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Season: 2017

Episode 901 - Aftermath - Communication with Police

In the most stressful situation of your life, how are you going to communicate with the police?

Episode 902 - Camping Attack

The farther you get from civilization, the farther civilization gets from you.

Episode 903 - Defensive Shooting with Compromised Vision

A blow to the head leaves a victim's vision and personal defense compromised.

Episode 904 - Protestors Attack Vehicle

All it takes is on wrong turn to find yourself in a situation from which you might not escape!

Episode 905 - Family Outing / Carjacking

Criminals prey on our distraction! And we're never more distracted than with our family.

Episode 906 - Choked from Behind

We increasingly live in a one-meter world. But what does that do for our awareness and avoidance?

Episode 907 - Knife to Throat Mugging

Look back! Someone may be gaining on you.

Episode 908 - Defensive Skills Training

The essential skills and training tools you need for the best defense.

Episode 909 - Mass Casualties

With the headlines full of terrorist attacks, active shooters and escalating mayhem, The Best Defense creates the most realistic "mass casualty event” possible, then show our viewers how they could survive in Hell. Based on real world information and feedback from top civilian, law enforcement and military counterterrorist experts, every single aspect of the scenario was studied and vetted by experienced experts.

Season: 2015

Episode 701 - Knockout Game

A violent trend is growing in popularity among our nation's youth. The Knockout Game involves assaulting innocent victims without warning and it is claiming.

Episode 702 - Attacker in Home

A vehicle theft leads to a stolen identity. But when things go awry, trust your gut.

Episode 703 - Child Abduction

Innocent children are being targeted … at play, around their schools and even close to home.

Episode 704 - Known Stalker

When calling 911 isn't enough.

Episode 705 - Convenience Store Robbery

What happens when your personal safety is compromised in your public place of business?

Episode 706 - Active Shooter in Church

Awareness and preparation are vital tools for safety … even in the "safest" settings.

Episode 707 - Gas Pump Robbery

A long road trip leaves a motorist searching for fuel in the dead of the night.

Episode 708 - Vehicle Attack

A nice, quiet drive leads to a wrong turn … and a disastrous dead end.

Episode 709 - Rural Home Invasion

A remote slice of paradise becomes a far cry from help.

Episode 710 - Motorcycle Attack

Baring the burden of personal safety when storage space is scarce.

Episode 711 - Neighbor Altercation

A wrong call in judgment leads to a life behind bars.

Episode 712 - The Good, Bad & Ugly

Weapon retention becomes critical for a concealed carry holder.

Episode 713 - Best Of

The best personal safety tactics of the season.

Season: 2012

Flash Mob

Join us on The Best Defense as we talk about how to defend against a violent flash mob.

Concealed Carry Gone Wrong

What happens when concealed carry goes wrong.

Woman And Child Followed Home

What to do if you and your family find yourself being followed while driving.

The Tueller Drill

MidwayUSA’s The Best Defense is an exciting show that teaches self defense through knowledge, preparation and awareness for men and women alike. This week, The Tueller Drill.

Husband And Wife Attacked

How to avoid being attacked while out with your significant other, and what to do if harm finds you.

Bump and Rob

What to do if you find yourself in a bump and rob situation.

Split X Defense

Imagine that you walk outside of a building and there is a person with a knife. Would you know what to do if that person comes towards you and attacks? Stay tuned this week to find out what you should and should not do to keep yourself safe.

Home Defense

What to do when an assailant breaks into your home.

Rape Defense

What to do if you find yourself in a rape attack situation.

Surreptitious Knife/Gun

What to do when confronted with an attacker with a weapon.

Multiple Attackers

How to deal with the situation when confronted by multiple attackers.

Active Shooter

The Best Defense against an active shooter.

Best Of Season 4 Tips

We take a look at the best tips from season 4.

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