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Season: 2016

Episode 701 - New Zealand Red Stag & Fallow

The pristine wilderness of New Zealand offers world-class hunting opportunities for red stag and fallow deer.

Episode 702 - Hawaii Youth Hunt

Mike Rogers joins the 2016 Young Hunter of the Year in her home state of Hawaii for an inspiring hunt for axis deer.

Episode 703 - Africa: Spiral Horned Antelope

Mike Rogers makes the journey to South Africa in pursuit of the continent's most elegant and elusive spiral horned antelope.

Episode 704 - Africa: Poaching War

The ongoing and catastrophic issues surrounding poaching calls for extreme measures in the conservation of South Africa's rhino population.

Season: 2015

Episode 601 - The Gator Hunters

Host Mike Rogers joins long time hunting companion, Nathan Olmstead and his girlfriend Kayla for an action packed Alligator hunt in the swamps of Florida.

Episode 602 - After a while, Nile Crocodile

Mike Rogers makes the long journey to northern Namibia in pursuit of a massive Nile Crocodile.

Episode 603 - Rhino Crisis: Namibia

On a hunt for a mature Eland Bull, Mike Rogers digs deeper into the rising problem of Black Rhino poaching in Namibia.

Episode 604 - Rhino Crisis: RSA

Searching for solutions in South Africa's war against Rhino poaching, Mike Rogers takes a hands on approach in saving a young calf's life!

Episode 605 - Dall Sheep - Redux

Pushing mind and body to the limit, Mike Rogers returns to the Yukon for one of the most challenging hunts of his life.

Episode 606 - Baja Spearfishing

A passionate pursuit for big game takes Mike Rogers to the East Cape of the Baja Peninsula, hunting the rich blue waters of the Sea of Cortez.

Episode 607 - Yukon Moose in the Rut

Mike Rogers combs the unforgiving vastness of Canada's Yukon Territory after a mature bull moose in the rut.

Episode 608 - Blackbuck - Axis

An untamed and wilder side of Florida provides an exciting hunt for two of the world's most fascinating deer species.

Episode 609 - Mexico Central Plateau Deer

Mike Rogers travels to the Sierra Madre mountain range of Mexico, in pursuit of a Central Plateau Whitetail deer.

Episode 610 - Kodiak Sitka Deer

The remote Alaskan outpost of Kodiak Island features spectacular views, great numbers of wildlife and the deer hunting adventure of a lifetime.

Season: 2014

Episode 501 - Maui Hunting Safari

Mike Rogers travels to the stunningly beautiful tropics of Hawaii to hunt Maui's three primary island species.

Episode 502 - Yucatan Deer & Javelina

Journey to the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico for a unique hunt for Central American Deer and Javelina.

Episode 503 - Yukon - Dall Sheep

Host Mike Rogers ventures into the unforgiving wilderness of the Yukon in rugged pursuit of a mature Dall Sheep Ram.

Episode 504 - Argentina Buffalo & Blackbuck

Mike Rogers journeys to northern Argentina in pursuit of the elusive Blackbuck and a massive, wild Water Buffalo.

Episode 505 - Baja Blacktail Deer

The Baja Peninsula of Mexico offers the ultimate hunting adventure for a trophy blacktail deer.

Episode 506 - Laurentian Pathfinder Hunt

Two youth hunters, facing physical disabilities, are provided the big game hunt of a lifetime after Trophy Red Stag.

Episode 507 - Balearean Boc from Mallorca

Journey to the heart of the Mediterranean for one of the most unique hunting experiences of a lifetime.

Episode 508 - Spanish Roe Deer, Chamois & Ibex

Mike Rogers embarks on a classic European hunting adventure, in pursuit of Roe Deer, Chamois and Ibex.

Episode 509 - Swedish Moose & Wild Boar

Journey to one of the last real wilderness areas of Europe for a traditional Scandinavian hunting adventure.

Episode 510 - S. Africa Vaal Rhebok

Mike Rogers joins PHASA CEO Adri Kitshoff in the Republic of South Africa after Vaal Rhebok and Mountain Reedbuck.

Season: 2013

Episode 1

New Zealand Red Stag and Fallow Deer

Episode 2

New Zealand Red Stag and Tahr

Episode 3

Argentina Adventure for Black Buck, Fallow and Buffalo

Episode 4

Argentina Adventure for Red Stag, Axis and Mouflon

Episode 5

Alaska Mountain Goat

Episode 6

Laurentian Pathfinder Part 1

Episode 7

Laurentian Pathfinder Part 2

Episode 8

Colorado Pronghorn with Les Ohlhauser

Episode 9

Croatia 1

Episode 10

Croatia 2

Episode 11

Tennessee Veteran Whitetail with SCI President Craig Kauffman

Episode 12

Mexico Part 1

Episode 13

Mexico Part 2

Season: 2012

Episode 1

Vancouver Island Bear #1 w/Guest Linsey Toole

Episode 2

Vancouver Island Bear #2

Episode 3

South Africa Blesbock and Waterbuck

Episode 4

South Africa White Springbok and Gemsbok

Episode 5

Lanai Hawaii Axis Deer

Episode 6

Kona Hawaii Polynesian Boar and Ocean Fishing

Episode 7

Panama Spear and Rooster Fishing

Episode 8

Pennsylvania Whitetail

Episode 9

SCI Pathfinder Hunt for Missouri Whitetail

Episode 10

Namibia Leopard with SCI Members

Episode 11

Laurentian Wildlife Estate Elk Hunt

Episode 12

Sanctuary II – President’s Hunt

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