Jon and Gina Brunson are headed back to Africa to hunt with their good friends at Africa Sporthunting Safaris. Joining them is good friend NBA superstar Brad Miller, this is his first trip to Africa and he is ready to start filing tags. Right off the bat everyone is seeing lots of animals and the tags start to get filled. With this many arrows flying, you’re going to want to make sure to not miss this episode of Addicted to the Outdoors.

Country Goes Huntin

Once again it’s time for the Country Goes Huntin event, where everyone comes together to support a great cause and fill some turkey tags.


Jon and Gina Brunson are headed to Indiana to hunt at their good friend Brad Miller’s place. This is the first chance Brad has had to hunt his own property and is excited to have the Brunson’s join him. The hunting starts off slow, but after putting in the time and making one last trip back during rifle season, Gina gets an opportunity at the buck of a lifetime. Make sure to tune in and see if she is able to close the deal.


Jon said he was going to hunt aggressive this year and this show proves it. The Brunson gang heads to Missouri with the hopes of filling their tags on a couple monster whitetails, but after a week of bad weather and the deer not moving, Jon makes a plan that could get him his best buck ever. He may have to travel all over the state to make it happen, but in the end it seems like it is all going to be worth it.


This week Jon and Gina Brunson start off hunting their own property in Kansas with good friends Mike and Lynn Sanders. After getting a plan together the crew feels good about filling their tags, and with Mike around you know everyone is in for a laugh. After hunting Kansas they were invited over to hunt Iowa by... of Extreme Hunting Solutions. Being in Iowa, it does not take long for the action to heat up, so make sure to tune in and see who fills their tag.


It’s off to do a little turkey hunting in the Brunson’s home state of Florida. They brought the whole family back to hunt with Greg Lovett of Gotta Lovett Outdoors, where they can do a little turkey hunting in the morning, hog hunting in the evening and airboat bowfishing at night. Gina seems to be in the right spot at the right time this year for opening morning of turkey season, and has an encounter with their daughter Raven that will be hard to forget.

Africa Two

We are back in Africa this week hunting with the Brunson’s good friends at Africa Sport Hunting Safaris. With them is NBA superstar Brad Miller, who has been filling tags left and right ever since he knocked his first arrow. Jon and Gina are getting to do something they rarely get to do on a hunt, which is spend time together. But that does not mean they are not filling some tags of their own on great trophy animals.


Jon and Gina Brunson are back in Illinois with Midwest Whitetail Adventures and good friend Mark Knight. They are hunting whitetails with a bow and it seems like they hit the season just right this year. Jon experiences this first-hand with a opportunity on a great buck before he even gets settled into his stand. Make sure to tune in and see whether or not he can pull it off on this great Illinois whitetail.

Kentucky Noodlin

It’s off to Kentucky again to do something both Jon and Gina thought they would never try, Noodlin. They are back at it with good friends from Kentucky Lake Outdoors and everyone is excited to get back into the water. After the sun sets it’s back on the water for a little bowfishing action. Make sure to tune in and check out this crazy episode of Addicted to the Outdoors.

Best of Season 5

Well it’s hard to believe Addicted to the Outdoors has been on for five seasons already, but it was one of the best years yet. Join Jon and Gina Brunson as they show you the best of the best from this amazing season.

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