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Season: 2017

Episode 1001 - Season 10 Premiere at Tropic Star

Epic sailfish, roosterfish, and more for Panama's Tropic Star Lodge.

Episode 1002 - Alaska Lingcod & Rockfish

Long-rang fishing at Alaska's Montague Island for lingcod and rockfish.

Episode 1003 - Costa Rica Pargo Seda at Crocodile Bay

Deep Dropping for Pargo Seda at Costa Rica's Crocodile Bay Resort.

Episode 1004 - Neuse River Trophy Red Drum

World Class red drum fishing on North Carolina's Neuse River with FishIBX Charters.

Episode 1005 - God Bless Texas Red Snapper

Red Snapper fishing with Bamm Bamm Charters of Port Mansfield, Texas.

Episode 1006 - The Tarpon and Redfish of St. Simons Island

Tarpon and redfish action with Georgia Charter Fishing out of St. Simons Island, Georgia.

Episode 1007 - The Mexican Gulf Fishing Company

The Mexican Gulf Fishing Company has tons of options from tuna to cobia and everything in between. 

Episode 1008 - Little River Pet Amberjacks

Cobia fishing and amazing swarms of amberjacks on topwater with Low Country Fishing Charters of Little River, South Carolina.

Episode 1009 - Stand Up for the Giant Bluefin Tuna

Bruce Brothers Charters of Prince Edward Island has generations of giant bluefin tuna experience.

Episode 1010 - Diverse Action at Panama's Tropic Star Lodge

Panama's Tropic Star Lodge is home to many bucket-list species such as sailfish, blue marlin, roosterfish, cubera, tuna, wahoo, and more.

Episode 1011 - Bull Redfish of Venice, Louisiana

Captain David Iverson is the bull red master in the waters surrounding Venice, Louisiana.

Episode 1012 - Baffin Bay Speckled Trout

Baffin Bay, Texas is known for its speckled trout population and offers great opportunities to catch a trophy.

Episode 1013 - Delacroix Tournament Redfish

Fishing "tournament style" in Delacroix, Louisiana with The Redfish Mafia.

Season: 2016

Episode 901 - Tropic Star Lemonade

Panama's Tropic Star Lodge in July offers opportunities at lots of trophy gamefish including marlin, sailfish, roosterfish, cubera, and dorado.

Episode 902 - The Tia Rose

An overnight trip to Alaska's Montague Island yields monster halibut aboard the Tia Rose with Tim Berg's Alaskan Fishing Adventures.

Episode 903 - Bayou Bulls

Venice, Louisiana is a year-round hot spot for bull redfish.

Episode 904 - Fish Happens

Snapper, Grouper, and Kingfish in Pensacola, Florida with Fish Happens Charters.

Episode 905 - Prince Edward Island Bluefin

Prince Edward Island, Canada is a Mecca for giant bluefin tuna with Bruce Brothers Charters.

Episode 906 - Come Sail Away

Costa Rica's Crocodile Bay Lodge is famous for its sailfish population and ecological diversity.

Episode 907 - Texas State Snapper

Texas is the only state with a red snapper season open year-round.

Episode 908 - The Redfish Mafia

Charleston, SC redfish, speckled trout, and a study of redfish migration with The Redfish Mafia.

Episode 909 - Pale Horse Tuna

Fishing the rigs in the Gulf of Mexico for Yellowfin Tuna with The Mexican Gulf Fishing Company.

Episode 910 - Oriental Reds

Oriental, NC has some of the best bull redfish in the country.

Episode 911 - Feliz Gringo

Crazy marlin, sailfish, wahoo, and tuna action at Tropic Star Lodge in Panama.

Episode 912 - Baffin Bay Trout

Baffin Bay, TX is known for producing trophy speckled trout.

Episode 913 - Post-Hurricane Hatteras

Fishing Cape Hatteras in the wake of Hurricane Joaquim.

Season: 2015

Episode 801 - Montague Monsters

Tim Berg's Alaskan Fishing Adventures never ceases to amaze. BWA takes an overnight trip to Montague Island to catch monster halibut.

Episode 802 - Still Believin

Panama's Tropic Star Lodge offers year-round shots at marlin, dorado, cubera, sailfish, and many other trophy fish.

Episode 803 - Chasing Chesapeake

Sight-fishing cobia and redfish just outside the nation's capital. 

Episode 804 - Crocodile Bay Surprise

Eco-diversity is at the heart of the fishery and the facilities at Crocodile Bay in Costa Rica. 

Episode 805 - Tuna Tangle in Venice

Rig-fishing the Gulf of Mexico for yellowfin tuna. 

Episode 806 - St. Simons Tarpon

It's true. Georgia has an excellent Tarpon fishery. 

Episode 807 - GBFT Generations

BWA Friends catch giant bluefin tuna and the GBFT tradition is passed to another generation. 

Episode 808 - The Dry Tortugas

BWA returns to the site of its very first episode to drop the hammer on grouper, ajs, and more. 

Episode 809 - BWA 100th Episode Spectacular

Celebrating 100 episodes of BigWater Adventures with Tropic Star Lodge in Panama.

Episode 810 - I've Got Some Numbers (Arroyo City)

The south Texas coast offers many options inshore and offshore. 

Episode 811 - The Bulls of Plaquemines

Chasing bull redfish in what can be called the world's best redfish location, Venice, LA. 

Episode 812 - Party in Pensacola

Offshore and inshore action from the FL panhandle. 

Episode 813 - The Redfish From Down the Block

Cold-weather redfish from Charleston, SC. 

Season: 2014

Panama 1

Mark Davis is at Tropic Star Lodge hooking up big yellowfin tuna on topwater during a tuna frenzy!

Panama 2

Mark Davis Heads inshore for Wahoo at Tropic Star Lodge and then heads off shore for some Bull Dolphin action.


Mark Davis is fishing out of Seward, Alaska for big Ling Cod, Halibut, and several other crazy looking species!

Virginia Beach

Mark Davis heads out on the Rudee Angler for some deep dropping action hooking up a Swordfish on a head boat and then heads inshore to catch the flounder bite.


Mark Davis heads 130 miles offshore to the Middlegrounds fishing for big grouper and snapper.


Mark Davis is in the bayou of Venice, Louisiana hooking up giant redfish on his Blue Wave.

Costa Rica

Mark Davis is fishing out of Crocodile Bay Resort in Costa Rica for the annual Sailfish Migration.

Prince Edward Island

Mark Davis hooks up with a giant grander Bluefin Tuna outside of Souris, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Lake Calcasieu

Mark Davis heads out on his Blue Wave to catch big Speckled Trout along with several Redfish.

Boca Grande

Mark Davis talks with the expert on Goliath Groupers and then heads out in his Blue Wave to hook one up and tag it for scientific research.


Mark Davis heads to Charleston, South Carolina to catch redfish on his Blue Wave.


Mark Davis is in Montauk, New York fishing for big stripers and bluefish off the coast.


Mark Davis is heading out to the Lower Laguna Madre for big Speckled Trout.

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