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Season: 2012

It's On

This week we are packing up for a true western adventure, meeting up with a group of good friends and heading into some of the prettiest whitetail country in North America. The winds not only bring in mature bucks but also a little drama, but if laying down amazing bow hunting footage was easy, we wouldn’t be doing it.

Whitetail Heaven

The Adventure continues as Mark Drury and Kevin Gross zero in on the velvet monsters that roam the hills of the Solitude Ranch. The knowledge they gained in the first few days of the hunt will either lead to success or leave them questioning the choices they have made.


This week we are racing to the whitetail sleeper state of Kentucky. Dave Reisner and John O’Dell meet up with friend Ben Maki to wait out the weather. It’s their first hunt of the season and expectations are high, and so is their confidence.

Another Alberta Adventure

This week we are still taking advantage of the early season, Mark Drury is north of the border in search of giant Canadian mule deer. In the wide-open country of the Alberta, seeing bucks isn’t the problem, it’s getting within bow range that can drive you to madness.

Sibling Rivalry

This week we are splitting up and heading in different directions, Jared lurk is hunting in familiar grounds in Iowa and brother Justin in heading to an outfitted hunt in Illinois. Just like you would expect from brothers the two have to make it into a completion, who will get the first buck down, and who will get the biggest.

All Work and No Play

This week Mark and Terry Drury finally let Matt out of the office to spend a little time in the deer woods. Its not easy to juggle work and bow hunting but Matt some how finds the time, now he just need to find a shooter buck.

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