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Season: 2016

Episode 801 - The God's Country Tradition

Greg Zipadelli and Hal Shaffer continue their long time tradition of hunting with the gang from God's Country Outfitters in Palatka, Florida. The guys are hog hunting just north of Daytona with their Carbon Express crossbows and of course the brand new Thompson Center Strike muzzleloader!

Episode 802 - The World Turkey Hunting Championships

Hal Shaffer runs and guns for some longbeards in two separate turkey hunting contests! First he heads back to Texas after a 3 year hiatus to the town of Henrietta! Then he heads up to Kansas for a contest in the Sunflower State!

Episode 803 - The Trail of 10,000 Miles Begins

Hal Shaffer kicks off his yearly hunting road trip that will take him and his Rocky Ridge Jud Kuhn Chevy truck well over 10,000 miles across the country! His first stop is in Missouri for the opening week of archery season!

Episode 804 - Big Bucks and Broadheads

Hal Shaffer's road trip continues into Big Sky country! He joins up with the guys from Grim Reaper in Montana for some whitetail and antelope combo hunting!

Episode 805 - Big Sky Country and the Cowboy State

Hal's action-packed Montana hunt rolls on and from there he drives south into the Cowboy state of Wyoming to chase antelope with his Thompson Center rifle alongside some of the crew from DRT Ammo!

Episode 806 - Rolling South

Hal leaves the west and heads down south to Arkansas! Hot weather and rain have moved in making the hunting tough. But Hal is going to stick it out and see what happens. Then he takes a break and heads home to hunt with Zippy on the DZ Lease in Virginia.

Episode 807 - Hunting Hoosier Bucks

Hal Shaffer heads north into Indiana! He is the special guest of NASCAR Champion Tony Stewart and his land manager, Travis Grider, for the week. He grabs his Mathews NoCam and hits the October woods! Also, field producer Cody Alberson will get a chance at a bow buck!

Episode 808 - Catch a Dream Hunt

Hal finishes up his bow hunt and stays in camp to take a special young man on a deer hunt with the Catch A Dream Foundation! Bryan Emery and his family join Hal and Travis Grider for an unforgettable deer hunt!

Episode 809 - Fox Creek is Calling

Hal Shaffer continues on with his 10,000 mile journey into Illinois where he meets up with Von Miller of Fox Creek Outfitters! Von has hosted the DZ gang for a few years now and Hal is hoping he has timed the rut perfectly!

Episode 810 - Thanksgiving at the Farm

The Zipadelli family is spending Thanksgiving up in the Virginia mountains at the Drop Zone hunting lease! Greg and Nan are taking the kids along as they deer hunt and spend some quality time in hunt camp!

Episode 811 - Lone Star Bucks

Greg Zipadelli and Hal Shaffer both head to the Lone Star state of Texas and hunt two different places with TC guns! This mid December time frame in Texas is a lot of fun to hunt, especially with the TC at your side!

Episode 812 - Closing in on #29

Jim Hens has quite a few trophy animals on his resume! But the one that has been avoiding him is the mule deer. Jim is well on his way to taking all 29 North American big game animals with his Mathews, and he'd like nothing better than to check the muley off his list!

Episode 813 - The Tribulations of the Late Season

The Drop Zone guys are hunting hard in Kentucky and Virginia during the late season to try and fill one more tag before it all ends. Hal heads to Whitetail Crossings in Kentucky and then meets Zippy back up in Virginia for one last hunt of the year.

Season: 2015

Episode 701 - Back to the Roots of Racing

Drop Zone's Hal Shaffer joins up with co-host Greg Zipadelli at Volusia County Speedway during Speedweeks in Florida for some dirt track racing events! Then they meet up with long time friends, RT and Charles Herrington, of God's Country Outfitters for some hog hunting!

Episode 702 - Whitetail Crossings Trilogy Part 1

Drop Zone's Hal Shaffer heads up to Kentucky for the early season bow hunting with Bryan Dirr of Whitetail Crossings. Hal is joined by Streamlight's Tim Taylor as they try and tag out on some big bucks during the September archery season.

Episode 703 - Whitetail Crossing Trilogy Part 2

Drop Zone's Hal Shaffer extends his stay in Kentucky because he is chasing down some big bucks with outfitter Bryan Dirr! They are playing it smart and hoping that one of those bucks will make a mistake and walk by Hal during daylight hours.

Episode 704 - Whitetail Crossing Trilogy Part 3

Drop Zone's Hal Shaffer struck out during the early bow season in Kentucky on his quest for the buck he nicknamed "Devil Dog". So he is heading back up to Whitetail Crossings in Kentucky for their two-day muzzleloader season in mid-October. Joining him is NASCAR Crew Chief Scotty Zipadellli, brother of co-host Greg Zipadelli! They have their Thompson Centers dialed in and hope that two days is all they will need to fill their tags!

Episode 705 - Big Sky Country Elk

Drop Zone pro-staff member Jim Hens is bow hunting giant elk in western Montana! This is a great ranch with giant bull elk! The rut is in full swing and Jim hopes he can get a big bull within range of his Mathews bow!

Episode 706 - The Chase For A Championship Buck 1

Drop Zone pro-staffer Jim Hens continues his elk hunting trip into British Columbia! Jim is going after Roosevelt elk with his Mathews! Then, we follow co-host Greg Zipadelli as he completes his racing season in Homestead, Florida where the Stewart/Hass team could win the Sprint Cup Championship! After the season, Greg and Jim finally get to share hunting camp together at the famed Hashknife Ranch in Kansas for some great whitetail bow hunting!

Episode 707 - The Chase For A Championship Buck 2

Drop Zone co-host Greg Zipadelli and pro-staff member Jim Hens continue their bow hunt at the Hashknife ranch during the November rut! Then Jim will return during the December season to try and fill his tag!

Episode 708 - Racing To The Rut

Its that time of year again! Drop Zone's Hal Shaffer is kicking off his hunting road trip into the Midwest! First he stops off at Martinsville Speedway where the Zipadelli family and the Drop Zone crew are hosting the Motor Racing Outreach event with archery for the children of all the racing families! 

Episode 709 - Pre-Rut At Fox Creek

The Midwest tour continues for Drop Zone's Hal Shaffer as he winds up his hunt in Wisconsin and drives down to Fox Creek Outfitters in Illinois! The rut is about to be in full swing and Hal knows this spot has lots of big bucks!

Episode 710 - Blood, Sweat and Lease

Part 3 of the Midwest tour finds Hal heading over to bow hunt his own private lease in Missouri! After spending some time scouting during the summer, Hal has to dive in head first and use the Moultrie trail cameras to his advantage and see if he can locate some big bucks to go after! This is a fun do-it-yourself bow hunt here on Drop Zone!

Episode 711 - Hal and The Huntmaster

The Drop Zone cameras are staying in Missouri as Hal Shaffer joins Huntmasters host Gregg Ritz on his farm as they go after some big bucks with their Thompson Centers! Danielle Sanville of Smith and Wesson joins the guys in camp and hopes to show them how to get it done!

Episode 712 - Swinging For The Fence

Drop Zone's Hal Shaffer leaves Missouri after a very successful hunt and shoots down to the deep south to hunt in Arkansas! Hal has never hunted here but he knows there are some giant bucks roaming these woods! And if he's hoping to tag out quick so that he can take advantage of some of the best duck hunting in the world!

Episode 713 - Late Season Powder Burn

The Midwest is a great place to hunt during the late season, especially when its cold and there is still plenty of food left for the deer! Drop Zone's Hal Shaffer and NASCAR Crew Chief Scott Zipadelli head up to Missouri and join Drop Zone sponsor DRT Ammo for a great hunt after the Christmas holiday!

Season: 2014

South Bound to North Florida

Greg Zipadelli is about to kick off the 2014 NASCAR season with the Daytona 500! But first, he will join Hal Shaffer and the gang for some fast-­paced hog hunting action with the God’s Country Outfitters crew! The guys might even take a drive down historic Daytona Beach!

Bluegrass Bucks

The Drop Zone crew kicks off whitetail archery season in Kentucky with their Mathews bows! Hal Shaffer and Warren Smith meet up with Bryan Dirr from Whitetail Crossing as they try to get on the board with some early season hunting!

Ram of a Lifetime

Brand new Drop Zone team member, Jim Hens, is an accomplished hunter with two world record sheep under his belt! But being the hardcore hunter that Jim is, he can’t sit still when a big ram could be over the next mountain! Jim heads to New Mexico in search of a monster desert big horn sheep, in hopes of breaking his own world record!

Way Down South Part 1

Drop Zone’s Hal Shaffer heads down to one of his favorite places to hunt in the south! Its mid-­August in low country South Carolina and the Thompson Center is ready to burn some gunpowder! A big buck has been spotted and Hal won’t rest until he has him in hand!

Way Down South Part 2

After spending a few days in the low country of South Carolina, Drop Zone’s Hal Shaffer is joined in camp by the one and only Willie Robertson of Buck Commander and the Busbice brothers of Wildgame Nation! The hunting is fast and furious and not to mention funny!

Springtime Rituals

Drop Zone is all about hunting and having fun, no matter what time of year it is! Hal Shaffer gets after some Midwest longbeards with the Barnett crossbow and then team members Warren Smith and Jody Tornabene head north of the border to chase down some bruins in New Brunswick with their Thompson Centers!

Racing to Elk Hunt

Greg Zipadelli spends thirty-­six weekends a year at the racetrack, so his hunting time is very limited. But thanks to a Saturday night race in Charlotte, he is able to spend some quality time with his family and head to Kentucky for his first ever elk hunt! He is joined by his hunting buddy, Hal Shaffer, and the Lowgap Outfitter group. It’s a great hunt followed up with some locals that will have you laughing for days!

A Drop Zone Combo

Country star, Colt Ford, is not only a great country artist, but he is also a big time hunter! He meets up with Jud Kuhn and mixes in a performance at Jud's Chevy dealership and chases after some Palmetto State gobblers! Then Jud heads to western North Carolina to hunt turkeys with his mentor and close friend, Keith Hawthorne! After that we catch up with Smith and Wesson's Danielle Sanville as she goes after some hogs with the God's Country Outfitter gang in Florida!

The Midwest Tour Begins

The rut is fast approaching and Drop Zone’s Greg Zipadelli and Hal Shaffer pack up the DZ truck and trailer with all their hunting gear. Hal heads to the Midwest to begin a five week hunting adventure! Zippy will meet up with Hal later on, but first Hal heads to Illinois with good friend Nathan Ewing as they bow hunt for some monster bucks!

The Midwest Tour Part 2

Drop Zone’s Hal Shaffer keeps on trucking from Illinois into Missouri in hopes his Mathews and Carbon Express combo will stay hot! Then he heads into Nebraska to pick up Zippy for their hunt with the guys from Woodland Whitetails!

The Midwest Tour Part 3

Greg Zipadelli and Hal Shaffer keep the Drop Zone Midwest tour rolling in Nebraska! They are hunting hard but the big bucks aren’t moving. While they are struggling, team member Jim Hens is having a great bow hunt in Kansas! From here, the Midwest tour continues on into South Dakota!

The Midwest Tour Part 4

The Drop Zone Midwest tour continues as Greg Zipadelli and Hal Shaffer head into South Dakota to the Timber Lake Elk Lodge! It’s almost Thanksgiving so Greg’s family is joining him on this hunt! Also in camp is one of Drop Zone’s great friends, Hank Jones! The gang will enjoy some great hunting, food and fellowship on this trip!

The Midwest Tour Part 5

The Drop Zone crew is still hunting and having fun in South Dakota at the Timber Lake Elk Lodge! This is some of the best hunting the DZ group has experienced together! After a great week of hunting, the Zipadelli’s head out to check out one of America’s most treasured national monuments, Mount Rushmore! But they don’t stop there! Greg and Nan take their kids to explore the rich history of downtown Deadwood! It’s a great way to end a long race season and a great week of quality time with the family!

Season: 2013

God's Country Hunts

The Drop Zone crew head back to one of their favorite outfitters to chase down some big hogs and gators in the Sunshine state!

New Mexico Muleys

Drop Zone’s Hal Shaffer and Warren Smith head west to chase down some big western mule deer in the wide open spaces of New Mexico with their TC Dimensions!

Canadian Combo Part 1

Drop Zone heads to the north country in mid September to chase down some black bears and early season whitetails.

Canadian Combo Part 2

The DZ crew continues chasing those fall black bears in Canada and their hunt carries over into the snowy November rut!

Zippy's Crusade For Kids

Join Greg and Nan Zipadelli in Old Forge, NY with friends and family as they help raise money for less fortunate kids and families! There is lots of NASCAR memorabilia up for auction, snowmobiling and plenty of good fun! We will also hang out with the DZ crew at Jud Kuhn Chevrolet as they host the DZ Block Party with Colt Ford!

West Kansas Whitetails

Team Drop Zone is bow hunting the river bottoms of western Kansas during the rut with their Mathews!

Pre-Race Hogs

A couple days before the 2013 Daytona 500, Greg Zipadelli and Tony Gibson from Stewart/Haas Racing meet up with Hal Shaffer and the God’s Country gang for a full day of hog hunting!

Thanksgiving With The Zipadellis

Greg’s racing schedule is hectic at best! But he chose to unwind over Thanksgiving week with a Missouri deer hunt and some quality time with his family at Big Cedar Lodge in Ridgedale, Missouri!

Season: 2012

Clay County Turkey Fest!

Hal Shaffer and Bob Pippin head to Texas for World Championship Turkey Hunting competition. Last year Texas was devastated by their worst drought in history. Now watch in see the Miracle of Mother Nature as drought stricken Texas is transformed into a wild flower paradise with the recent heavy rains!

Alaska Trilogy!

Hal Shaffer and friends head to the Alaska range to hunt for two of Hal’s Bucket List big game animals! The mighty Alaskan moose and the predacious grizzly bear.

The continuation of the Alaska Trilogy

With Hal’s moose in the books it’s now time to chase the elusive dahl sheep!

Swamp Hogs

Join Hal Shaffer and Bob Pippin as they head to the swamps of low country South Carolina with Smith & Wesson President James Debney and VP Tom Kelly. They’re in for a grueling hunt that takes place in the ever-challenging environment of briars, swamp, mud and bugs. They gear up with the newest and latest firearms from Thompson Center and Smith & Wesson.

Making Dimension History

Join Hal Shaffer and Thompson Center’s Patrick Hanley as they set out to make history by taking the first big game animals ever with TC’s brand new innovative rifle called the Dimension! They will be chasing southern plantation whitetails still in velvet.

Gators and Bacon

Hal is joined by his longtime friend and DZ Team mate Jud Kuhn as they chase wild hogs and giant gators with God’s Country Outfitters in Palatka, Florida!

Canada Boys Club

Greg Zipadelli and his brother Scott Zipadelli head to Canada with team member Jody Tornabene chasing the big three of Alberta, whitetails, mulie’s and the Canadian moose! There is so much action this will take two shows!

Canada Boys Club II

Greg Zipadelli and his brother Scott Zipadelli head to Canada with team member Jody Tornabene chasing the big three of Alberta, whitetails, mulie’s and the Canadian moose! There is so much action this took two shows.

Oakridge Whitetails

Team Drop Zone sends the three amigos back out again to the famed Oakridge Whitetails lodge for some big bruiser whitetails. Bob Pippin, Scott Zipadelli and Jody Tornabene load up their TC muzzleloaders on this trip!

Daytona Hogs and Dogs

Greg Zipadelli and Hal Shaffer and some more of Zippy’s racing buddies go back to God’s Country Outfitters during Daytona 500 week for great hog wild action in Palatka, Florida.

Tri-state Outfitters

Hal Shaffer heads to Missouri with friends and family in tow chasing some big whitetails. Hal has several encounters with these big boys and ends up having a very special trip with his son in law Joseph Faulk as he gets a chance to live the dream of hunting the Midwest giants.

Monster Buck smack down

Join Greg Zipadellin as he and his brother Scott Zipadelli get a chance to hunt together on some dream property in the Midwest heartland. Don’t miss this one as team Drop Zone films some of their largest whitetails ever!

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