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Episode Guide

Season: 2015

Episode 1014 - New Zealand Never Fails

The Driven crew travels to beautiful New Zealand to hunt impressive red stags.

Episode 1015 - Stag City

The heart pounding excitement continues in New Zealand as the rest of the crew tries to fill their red stag tags.

Episode 1016 - Live From the Tree

Pat & Nicole hunt with Outdoor Channel’s own, Steve Bowman, as they hunt live from the bear woods in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Episode 1017 - Turkeys, Traditions & Triumphs

Pat & Nicole keep the family tradition alive turkey hunting with their kids.  Also, they hunt with injured police officer, Mike Lose, at the World Turkey Hunting Championship in honor of his bravery and sacrifice.

Episode 1018 - Waterfowl Flyover

After their first successful waterfowl experience last season, the Driven crew can’t pass up another opportunity at some wing shooting.

Episode 1019 - The Curse Continues

Eager to break his curse of near misses, Pat is in pursuit of a giant bighorn sheep in Alberta, Canada.  Will the curse continue?

Episode 1020 - Snowy Sheds

Pat & Nicole join up with Cody & Kelsey Robbins to shed hunt in snowy Saskatchewan.

Season: 2014

Episode 1001 - The Mountains Are Calling

Pat and Nicole travel to the Yukon in search of some big game animals in the mountains.  Nicole hunts for a mountain goat as the Driven team battles the weather.

Episode 1002 - On Top of the World

The big game adventure continues in the Yukon as Pat hunts for a mountain goat and Nicole hunts for a mountain caribou.  These two hunts are nothing less than heart-pounding.

Episode 1003 - On the Fence

Pat’s daughter, Olivia, travels to New Mexico for her first ever elk hunt.

Episode 1004 - Double the Fun

The Driven crew heads back to Saskatchewan to continue their string of luck at Buck Country Outfitters.  Pat and Nicole double out of the same blind on the same day on two great whitetail bucks.

Episode 1005 - The Driven Crew Cleans Up

With Pat and Nicole doubling out of the same blind, Driven team member Mike Jahnke and Driven cameraman Bryan Lemke continue the hunt for big-bodied Saskatchewan whitetails.

Episode 1006 - Arctic Extremes

Pat and Nicole travel to the arctic and battle extreme weather conditions while hunting for muskox.

Episode 1007 - Man vs Muskox

The adventure continues in the arctic as ScentBlocker president Scott Shultz and Pat hunt big muskox in the unforgiving cold.

Episode 1008 - If It Snows, They Will Come

Pat and Nicole head back to Alberta for a second year in a row in search of giant mule deer.

Episode 1009 - You're Hot Then You're Cold

Pat’s son, Carson, hunts for whitetails during the youth season in Kansas at Wicked Outfitters. He follows it up with some late season hunting in Minnesota, using his bow for the very first time.

Episode 1010 - Chinaman Checks Out

Nicole gets it done on a giant buck in Illinois that her and good friends, Darren and Sherri, have had lots of history with. 

Episode 1011 - Winning in Wisconsin

Nicole continues her streak of late season success in Wisconsin.  Team member, Mike Jahnke, also has great success in his home state of Wisconsin.

Episode 1012 - Friendly Fire

Pat and Nicole travel to Iowa to hunt with good friends, Darren and Sherri Martin.  Pat takes down a giant buck with his TC. 

Episode 1013 - The Shot of a Lifetime

This is a dream hunt for Nicole as she travels to Alaska in search of a giant brown bear.  Watch as she comes eye to eye with only her Mathews in hand.

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