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Episode Guide

Season: 2017

Episode 1701 - Search Bait Fishing

Al Lindner and lure designer Mark Fisher pursue post-turnover bass and walleyes with a new, must-have search bait design.

Episode 1702 - Smallies on Top

James and Nick Lindner light the fuse to explosive topwater action on the country’s top trophy smallmouth bass waters, Minnesota’s Mille Lacs Lake.

Episode 1703 - Early Season 'Eyes

James and Troy Lindner cover time-saving techniques to tap more post-spawn walleyes. 

Episode 1704 - Electronic 'Gills

High-tech electronics and drop-shot rigs put Dan Lindner, Jeremy Smith, and panfish expert Casey Ehlert on trophy-class bluegills. 

Episode 1705 - Flyin' Fishing Tactics

Jeremy Smith and Ty Sjodin drive to the end of the road, then fly into Northwest Ontario’s Birch Bark Lodge, a world-class walleye and pike destination where big baits equal big fish.

Episode 1706 - Forage Factor Walleye

Al and James Lindner share their program for catching more walleyes on the entire year, including how to locate bottom transition areas loaded with forage, and proven Jigging Rap techniques. 

Episode 1707 - Finesse Tactics for Bass

James and Troy Lindner probe weedlines with various finesse tactics, including the venerable jig worm and new techniques like the Neko rig, often the key to a better bass bite when power fishing fails.

Episode 1708 - Walleyes on Winnie

Al Lindner and guide Tom Neustrom employ “bread and butter” walleye techniques for consistent action on Minnesota’s Lake Winnibigoshish, a first-class multi-species destination.

Episode 1709 - Understanding Whitefish

James and Daniel Lindner share secrets for summer whitefish, including how to find them with today’s electronics, top presentations, and table preparation.

Episode 1710 - Shadow Rap Shad

Al Lindner and lure designer Mark Fisher unleash a new bait that’s quickly earned MVP status with bass and walleye anglers across the country.

Episode 1711 - Untapped Cats

Al and James Lindner target channel catfish in high-water river conditions with the latest in electronics and old-school cut-bait presentations.

Episode 1712 - Portage Fishing Walleyes

James and Troy Lindner portage into a remote Northwest Ontario lake, discovering adventure, walleyes, and smallmouth bass at every turn.

Episode 1713 - Sloppy Bass

Al Lindner and Jeremy Smith target big summer bass in the slop, sharing their winning program for flipping jigs, Texas rigs, and frogs for more and bigger bass.

Season: 2016

Episode 401 - Dockin' Largemouth

Jeremy Smith and Kyle Peterson spend a day on the water pitchin' docks for big largemouth bass. On sunny days, you'll have things made in the shade using these deadly effective, underhanded tactics.

Episode 402 - Tip Top Smallies

Al and Dan Lindner travel to the remote wilderness waters of Marmion Lake in northwest Ontario, where smallmouth bass are big, feisty and plentiful. Surface lures kick up a ruckus for bronzebacks atop shallow reefs.

Episode 403 - Ghost River Walleye

James and Nick Lindner head north to Ghost River in northwest Ontario, where plentiful walleyes provide dependable action and delicious shore lunches. Jigs, bottom bouncers & spinners, and crankbaits produce big-time results.

Episode 404 - Mohave Smallies

Al and Troy Lindner fish the crystal clear waters of Lake Mohave, Arizona for smallmouth bass, where habitat restoration has caused smallie populations to explode. Subtle hair jigs and grubs fool wary bronzebacks into biting.

Episode 405 -Deepwater Gills

James Lindner and Dave Csanda use drop-shot rigs tipped with small softbaits to entice platter-sized bluegills to bite in deep water. It’s a remarkably deadly tactic for large panfish that head deep in mid- to late summer.

Episode 406 - South Dakota Bass

Jeremy Smith and Ty Sjodin enjoy a spring fling for largemouths, smallmouths and white bass on South Dakota prairie lakes. Power fishing shallow, warming, windswept bays locates and catches active, loosely-schooled fish.

Episode 407 - Swim Bait Smallies

James Lindner and Jeremy Smith fish the outer edges of shallow humps for early prespawn smallmouths that have yet to penetrate the shallows. Lightweight jigheads tipped with paddletails tempt finicky smallmouths into biting.

Episode 408 - New Mexico Walleye

Al and Troy Lindner fish walleyes in the sunlight zone on Ute Reservoir, New Mexico. Jigging tactics intercept postspawn fish moving from spawning sites near the dam, along shallow mainlake flats with rock and gravel cover.

Episode 409 - Modern Catfishing

Dave Csanda and Jeremy Smith employ advanced electronics to locate and catch huge channel catfish on the Red River between Minnesota and North Dakota. Finesse deadbait tactics excel when the fish are fussy. The rest of the time, it’s pandemonium!

Episode 410 - Shadow Bait Bass

Al Lindner and Mark Fisher toss Shadow Rap jerkbaits for largemouth bass in cold water. Subtle twitches followed by long pauses allow their lures to reverse nearly in place, pause, and slowly sink, triggering follow bass into striking.

Episode 411 - Monster Musky

Jeremy Smith and Brian Truax tackle Rainy Lake in northwest Ontario in search of giants muskies. Fast-moving bucktails locate massive fish and trigger savage strikes atop mainlake food shelves with weeds or rock cover.

Episode 412 - Rippin' Rappin' Walleye

Al and Dan Lindner vertically jig vibrating crankbaits for deep-water walleyes in a fertile natural lake in western Minnesota. They rely upon speed and vibration to trigger reaction bites during the warm water of summer.

Episode 413 - Deep Weed Largemouth

Al and Troy Lindner ply the deep weedline of a natural lake for largemouth bass during midsummer. Texas-rigged, large soft plastics and West Coast-style Izzy-rig stickbaits fool big bucketmouths into biting.

Season: 2015

Episode 301 - Havasu Smallies

Brothers and Fishing Hall of Famers Al and Ron Lindner tackle Lake Havasu in Arizona, cold-water jigging for bass. Plenty of non-stop action!

Episode 302 - A Canadian Wonderland

Hosts James Lindner and Dave Csanda reveal a deep-water jigging breakthrough for walleyes and smallmouths in northwest.

Episode 303 - New Mexico Musky

Troy Lindner and Derrick Stewart uncover bypassed musky opportunities off the beaten path in the wilds of New Mexico.

Episode 304 - River Cats

Host James Lindner and son Nick fish for big-river catfish using drifting and trolling tactics. River fishing for cats is a boatload of fun.

Episode 305 - Scatter Rap Largemouth

Award-winning anglers James Lindner and Jeremy Smith showcase erratic crankbait action that drives big bass wild.

Episode 306 - Fall Smallmouth

Co-hosts Al and James Lindner track down big bronzebacks on the move in early fall. Learn their secrets to catching the big ones.

Episode 307 - Texoma Stripers

Fishing Hall of Famers Al and James Lindner enjoy exciting striped bass action on the southern plains, Texas style.

Episode 308 - Shadow Rappin'

Co-hosts Al and James Lindner implement remarkable dying-baitfish lure action to trigger predatory bass.

Episode 309 - Artificial Crappie

Host Al Lindner proves that you don't need livebait to catch slab crappies, especially in deep water.

Episode 310 - Jiggin' Up Largemouth

Host James Lindner and Rapala's Mark Fisher employ subtle jigging tactics to tempt reluctant bass.

Episode 311 - Big-Water Smallies

Host Al Lindner and angling educator Dan Sura demonstrate trophy smallmouth strategies for fishing large lakes.

Episode 312 - Put & Take Trout

Hosts Dan Lindner and Dave Csanda have a blast trolling crankbaits for aggressive stocked trout.

Episode 313 - Top Water Musky

Hall of Famer Al Lindner and Jeremy Smith cast surface lures to create a feeding frenzy and trigger musky madness.

Season: 2014

Chasing Cats

Finding and catching channel catfish through the ice.

Spring Fling Smallies

Early spring fishing for smallmouth bass in natural lakes.

Weedline Mechanics

Jigging vs. crankbait tactics for largemouth bass along weed edges.

Hawk Lake Walleye

Summer jigging for giant walleyes at Hawk Lake in Northwest Ontario.

Propping Smallmouth

Casting topwater lures during summer for bruiser bronzebacks.

Shape Factoring Walleyes

Locating and fishing high-percentage structures for walleyes.

Superior Brown Trout

Crankbait trolling tactics for Lake Superior brown trout and salmon.

Title: Spring Discoveries

Evaluating the bass potential of new waters during spring.

Water Clarity Musky

Matching lure styles and color patterns to water clarity conditions.

Patterning Bass

Locating and catching largemouths and smallmouths in the same lake.

The RX For Pike

Fishing for trophy northern pike at Lake of the Woods, Ontario.

The Invasives

How invasive species change fishing patterns. Plus catching carp in spring.

New Water Walleye

Quickly locate and catch walleyes on unfamiliar waters.

Season: 2013

Punchin' Largemouth

Heavyweight tactics for extracting lunker largemouths from thickly matted weed cover. It’s a knockout!

Fall Mixed Bag

In early fall, popping big soft plastics across shallow weed flats offers some of the best multispecies fishing of the year.

Prespawn Smallmouth

During the cold water of early season, weighted shad baits allow slow, subtle, neutrally buoyant presentations for catching sluggish bass.

Hardbait ‘Gills

Miniature crankbaits thump humongous bluegills on light tackle. Tactical tips for where, when and how.

Magic Bait Smallmouth

Your tackle box is filled with magic baits! The trick is choosing and using the right ones to suit fish mood and fishing conditions.

The Amazing Mille Lacs

Trophy walleye trends, tactics and challenges for fishing one of North America’s top multi-species fisheries. If it works here, it’ll work for you.

Lake Nipigon Adventure

The fishing trip of a lifetime for trophy brook trout and huge pike on pristine Lake Nipigon and the Nipigon River in northwestern Ontario.

Day-on-the-Water Largemouth

Patterning early season largemouth bass. It’s all about tailoring lures and tactics to fish location and mood during the spawning cycle

Musky—Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

The past, present and future of musky management, fishing tactics and record-breaking catches. These ARE the good old days of musky fishing.

Small-River Smallies

Summer fishing for small-river smallmouths throughout North America. Matching lure styles to current flow and fish attitude is key. 

Triggering Walleye

Snap Rapping walleyes, using modified winter jigging tactics to trigger savage walleye strikes during the heat of summer.

Power Shotting Largemouth

Advanced dropshotting for bass, using heavier sinkers, wide gap Spinshot hooks, and larger soft bait profiles. It’s the next level of finesse fishing.

Lindner Legacy

Al and Ron Lindner recall the evolution of lures, equipment and tactics, driven by their relentless desires to catch more and bigger fish.