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Season: 2016

Episode 2001 - Turkey Rush

Tom Nelson and pro-staffers cover two states hunting turkey.

Episode 2002 - Texas Frost

Tom Nelson travels to the Barnes Keith ranch for a spring hog hunt. Tom battles the weather as he tries to spot and stalk feral pigs.

Episode 2003 - Covered up in Manitoba

 Tom Nelson travels to Manitoba for black bear. Tom has many encounters with bear including one bear sleeping in his treestand.

Episode 2004 - Cuddleback the Flavor of the Month

Tom Nelson travels to Saskatchewan to hunt black bear with good friend Rob Nie. Tom and Rob target a large chocolate bear they spot on the cuddleback. Tom will have to make a choice as he is confronted with a large black bear. Will he hold out?

Episode 2005 - The Hotter the Better

Tom Nelson travels to Wyoming to hunt antelope with Rock Buckingham. Dry conditions make for a very interesting hunt.

Episode 2006 - Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Lose

Tom Nelson travels to New Mexico after elk. He struggles to get close. Pro-staffer Adam Eller travels to Colorado and also struggles to close the deal.

Episode 2007 - Barnes Keith Bucks - Part 1

Brian Stevens travels to the Barnes Keith Ranch in Texas for a two-part hunt for whitetail.

Episode 2008 - Barnes Keith Bucks - Part 2

Brian Stevens continues his hunt on the Barnes Keith Ranch for whitetail.

Episode 2009 - What About Bob?

Team member Bob McCartney shares stories from his deer season in Kansas.

Episode 2010 - Late Season Left Over

Tom Nelson travels to North Dakota to hunt with good friend Scott Wolf. Hunting later in the season has Tom a bit worried on what to expect. However he is pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

Episode 2011 - Snake Bit

Tom Nelson travels to the TC Ranch in Texas to hunt whitetails with good friends the McCartneys. Tom struggles while Boyd McCartney pulls the group out of being skunked.

Episode 2012 - Early Arrival

Tom Nelson and pro-staffer Mike Sherrill travel to Iowa for the rut. The trip works out better than they could ever imagine.

Episode 2013 - Eight is Enough

Tom Nelson travels to one of his all time favorite places the Barnes Keith Ranch. Tom targets a large 8 point but is having trouble getting the buck in shooting range.

Episode 2014 - Bowfishing

Tom Nelson and team members Adam Eller and Ron Maguire head out to Saginaw Bay for rough fish.

Season: 2015

Episode 1901 - Three and One

Host Tom Nelson and Senior Producer Evan Pittman hunt feral hogs in the hill country of Texas at the Barnes-Keith Ranch in March.

Episode 1902 - Washington Bears

Cabela's American Archer pro-staffer Mike Sherrill and Jim Ponciano from Blind Webb hunt spring bears in Washington on the reservation of the Quinault Indian Nation.

Episode 1903 - Manitoba Bears

Host Tom Nelson returns to one of his favorite bear hunting spots: near the Duck Mountains of Manitoba. It's loaded with bears and is the area where the number 2 bear in the world was taken.  Tom is hunting with E&D Outfitters.

Episode 1904 - Bears & Buddies

Host Tom Nelson hunts for bears in Wyoming with his good friend, Ronell Skinner on a DIY hunt. The last time Tom hunted bears in the continental United States was at least five years ago.

Episode 1905 - Friends & Antelope

Host Tom Nelson hunts pronghorn antelope with Broken Horn Outfitters in Wyoming in August. He's joined by some old high school buddies, as well as some newer ones.

Episode 1906 - Alberta & Texas Spring Combo

Cabela's American Archer pro-staffer Brian Stephens hunts big bears in the Canadian province of Alberta.

Episode 1907 - Guys vs. Gals

Host Tom Nelson and his wife, Beth hunt for Columbian black-tailed deer with two other couples.  The hunt is in August and is with Arrow 5 Outfitters in California.

Episode 1908 - Montana Misadventures

Cabela's American Archer pro-staffer Ron "Magnet" Maguire hunts for mule deer and elk in Montana in September with Trail Creek Lodge.

Episode 1909 - Mountain Goat & Turkeys

Pro-staffer Ronell Skinner hunts for mountain goats in his native Wyoming on a DIY hunt.

Episode 1910 - Golden Valley Turned Green

Tom Nelson hunts whitetail in North Dakota on his good friend Scott Wolf’s Ranch. Lots of rain make conditions extra tough.

Episode 1911 - Old Fashion Walk and Stalk

Pro-staff member Ron Maguire travels to South Dakota for stalking mule deer.

Episode 1912 - South to North Double

Pro-staff member Brian Stevens travels first to New Mexico for pronghorn antelope then travels to Alberta for moose.

Episode 1913 - Watering Bulls of Colorado

Pro-staff member Adam Eller heads to his good friends private ranch in Colorado to find the bull elk are being very cooperative.

Episode 1914 - Texas 2 Step Slam

Tom Nelson and good friends the McCartneys’ head to the TC ranch in Texas in early season. Warm weather tries to slow them down but the guys do their best to make it work.

Episode 1915 - Iowa Giants

Pro-staff members Sean Regan and Adam Eller both head to Iowa for the legendary giants of Iowa.

Episode 1916 - Stalking the Western Mule Deer

Pro-Staff member Brian Stevens heads to Montana and Wyoming for mule deer. He makes some mistakes but learns along the way. Finally getting his chance at a great buck.

Episode 1917 - Kansas Close Call

Tom Nelson travels to Kansas for his annual hunt with his good friends the McCartneys.

Episode 1918 - Barnes Keith Buddies

Tom Nelson ends his season with his good friends at one of his favorite destinations…. The Barnes Keith Ranch in Texas. Late season and good friends make for very productive hunting.

Season: 2014

Episode 1801 - Urban-n-Rural

Tom Nelson travels to Long Island, NY to bowhunt urban deer during tough October weather. Then Tom heads to South Texas for a deer-hog combo hunt.

Episode 1802 - A-Number-One Guide & Jinx Breaking

Tom Nelson concludes his hunting trip to Texas. Ron Maguire hunts for Rio's in Kansas.

Episode 1803 - Turkey Retreat

Producer, Evan Pittman, and pro-staffers Drew Boyd and Bob McCartney pursue longbeards with their bows.

Episode 1804 - That's Mule Deer Hunting

Host Tom Nelson hunts for mule deer in Wyoming with longtime bow hunting buddies,

Episode 1805 - BC Moose

Pro-staffers Drew Boyd and Bob McCartney get on some big bull moose in British Columbia with their bows.

Episode 1806 - I Love Kansas

Tom Nelson travels back to one of his favorite states to hunt big bucks with pro-staffers Drew Boyd and Bob McCartney.

Episode 1807 - Non-Residents In Kansas

Pro-staffer Ron Maguire hunts for a big buck in Central Kansas.

Episode 1808 - Cold Texas, Part 1

Tom Nelson and friends hunt in Texas during a cold snap.

Episode 1809 - Cold Texas, Part 2

Tom Nelson and friends conclude their hunt in Texas during a cold snap.

Episode 1814 - BC Moose

Team members Drew, Boyd and Bob McCartney get on some big bull moose in British Columbia with their bows.

Episode 1815 - I Love Kansas

Tom Nelson travels back to one of his favorite states to hunt big bucks with the McCartneys.

Episode 1817 - Cold Texas Part 1

Tom Nelson faces unusually tough conditions on a December deer hunt in Texas.

Episode 1818 - Cold Texas Part 2

Tom Nelson wraps up his December hunt in Texas.

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