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Season: 2017

Episode 601 - Football and Fins

Curtis meets up with WVU Football Coach Dana Holgorsen at Glade Springs Resort, WV. The roles are reversed as Curtis coaches the coach, on his first fly fishing adventure. Curtis also teams up with Coach Holgorsen’s family and they all go after the trout grand slam on Glade Creek.

Episode 602 - Bucket List Brook Trout

Curtis scratches off one on the bucket list as he heads to Labrador in search of the five pound plus Eastern brook trout.

Episode 603 - Carp on Cicadas

The 17-year Brood Five Cicada Emergence is happening in West Virginia and Curtis and his daughter experience the best carp fishing of their lives on Stonewall Jackson Lake. Every carp in the lake is eating cicadas on top, and Laken Fleming breaks an IGFA line class world record on 12 pound tippet with a 20 plus pound common carp.

Episode 604 - Big Hole Browns

Curtis travels to the famous Big Hole River in Montana to experience some of the best trout fishing in the West. Low water situations make it challenging, but wade fishing and Watermaster rafts prove to be game changers as Curtis finally sticks a few big brown trout.

Episode 605 - Bahamas Bonefish

Curtis travels to the Bahamas and gets in on some flats fishing for bonefish.

Episode 606 - Back to the Basics

Curtis promised the Bridgeport High School football team that if they won the state title, that he would have to take them all fishing. Well, they won, and Curtis comes through as you will see in this instructional and heartfelt episode.

Episode 607 - Chama Generations

Curtis takes his daughter, Laken, to Chama, NM in search of her first bull elk, and we look back at some of the highlights that were caught on camera over the years at The Lodge at Chama.

Episode 608 - Arctic Char Frenzy

Curtis travels towards the North Pole and finds out what it is like to be in an arctic char frenzy. Needless to say, he gets fish drunk in this episode as the char boil around the boat.

Episode 609 - Fishing for ALS

Curtis take a friend out for a well needed day on the water and the two bring awareness to the disease known as ALS.

Episode 610 - The Life of a Guide

You might think fly fishing guides have it made, but after watching this episode, you will have a whole new appreciation for them as the crew centers this episode around a few guys that row the North Platte River in Wyoming.

Episode 611 - Fins and Feathers

Curtis travels to southern West Virginia to team up with a DNR officer for an unbelievable spring turkey hunt and fish the intimate Glade Creek.

Episode 612 - Alaska Family Slam

The Fleming Family heads to Alaska to celebrate an anniversary and a birthday and end up breaking five IGFA world records while they are there during the peak of the salmon run.

Episode 613 - West Virginia Strong, A Story About the Flood

Curtis takes a flood victim out for a much needed day on the water. The very river that devastated the community is the same river the two fish, and some closure is brought as they have a great day of trout fishing.

Season: 2016

Episode 501 - Cass Scenic Railroad

Curtis travels to Cass, West Virginia to experience the town’s history and take in some trout fishing.

Episode 502 - Arctic Adventure

Curtis travels to the Nunavik Region of Quebec in search of world class arctic char fishing as he is guided by native Inuits.

Episode 503 - TAPS Montana Retreat

Curtis spends time with the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors as they float the Madison River.

Episode 504 - Route 219 Roadtrip

Curtis takes his daughter Laken on a road trip down Route 219 in West Virginia, and the two soak up the rich history and great fishing in the area.

Episode 505 - Belize Family Vacation

Curtis and his family head to Belize for bonefish.

Episode 506 - WV Fall Colors

Curtis heads to Dry Fork in search of colored up browns in the fall.

Episode 507 - Casper, Wyoming

Curtis heads to Casper, Wyoming and dives into the towns fishing culture.

Episode 508 - Harman's North Fork Invitational

Curtis heads to Harman’s to check out this years Harman’s North Fork Invitational fly fishing tournament, and he breaks out the Watermaster Raft on his home-waters.

Episode 509 - Alaska Topwater Silvers

Curtis throws dry flies for topwater silver salmon.

Episode 510 - Back to My Roots

Curtis takes his daughter Autumn to a local farm pond to instill good fly fishing techniques.

Episode 511 - Crazy Rainbow

Curtis teams up with the guides at Crazy Rainbow for some unbelievable action on the North Platte River in Casper, Wyoming.

Episode 512 - Elk Springs Resort

Curtis fishes the headwaters of Elk River.

Episode 513 - Curtis' Permit

Curtis goes in pursuit for the “gray ghost of the flats,” the permit.

Season: 2015

Episode 401 - Fishing with Nick Faldo

Curtis spends a day with golfing royalty, Nick Faldo. Although Curtis and Nick are very different, fly fishing brings them together for an amazing day of trout fishing in West Virginia.

Episode 402 - The Alaskan Dream

Curtis lives his dream of fishing the incredible salmon runs of Alaska.

Episode 403 - New River

Curtis and pals float the New River in West Virginia for smallmouth bass, but realize there is more to this river than the fishing as they navigate class five rapids and dive into the local culture.

Episode 404 - Salmon Fly

Curtis experiences the salmon fly hatch on the Deshutes River in Oregon as he fishes the tribal side of the river with a local Native American, Elke Littleleaf.

Episode 405 - Curtis' Kids

Curtis surprises a special group of boys at school and takes them on a field trip that they will never forget.

Episode 406 - Moonfish at Jupiter

Curtis heads south in the winter to break out the fly rod with a good buddy off the coast of Jupiter, FL.

Episode 407 - Elk River DIY

Curtis and his cousin Paul fish one of their favorite streams as they reflect on how much fishing means to them.

Episode 408 - Alaska Pike

Curtis hikes through the Sherwood Forest in Alaska to a remote high mountain lake to catch northern pike with a dry fly.

Episode 409 - HNFI

Curtis heads to his home waters to check out a fly fishing tournament and has trouble being on the sidelines.

Episode 410 - Deschutes Family Vacation

Curtis heads back to Oregon with his family as they experience the amazing culture and fishing along the Deshutes River.

Episode 411 - Nemacolin Tiger Trout

Curtis spends a day on the water with good pal and basketball legend, Bob Huggins.

Episode 412 - Project Healing Waters

Curtis spends a day with Project Healing Waters member Jessica Callihan and she tells her amazing story of how fly fishing changed her life.

Episode 413 - Musky on the Fly

Curtis is in pursuit for the “fish of 10,000 casts.”

Season: 2014

Fishing with Legends, Jerry West at his Best

Curtis pairs off with legendary Jerry West, the NBA logo, on the side of the stream in Jerry's home state of West Virginia. Curtis idolized Jerry as a kid, as did all kids from his home state of West Virginia. Fishing with Jerry West was one of the few items on Curtis' bucket list.

Jerry's home state of West Virginia is promoted as the place he came back to, the place he loves, the place he calls home. Jerry is as homespun and down to earth as Curtis. His overwhelming accomplishments didn't matter when they were side-by-side in the water with the fish.

Watch as Jerry laughs, competes, and shares his compassion for the outdoors and fly fishing.

Idaho Drift Fishing, Amazing Adventures

Curtis and his family brave the rapid waters of the South Fork of the Snake River in drift boats. The technical waters give Curtis quite a challenge in the crystal clear ripples of the river.

Join Curtis and his family as they enjoy fine dining, horseback riding, and the Idaho adventure together creating memories to last a lifetime.

Fly Fishing Angler's Invitational at Harmans' North Fork

Anglers from all over the world join Curtis at the annual invitational, which shows intense fishing among the best of the best – happening right in the heart of West Virginia!

Join the action as intense coverage of the serious anglers evolves over the 3-day competition. Learn some techniques never before shared from the best of the best in this special program.

Modern Family Fishing in New Mexico

As the wild Elk are bugling in the background, join Curtis and his family as they experience one tight line after another in the amazing waters of New Mexico.

Curtis wanted to bring his wife and daughters back to the place where he shared some very special moments with his father a year before. In the famous Jicarilla Apache Indian lands, the dry fly season was at its peak.

Join Curtis as he shares fine dining, high mountain lake fly fishing, and precious family moments catching bulging rainbow trout with small size 20 dry flies.

America's Resort on the Fly

Curtis and his family fish the waters of Howard’s Creek running along America’s Resort, The Greenbrier, as well as enjoy the fine amenities the lush green valley of West Virginia has to offer!

As the son of a coal miner, Curtis only dreamed of visiting such a prestigious establishment. Living his dream, he shares the moment with the viewers as they experience falconry, digging in some serious back country, horse back riding on the trails, spa treatments, and of course……epic fly fishing.

Joining Jacob Ott, published guide who was quoted as having one of ten of the world’s coolest jobs, along one of the most famous PGA golf courses is just a portion of the fun at America’s Resort.

Heroes, Hockey, and Fly Fishing Ho!

Join Curtis and the amazing former NHL goalie and Navy Seal Special Ops soldier, Bo Reichenbach, as they fish the waters of the South Fork of Platt River near Bailey, Colorado.

Bo, severely injured by an IED in Afghanistan, fishes from his mechanical chair. Casting his line from his side of the stream, no one is more proud to be by his side than Curtis. Sharing story after story by the healing waters, join Curtis and his crew as they capture the memorable trip.

Remembering the Miners

Curtis joins the West Virginia University Men’s Basketball Head Coach, Bob Huggins, at the pristine waters of Harman’s North Fork Cottages to fish with friends of the Remember the Miners Foundation. Former coal miners join in on the fun on the fishing adventure!

Curtis’ father used to return from the mines dusted with coal completely black from head to toe. More colorful adventures arise as special guests share their stories along the stream.

Gators and Sharks Oh Fly!

Curtis and his family head out on the high waters of the Atlantic and into the murky waters of the swamps in Florida to capture gators and sharks – on the fly!

Curtis checks off another bucket list item by capturing a shark on the fly and shares in the moment when his youngest daughter, Autumn, catches her first shark.

Restoration Success on America's Streams

Tremendous collaboration went into the restoration of some of the finest trout waters on the East Coast. Curtis joins American Sport Fishing Association’s President, Gordon Robertson, with Former U.S. Congressman, Alan Mollohan, on a fishing endeavor to exhibit the streams thriving trophies.

Monsters and Meaningful Catches Out West

Casting and blasting in the wild mountains of New Mexico is shared with outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy the land and water trophies.

Join Curtis and his special guests as they follow the small meandering meadow creeks at 10,000 feet with elk hair caddis flies and see one of the largest bull elks harvested in television history.

Harpers Ferry Battles Again

Join Curtis and Miss West Virginia, Caitlin Gates, as she shares a historical perspective of the famous area and brings on another battle in the area when she and Curtis face off in the Potomac & Shenandoah River. When Curtis was a kid, his parents packed the family up the 16 Utopia Camper, hooked it to the Dodge Ram Charger and headed to these familiar waters. Forty years later, Curtis wages a significant bet with the Miss America pageant participant regarding her sash and crown.

Spending the evening at Angler’s Inn, owners of Kelly’s White Fly Shop, Curtis introduces us all to the amazing folks from the area.

Music from West Virginia, Scott Holstein, is featured playing his hit bluegrass song, “Montani Semper Liberani.”

Memorial Weekend Celebrating America's Heroes

Veterans from across the United States join Curtis and his crew to commemorate the heroes of our great nation. The veterans fish in West Virginia’s finest waters, celebrate with fireworks and music from West Virginia’s Taylor Made, and honor our great nation during a 21-gun salute.

Join Curtis and Washington Redskins’ Special Team Captain & Safety, Reed Doughty, as they fish the waters of Bluestone Canyon with the veterans – a true touchdown, epic event including a “double” catch with two large rainbows weighing down the scales at 5 plus pounds each.

Remembering Hunter, Fishing in His Honor

As Curtis’ oldest daughter drops to her knees after hearing that her best friend was gone, taken in a tragic car accident, Curtis and his crew join in to heal the hearts of the family and friends of the teen. Fishing helps to take away the pain as Curtis shares a message with the nation to hold our loved ones close to our chests as often as we can.

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