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Episode Guide

Season: 2013

Little Miss Piggy

This week, Chris Brackett heads to Louisiana where he chases hogs in the swamps with his good friend Josh Galt.

Gator on a String

Chris Brackett takes us predator calling for gators. That means the gators are hunting him and only one will come out alive!

Flu Flu's n Pheasants

This week, Chris Brackett stays at home in Illinois as he hunts pheasants and chuckers with his bow.

Kansas Turkey

This week on Arrow Affliction, Chris Brackett and his father go to Kansas to document history's first turkey taken with bowfishing equipment.

World Record Mako Shark

Brackett travels off the Cali coast in search of the new Bowfishing world record Mako shark... With two Apex predators going head to head, which ones will survive??? Chris or the Shark?

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