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Season: 2016

Episode 901: New Boots, Old Dirt

Cameraman Wade Robinson and Drury veteran Dave Reisner step up to the challenge of continuing the annual mule deer hunt in Alberta.

Episode 902: Return to Algar Safaris

John O'Dell and Dave Reisner return to Argentina for another spot and stalk hunt of the majestic red stag at Algar Safaris in Patagonia.

Episode 903: Early Season Challenge

Mark Drury uses the most recent information and gut instinct to successfully hunt whitetail early in the Missouri season.  A new bow hunter is introduced to the sport.

Episode 904: Dialed Up

Dave Reisner and John O'Dell reunite for whitetail hunts in Iowa and Kansas. Dave harvests the biggest buck of his life and John scores on a massive deer in the late season.

Episode 905: Quality H2O

John O'Dell adapts to whitetail hunting in South Texas utilizing a water source to maximum effect.  A family hunt including John's son, Jacob, and daughter, Macy, include ensues to great success.

Episode 906: 6@60

Dan Thurston embarks on a quest to commemorate his 60th birthday. Along the way he reunites with old friends and creates new friendships that epitomize the hunting lifestyle.

Episode 907: Answering the Call

John O'Dell continues his dream season with the harvest of his largest bull elk in New Mexico. Greg Glesinger succeeds on a monster mule deer.

Episode 908: The First Cold Front

Tom Ware and Eric Bothun take advantage of an early season cool front to successfully hunt Missouri and Minnesota on a pair of monster bucks.

Episode 909: Big Leagues

A pair of Major Leaguers, Adam Wainwright and John Mabry, follow up a successful baseball season with an equally successful whitetail season in Iowa and Missouri.

Episode 910: Turkey Twist

The Bow Madness cast converge to successfully bow harvest turkeys in Texas, Nebraska and Kansas. Each shares their own techniques and tips.

Episode 911: Trading Places

Bric Steward and Brandon Jennings head into the whitetail season with a plan to successfully harvest mature whitetails in each other's home states of Illinois and Missouri.

Episode 912: Plans Change

In Iowa Dave Kramer and son, Daltyn pursue one whitetail buck in particular until another opportunity arises to great effect.

Episode 913: Late Season Madness

The challenges of bow hunting mature whitetails in the late season are highlighted in Illinois and Iowa.

Season: 2015

Episode 801 - New Dirt

Mark Drury and Jared Lurk embark on yet another trip to Alberta, Canada with favorite guide Corey Jarvis. Only this time, Corey has a new proposition: New Zone, New Excitement, New Deer… New Dirt.

Episode 802 - My Own Piece of the Pie

New Bow Madness cast member Dave Kramer and his son, Daltyn, take to Dave’s newly acquired piece of land in the hopes of putting some big bucks on the ground in Iowa.

Episode 803 - Elk Redemption

After a disappointing trip to New Mexico last year, John O’Dell returns in a redemption trip with hopes of filling his tags and getting Mossy Oak’s Dustin Whitacre on an enchanted giant of his own. With two elk tags and a mule deer tag in hand, the guys set out to finally close the deal from last year.

Episode 804 - Bow Madness Rookies

Bric Steward and Brandon Jennings try to get their first Bow Madness kills as rookie cast members. Bric connects with an antelope in Montana for his first Bow Madness kill. Brandon harvests a whitetail on his lease back in Missouri for his first kill as a Bow Madness cast member.

Episode 805 - Forced to Adapt

The Propsts prep their farm for Missouri whitetail season before Jeff heads to New Mexico in search of a giant rutting elk. After an adrenaline filled trip of New Mexico elk encounters, a disappointed Jeff Propst returns to busy man Chris Propst for yet another anticipated father-son Missouri whitetail season.

Episode 806 - In Frame

The Drury Outdoors cameramen, both past and present, get a chance in front of the camera to harvest some whitetails while the cast discusses what’s involved with shooting a hunt for television. Aaron Bennett hunts Missouri on Veteran’s Day; Dillon Knopp hunts late season with Terry Drury in Missouri; Wade Robinson hunts on Mark Drury’s farm in Missouri as Mark films.

Episode 807 - Snapshots

The Lurks take to the woods with their Reconyx cameras, allowing them more time with family. Introducing his daughter to the sport this season, Jared soon discovers that brother Justin isn’t his only good luck charm.

Episode 808 - South Dakota Triad

Mark Drury and cameraman Wade Robinson take to the diverse terrain of South Dakota to hunt not one, not two, but three types of even-toed game. The tactics employed vary as much as the landscape as they attempt multiple harvests in the Mount Rushmore State.

Episode 809 - Iowa Crossing

After a shattering year of no harvests, Lee Novotny gets his hands on a coveted Iowa tag and takes to the stand. Both he and pal Eric Bothun jump back and forth from Minnesota to Iowa in the hopes of making this year count.

Episode 810 - Family Matters

A family that hunts together stays together. After his own successful hunt, John O’Dell takes his place behind the camera to film wife, Suzy, and son, Jacob, as they hunt whitetails in southern Texas.

Episode 811 - No Place Like Home

After hunting with Trophy Addiction Outfitters in Missouri, Bric Steward and Brandon Jennings return home, aiming to capitalize on their own turf in Missouri and Illinois.

Episode 812 - Decoys Deconstructed

The Bow Madness cast takes their decoy strategies to the field as new Drury Outdoors team member, Greg Glesinger, smacks a couple bruisers while using decoy strategies of his own. Learn tips, tricks, and advantages of the boss babe, boss buck, and MAD’s new treecoy in this action packed episode.

Episode 813 - The Great Bait Debate

The Bow Madness teams present an informational debate on a controversial topic. State laws aside, they discuss their views on baiting practices, questioning and defending the tactics so many hunters use. Let the opening arguments begin!

Season: 2014

Episode 701: It's Tradition

Mark Drury and Jared Lurk are on their way back to Alberta to hunt with Corey Jarvis of Three Rivers Adventures. Corey plans on guiding them to success, but he’s confronted with a different task.

Episode 702: Passing It On

Dave Reisner and John O’Dell are heading up to Saskatchewan to Black Bear Island Lodge. But they aren’t alone. John brought his son, Jacob, and Dave brought wife, Amy, to join in on the fun.

Episode 703: Hightower

Jared Lurk embarks on a once in a lifetime adventure to harvest the mag-nificent Boone and Crockett whitetail named Hightower. Beginning in the summer of 2006, Jared endures a series of close calls, breathtaking encounters, and crushing misses that all build to the climactic showdown in the fall of 2013. The tale of one hunter’s obsession and the unbelievable buck that kept him returning to the deer woods for nearly a decade is a saga like no other and a must see for every fan of the outdoors.

Episode 704: Of Moose and Men

Jeff Propst heads into Chugach Mountains to hunt Alaskan moose with Braun Kopsack of Knik Glacier Adventures. But Jeff and his son and cameraman, Chris Propst, aren't aware of the beauty, or mental fortitude need on this hunt.

Episode 705: Keeping It in the Family

John O’Dell heads to South Texas with his son, Jacob, for their annual father-son hunting trip and hope to keep the Bow Madness flame alive. Meanwhile, Dave Reisner and wife Amy are in Iowa after an old brute of a buck named Popeye.

Episode 706: Bows in the Lonestar Snow

Mark Drury and cameraman, Wade Robinson, time their trip to Texas the same time a cold front is moving in, and it feels like they never left home. With the temperature on their side, Mark and Wade have their PSEs nocked and ready to fire.

Episode 707: Stalkin' Stags

John O’Dell and Dave Reisner are heading to Argentina to hunt stag with Algar Safaris. With PSEs sighted in, and the red stag movement at a maximum, luck is sure to be on John and Dave’s side.

Episode 708: Black On Black On Black

Veteran bear hunter, Rick Malik, is hoping to show rookie, Dan Thurston, the ropes as they head to Canada to hunt with Alberta Bear Busters. If Dan can keep track of his teeth the bear are sure to be in trouble!

Episode 709: Elk Fever: The Daves Strike Back!

Elk fever hits the Drury squad with a vengeance. Dave Reisner and John O’Dell head west to New Mexico, while fellow team members, Dave Kramer and Bill Gadient, answer the bugle call in Wyoming. But elk hunting isn’t so easy, and the guys are in for their toughest hunt yet.

Episode 710: Like A Phoenix from the Ashes

Captain and commander of Bow Sadness, Dan Thurston, has spread his sorrows to the other teams, and they too are feeling its devastating effects. Can they overcome the bug and produce some whitetail kills?

Episode 711: Late Season: Part 1

Mark Drury has invited St. Louis Cardinals manager, Mike Matheny, for a December hunt. While Mike is the baseball veteran, it is Mark and cameraman, Wade Robinson, which seem to be hitting it out of the park.

Episode 712: Late Season Part 2: Highscraper

Terry, Matt, and Taylor Drury join in on the late season party. With multiple bucks on their hit list, it could take until the final day of hunting season to get a buck they’re after!

Episode 713: Sliced Turkey

World-renowned turkey caller and hunter, Mark Drury, is on an all out turkey killing spree. Travelling across multiple states, he and cameraman, Wade Robinson, bow hunt longbeards with Dan Thurston and Jeff Propst.

Season: 2012

Episode 1: It's On

This week we are packing up for a true western adventure, meeting up with a group of good friends and heading into some of the prettiest whitetail country in North America. The winds not only bring in mature bucks but also a little drama, but if laying down amazing bow hunting footage was easy, we wouldn’t be doing it.

Episode 2: Whitetail Heaven

The adventure continues as Mark Drury and Kevin Gross zero in on the velvet monsters that roam the hills of the Solitude Ranch. The knowledge they gained in the first few days of the hunt will either lead to success or leave them questioning the choices they have made.

Episode 3: Slugger

This week we are racing to the whitetail sleeper state of Kentucky. Dave Reisner and John O’Dell meet up with friend Ben Maki to wait out the weather. It’s their first hunt of the season and expectations are high, and so is their confidence.

Episode 4: Another Alberta Adventure

This week we are still taking advantage of the early season, Mark Drury is north of the border in search of giant Canadian mule deer. In the wide-open country of the Alberta, seeing bucks isn’t the problem, it’s getting within bow range that can drive you to madness.

Episode 5: Sibling Rivalry

This week we are splitting up and heading in different directions, Jared Lurk is hunting in familiar grounds in Iowa and his brother Justin in heading to an outfitted hunt in Illinois. Just like you would expect from brothers the two have to make it into a completion, who will get the first buck down, and who will get the biggest.

Episode 6: All Work and No Play

This week Mark and Terry Drury finally let Matt out of the office to spend a little time in the deer woods. It's not easy to juggle work and bow hunting but Matt somehow finds the time, now he just need to find a shooter buck.

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