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Episode Guide

Season: 2014

Episode 1 - Season 8 Kickoff, Utah in Review

Rick and Julie kick off Season 8 in Utah with R&K Hunting Co. While looking back at memorable hunts in Utah, Julie hunts for another velvet muley with her PSE.

Episode 2 - Season 8 Kickoff, Utah in Review Part 2

Julie continues her hunt in Utah with the R&K Hunting Company for another velvet muley with her PSE.

Episode 3 - A Bunch of Turkeys

Rick and Julie head to the Roost in Nebraska hoping to get their first double and enjoy all that the Roost has to offer. 

Episode 4 - Does Lightning Strike Twice

After harvesting a buck of a lifetime last year, Rick heads back into the Utah highcountry in search of another mountain monarch with his PSE.

Episode 5 - Full Bull

After harvesting a beautiful drop-tine bull last year with her PSE, Julie heads back out. This time she is in search of a full bull elk in Utah.

Episode 6 - The Burden

After several years of enduring the "Black Bear Curse," Rick heads to British Columbia with Steve West to hopefully break the curse and harvest his first black bear.

Episode 7 - The Blessing

After missing an amazing black bear, Rick heads back out into the backcountry with Steve West hoping to finally end the black bear curse.

Episode 8 - Pete Shepley: Dark Continent

Pete Shepley heads to South Africa in search of one of the continents most dangerous species, the cape buffalo.

Episode 9 - A Hunting Family

In this special episode, Julie takes her dad Merlyn elk hunting in Coalville Utah.

Episode 10 - A Dark Horn Adventure

Rick Travels to Mexico to persue his first Mexican Muley.

Episode 11 - Sonora Darkhorn Desert Ram

Rick continues his journey in Mexico hoping to harvest his first desert ram.

Episode 12 - Look Out for Trees!

After a long hiatus from elk hunting, Rick heads to Wyoming to hunt elk with his PSE and the R&K Hunting Company.

Episode 13 - Create and Conserve

Rick and Julie team up with Bobcat to give a lucky landowner a total land makeover.

Season: 2013

What Defines You

Good friend Steve West hosts kids with cancer on his ranch in Oregon for big elk.

Decoy Wars

Rick bow hunts Merriam turkeys with good friends Jim and Jeremy Kuhn of the Roost.

Should I Stay or Should I Go

Ty McCombs of Whitetail Outfitters of Ohio calls Rick with word of a monster buck.

Velvet Pursuit

Julie hunts velvet muleys in the Utah foothills with Daniel Richins of the R&K Hunting Company.

Never a Dull Moment: Utah Elk Part 1

Julie gets close to several bugling bulls with her PSE bow in Utah with the R&K Hunting Company.

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