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Season: 2016

Episode 1601 - Midwest Down Home Deer Hunting - Part 1

Vicki and Ralph share with you the trials and tribulations of the deer season and trying to juggle being a family and running the business. Life is not all it’s cracked up to be! But the bucks do hit the ground.

Episode 1602 - Midwest Down Home Deer Hunting - Part 2

The season continues and between family, the rut and business you can bet pressure is high but the Cianciarulos know how to handle it...or do they?

Episode 1603 - 2015 Yukon Moose Mania Action

The season up with MRA was very different for sure, weather, wind and crazy rut activity changed everything for Vicki and Ralph.

Episode 1604 - Manitoba Monsters

Ralph leaves Vicki back home as he takes his cameraman up to witness Gangler's springtime thaw. The bears are out and getting super close. Ralph holds off and scores on a great big bruin and Josh takes his first black bear.

Episode 1605 - Palmetto Buffet: Hogs & Deer Southern Style - Part 1

Hoppy calls for help with some doe management. They better bring some more Bemans; lots of hogs are tearing up the ranch. When it comes to family adventure you never know what you’re going to get when Vicki, Ralph and Hoppy get together!

Episode 1606 - Palmetto Buffet: Hogs & Deer Southern Style - Part 2

The ultimate deer and hog wild management continues on the ranch with Ralph, Vicki, and Hoppy.

Episode 1607 - Washington Mule Deer

For the first time Ralph and Vicki head to Washington state to hunt mule deer with Okanagan Valley Guide Service. Wait till you see how many mule deer they have there. Ground blind hunting for mule deer like you have never seen.

Episode 1608 - Alberta Bruins...Bear N' Down Ground Level!

Vicki and Ralph head up to South Peace Outfitters in Alberta, Canada with their Ameristep ground blinds being the only thing between them and the Bears! Encounters of the real close kind!

Episode 1609 - Newfoundland Woodland Caribou

Ralph leaves Vicki behind to keep an eye on the home front and RJ as he heads to Newfy for his quest to put down a woodland caribou with his Hoyt at Efford's Hunting Adventures.

Episode 1610 - Down Under in the Outback - Part 1

Vicki and Ralph take their Hoyt bows for the feared and highly respected Australian water buffalo with Leithen Valley Trophy Hunts. The Cianciarulos are on an adventure they will never forget with water buffalo too close for comfort.

Episode 1611 - Down Under in the Outback - Part 2

Oh my the Australian outback will never be the same now that Ralph and Vicki have arrived. George from Leithen Valley finds out just how much fun it is to hang with the Cianciarulos.

Season: 2015

Episode 1501 - Real Deal Deer Season - Part 1

Did you ever have one of those deer seasons that no matter what you did, things just couldn’t come together for you? Well get ready as you are going to witness the REAL DEAL of whitetail deer season with Vicki & Ralph.

Episode 1502 - Real Deal Deer Season - Part 2

Ralph & Vicki share with you the true deer season. For many it’s all about just heading out and filling tags, but these two have never been about that! They share the true meaning of hunting season, the ups, the downs and the in-betweens.

Episode 1503 - Bear 'N Down Alberta Style

Join Vicki & Ralph as they head north to Alberta and take to their Ameristep ground blinds to get super close to the Canadian black bears. See bears eye level looking at you like your lunch and all you have is your Hoyt bows in hand.

Episode 1504 - Fishing with our Hoyts!

Follow Ralph, Vicki & RJ as they take to the road on their annual Florida adventure. They meet up with friend Billy, and experience Florida bow fishing in both salt & fresh water. Stingrays to tilapia and throw in some gar.

Episode 1505 - Moose Mania 2014 - Part 1

The best of the best, yes anyone who wants to the see the best moose hunting on TV watches Vicki & Ralph in the Yukon up at MacMillan Adventures, this week check out as Vicki sends a Beman thru a Giant 70” bull.

Episode 1506 - Moose Mania 2014 - Part 2

If you think you have seen it all you can’t miss this weeks, "Moose Mania" show, Ralph works hard and passes on some bulls but then gets into a situation that it is now or never as a bull moose charges at 4 yards.

Episode 1507 - Alberta Bear 'N Down – Big Bear Style

Big Bear with Big Freddy and Scott, yes this week Freddy takes Scotty on a bear hunt of his life and these two bow hunter’s experience Alberta at its best.

Episode 1508 - Super Safari returns after 20 Years

It has been 20 years since Ralph & Vicki went to Africa for the first time and now they share it with their son RJ. This show brings back a lot of memories and shows the true history of North America’s Favorite Hunting Couple and now family.

Episode 1509 - Florida Swine and Dine!

Vicki, RJ & Ralph all take to the Florida swamps and pastures to let their Hoyt bows do what they were made to do. From spot & stalk to dogs running through the palmettos and swamps, this week’s show is sure to get the entire family wanting to swine & dine down in Florida.

Episode 1510 - Manitoba Bears with the Ladies

Ladies this is your time to shine. Vicki & Jen head north to Manitoba with Adrenaline Outfitters and these two ladies show the men up in a big way as they Bear Down Manitoba style.

Episode 1511 - Cruising for Caribou, Nunavut Style

Caribou! This week the caribou are on the move in Manitoba and our guys are right behind them trying to get close enough to let their Hoyt’s do what they were meant to do.

Episode 1512 - Hoyt's and Swamp Lizards

There is something about using a stick and string on swamp lizards. Yes that’s right, this week RJ, Tyler and Ryan all set their sights on filling the freezer with gator meat and maybe getting a new pair of cowboy boots at the same time.

Episode 1513 - You Betcha Bucks in North Dakota

Double B in North Dakota has become one of the most successful deer camps out there and this week once again proves that ND is one of those states that can make any bow hunters dreams come true as Vicki & Ralph show you how it’s done.

Season: 2014

Ole' Mexico Grey desert Coues deer Adventure

Ole Mexico comes to life as Vicki and Ralph set their sights on the grey ghost of the desert. Yep we are talking about Coues deer and these little buggers are doing everything in their power to frustrate Ralph. Arrow5, Jim and Tina Marie are trying to figure out what they have to do to get Ralph a shot.

Bear N Down on South Peace Alberta Bears

Alberta bruins are running scared knowing Vicki and Ralph are in the woods with their Hoyts in search of a color phase bear. See who gets lucky, the bears or our Hotys.

Wyoming Antelope & Mule deer vs Vicki & Ralph part 1

Go west you two, doesn’t take a lot to convince Ralph and Vicki to head out there with their good friends Scott and Angie from Table Mountain. Watch as these two battle it out all day long from their blinds on who is seeing and shooting what.

Wyoming Antelope & Mule Deer vs Vicki & Ralph part 2

The sage continues as Vicki and Ralph are tested in the hot temps of Wyoming waiting patiently on the mule deer and antelope to cooperate. These two are always checking in to see who is doing what and sharing camp with them is sure to be a laugh for all.

Freddy's Big Bear Country

This is one of Freddy’s favorite places to get emotional and this time he takes Sam from ROCKY on the hunt. Sam doesn’t know if he will survive the hunt with Big Ole Freddy but he is going to give it his best shot... and shoot they do!

Moose Mania Yukon Style Part 1

The wilderness is Ralph and Vicki’s favorite place and the Yukon is one of the true last wilderness’s out there. With the warm weather this week Vicki and Ralph never give up and continue to master "Moose Mania"… All while learning a very important message on sinking!!

Moose Mania Yukon Style Part 2

Macmillan River is where this week's second part of the moose mania occurs and you never know what is going to happen with Ralph and Vicki when the moose are loose and they have their Hoyts ready for action. Even with the weather to warm for moose to move much, they never give up even if it’s the last minutes of the hunt.

Bucking around North Dakota

Go north you two…and that is exactly what Vicki and Ralph do. But this time they have Dr. Chris with them to keep an eye on his worst patient ever... Ralph! The bad weather is still following our couple, the corn is still standing, and the deer don’t want to move, but just maybe things are going to happen.

Iowa lottery, sometimes you win and sometimes you don't

Iowa is known as a premier state for whitetail deer and Ralph is lucky enough to draw a tag, between weather, crazy winds, and running back and forth see if Ralph can close the deal on his lucky Iowa tag.

Bear 'N Down Island Style in British Columbia with Trophy West- Part 1

Join us as Ralph and Vicki take you on a truly floating adventure. They join Trophy West outfitters on the NikNack on the west coast floating in and out of the inlets in search of costal black bear that inhabit this wild country. Follow them as they chase the tide and witness all kinds of bears feeding on the ocean’s fluctuating shoreline. See why they call this adventure the ultimate bear hunt, from crabbing to catching halibut and chasing bears.

Bear 'N Down Island Style in British Columbia with Trophy West- Part 2

In part 2 of Ralph and Vicki’s Archer’s Choice Ultimate bear hunting adventure, they continue on the trail of costal black bear in BC with Trophy West. Living on the water, traveling miles of shoreline witnessing the wonders of the west coast and living good on fresh seafood and black bear back straps. 

Hometown Bucks kicking our butts

Sometimes things work out and sometimes they don’t. This season was one that did! Check out as Ralph spots and stalks a giant IL buck, Meegan finally puts her tag on an Illinois basket buck. A crazy buck appears on cameras and both Vicki and Ralph... well you just have to watch this weeks show.

Sunshine bucks in California

California black-tail deer. Not much is known about these little critters unless you are from there, but when you need to know, go to the people who know how to get ‘r done! Arrow5, Jim and Tina Marie have been guiding and outfitting for these deer forever and they know what it takes to put down some great California black-tails.

Season: 2013

Yukon's Moose Mania (2 part show)

Taking nothing for granted, you will see what it takes to make this camp the success it is, Macmillan River Adventures, and follow Ralph & Vicki for these two weeks through the complete journey, the ups & downs of what moose hunting is all about. Wilderness hunting at its BEST.

Spring Bear 'N Down up in Alberta

Spring fever is about to get cured as Ralph & Vicki are Bear ’N Down with Don Lind and the boys from South Peace Outfitters. Can you say big color bear hits the ground and Ralph is all smiles! Vicki’s is another no brainer and see if she tags out on this big bruin.

Whitetail SWD Buffet Show

Can you say whitetails… Big bucks & lots of bucks from all over the country. This buffet show will keep the die-hard whitetail deer hunters locked in their favorite lounge chair wanting more.

Colorado Mule Deer Hunt!

Go West Young man! OK maybe not a real young man, but follow Ralph as he heads to hunt with Full Rut Archery pro shop in Central Colorado. He is in the thick of pre rut for those Colorado mulies and from ground blind to trees stands he uses whitetails techniques to make it happen. Just wait till you see the archery pro shop, all we can say is WOW!

Northern Alberta BEAR 'N DOWN

Ralph & Vicki share with you Freddy & Joe’s exciting hunt up in northern Alberta with Big Bear Country. Lots of bears, loaded with exciting bear footage.

You Betcha Bucks from North Dakota

Double B lights it up again when Vicki, Ralph & Tom all set there sites on the North Dakota whitetail. The action is crazy with deer and once again you witness what management can do on open big tracks of land.

Kashabowie Outposts

Bowhunting moose on a budget. Our yearly venture up north to Ontario, Canada with Fern at Kashabowie Outpost has never been better! Being at the right place at the right time is what hunting is all about and you don’t want to miss this year’s show.

Powder River Bucks in Velvet

This year things have been real slow in the whitetail woods, the drought, CWD and EHD have all taken everyone by surprise, but being in the right place at the right time you never know what can happen. Heather and Stephanie are hunting hard for Montana whitetails.

Can You Say Iowa is Awesome?

We can promise you have never seen a show like this. To get your Iowa tag is like winning the lotto, sometimes you have to ask yourself what is more important? Vicki & Shelly get put to the test in a BIG way, but these two girls show their true character.

Florida Swine Flu is Spreading, CURE it with our Hoyts!

Florida swine flu is going around and Ralph & Vicki with the POSSE find the cure. Hog hunting at its best down in Florida with Hoppy Kempfer of Osceola Outfitters.

South of the Border Mule Deer Hunting

Ralph & Vicki travel south of the border for some incredible ground blind muley action with Arrow 5 Outfitters. They see first-hand what ole’ Mexico can offer us bow hunters! There will be no siesta on this hunt!

Good Day Mate! The Roar is ON!

When you say bucket list, New Zealand red stag always comes up. That is why Vicki, Ralph & RJ all traveled over to New Zealand to try their luck at experiencing the ROAR of the red stag! The countryside, the people and the adventure is sure to keep you locked down in your seats to share this ultimate adventure in New Zealand.

Season: 2012

Moose Mania in the Yukon

The thirteenth season of Archer's Choice kicks off with a big crowd pleaser. Ralph & Vicki return to the Yukon to show us what "Moose Mania" is all about. At MacMillan River Adventures the moose encounters are off the chart, but constant wind changes produce a nail biter hunt.

Powder River Velvet Bucks

Ralph & Vicki tell the boys to "Go West Young Men" and so they did, all the way out to Montana with Powder River Outfitters. The early season velvet bucks are everywhere and the Hoyt's are ready to do some damage, delivering one of our most action packed whitetail shows ever!

Swamp Monsters

Nothing is safe in the swamps of Florida this week. Adrenaline is at an all time high as Ralph and Vicki introduce Dr. Chris & Don Lind to the joys of gator hunting. They'll take in some airboat action and work to rid a farm from a giant cattle prowling gator.

North Dakota Bucks & Ducks

Ralph, Vicki, Tom and Chris meet back up in Double B country. Chris takes one of his biggest bucks ever, Vicki has a monster at 20 yards and Ralph tops the charts with another North Dakota booner.

Saskatchewan & Manitoba Bear 'N Down

Ralph & Vicki share some great Bear 'N Down action with Heather & Jeremy in Saskatchewan. Then we head with Robert North over to Adrenaline Outfitters in Manitoba through the great northern timber where the bears are really active.

Iowa Bucks on the Farm

Ralph & Vicki are back on the farm in Iowa to see if their year of planting and planning is going to pay off. And with Iowa's HUSH program continuing to feed the hungry - neither bucks nor does will be safe from Ralph and Vicki's radar.

The Island of Moose Mania

"Moose Mania" is spreading across the globe and each season our crew heads out to Newfoundland with Efford's Hunting Adventures for an exciting spot and stalk adventure. Chet & Jess fight difficult conditions in an attempt to be in the right place at the right time.

Bear 'N Down Alberta Style

Vicki and Meegan reluctantly agree to let Ralph join in on their girls hunting trip up to Don Lind's South Peace River camp. Just weeks after undergoing knee surgery Ralph is officially not allowed to hunt. Can he bring himself to follow doctors orders and stay on the sidelines as the girls start dropping big bears with their Hoyts?

Left Handed Boone & Crocket Bears in Saskatchewan

Ralph and Zendal head to Saskatchewan with Western Trophy Outfitters. They'll attempt to outwit a Boone & Crockett class bear that's working hard to avoid them at every turn. To make matters worse, Ralph's bow is MIA from the airlines. With Zendal's bow as his only option, Ralph is forced to go left handed.

Deer Haven Kentucky Style

Ralph & Vicki head south with Chet & Brady to find out what they've been missing all these years in the great deer hunting state of Kentucky. They discover that Deer Haven Trophy bucks has plenty to offer.

Manitoba + Adrenaline = A lot of Bear Action

This week we're Bear 'N Down Adrenaline Outfitter style with Russ, Shelly and Harley. All three share in the fun as well as the kids as we take a look behind the scenes at Adrenaline's children programs. This is a show for the whole family to watch.

SWD at Eagle Lakes in Illinois

Ralph & Vicki share with you what SWD, Severe Whitetail Disorders, is all about and at one of the best places to do it, Eagle Lakes Outfitters in Pike County, Illinois. Joe, Chet and Mike are all up to bat this week.

Homegrown Whitetails

Vicki & Ralph share their season at the home front chasing whitetails on small tracts of land. They locate a big deer and the chase is on but only one of them is destined to succeed. Who will win? You have to watch to find out!

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