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Episode Guide

Season: 2014

Episode 501 - Bluegrass Bucks

Craig heads back to his favorite honey hole in Eastern Kentucky, and this time puts a Hoyt in the hands of his bus driver Ronnie.

Episode 502 - Appalachian Bear

After another successful hunt in East Kentucky, Craig moves onto West Virginia to chase some big ol' black bears, old school style.

Episode 503 - Ohio Dairy Farmin'

Craig gets his chance at a giant Ohio non-typical and becomes a dairy farmer for  a day.

Episode 504 - Sandhills and Beaches

Craig is in the Sandhills of Nebraska chasing big muleys one minute and snorkeling on sandy beaches the next.

Episode 505 - Way Down South

Craig squeezes in the most action packed hunt of his life in  Argentina.

Episode 506 - The Wild West

Craig hits the Elk rut just right in Colorado, while Utah becomes quite adventurous to say the least.

Episode 507 - The Midwest Rut

Craig heads back to his favorite midwest honey hole in Illinois where the rutting bucks give him non-stop action.

Episode 508 - The Midwest Rut Part 2

Craig and his buddy Fred Andrews switch gears on the whitetails and then take a break with the family to celebrate turkey day.

Episode 509 - Southern Squealers

Between shows in Florida, Craig uses every free moment to track down hogs.

Episode 510 - Hunting with Heroes

Craig meets up with some of with some his warrior buddies from around the country.

Episode 511 - Turkey Tour

Craig gets after some Florida longbeards before returning to his home state of Tennessee to put on the 3rdannual Craig Morgan Turkey Invitational.

Episode 512 - Hunting with Legends

Craig meets up with some of his closest Opry member friends to get after some Mississippi whitetails.

Episode 513 - Like Father, Like Son

The Mossy Oak family invites Craig and son, Kyle, down for Alabama deer camp.

Season: 2013

Home Again

Studio Recording, Rooftop Hunting, and everything in between: A look at what happens in just a couple days of Craig's life around his home town of Dickson, TN.

First Time For Everything

Craig invites his lead guitarist on his first bow hunt of his life and also whips up a special meal for him, fresh from the tree stand.

FjallRaven Polar

Craig and son Kyle fly into the arctic tundra of northern Norway and Sweden to participate in the 330km long dogsledding event known as the FjallRaven Polar.

Hits and Bucks

Craig and a couple songwriting buddies spend a few days in Louisiana, chasing whitetails during the day and writing some hit songs each night.

Mississippi Obsession

Toxy, Cuz and the rest of the Mossy Oak gang invite Craig down to their home state of Mississippi for a deer hunt and some wild boar chasin', old school style.

Midwest Whitetails

Craig and friend Chuck Wicks pull out the smoke poles in North Missouri. Then Craig jumps over next door in Illinois with his bow in hopes of finding another monster buck.

West Coast Strutter

Craig joins Ryan Klesco in California for a turkey hunt with a NWTF sweepstakes winner.

Heroic Elk

Craig is privileged to join in on a Wyoming elk hunt with several wounded warriors.

Bahama Breeze

Craig and wife Karen soak up some sun in the Bahamas and try their luck in going out to sea and catching some monster wahoo.

Afghanistan and Back

Craig goes zip lining with the band before heading to some of the most remote bases in Afghanistan to entertain and hang out with service members.

Heartland Deer

Jerry Martin invites Craig to his farm in Oklahoma. Craig later moves to Nebraska as he puts the stalk on some big mulies.

Gobble, Gobble

Craig invites several friends to join him in his 2nd annual Tennessee turkey camp. But the action doesn't stop there. He also heads a little further south to chase after some longbeards in Georgia, as well as Florida.

Season: 2012

Grumpy Old Men Part 1

Craig shares the stage with some very special family members and also sneaks in a quick Kentucky deer hunt.

Grumpy Old Men Part 2

Craig and family members continue their fun together with a Kentucky deer hunt.

Montana Elk/Muledeer

Craig invites his producer on trip in search of trophy elk, mule deer and whitetails in Montana.

Tennessee Turkey

Craig invites a few good friends for a hometown turkey hunt.

Hawaii 1

Craig and pro surfer Shane Dorian venture to Maui to catch some waves and chase trophy goats and axis deer.

Hawaii 2

Craig and pro surfer Shane Dorian continue onto the beautiful island of Lanai. Local food, giant axis deer, mouflan rams and turkeys are all part of the fun.

Motorcycle Wedding

Craig hits the GNCC racing circuit and takes a walk his daughter down the aisle.

Gators and Gobbles

Craig attends an enduro rage in Georgia before heading to an early season turkey and gator hunt in Florida.

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