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Episode Guide

Season: 2014


FOXPRO’s Mike Dillon and Abner Druckenmiller call east coast predators in total darkness. Which works better, red light or white light?


FOXPRO’s Al Morris and Garvin Young break from elk camp to call early fall coyotes in Northern Arizona. Hot temps and wind won’t stop this duo from gathering early season fur.


FOXPRO’s Mike Dillon and Abner Druckenmiller trade fur for scales in this Florida alligator hunt – done FOXPRO style!


FOXPRO’s Al Morris and Abner Druckenmiller use decoy dogs to call summer coyotes in Montana. They join the Montana Doggers on a fast paced predator hunt with up close and personal action.

Texas 2

FOXPRO’s Mike Dillon grows the Furtaker crew by one when he introduces someone to their first coyote hunt in Texas. Mike and friend Todd Yoder join predator master Brian Trussell on a big Texas predator slam.


FOXPRO’s Al Morris and Steve Dillon join up with predator master Kelly “Catdaddy Cold” Jackson, for a prime time fall coyote hunt in the hills of Oklahoma.


FOXPRO’s Mike Dillon and Abner Druckenmiller ring in opening season on their home turf in PA. This tradition starts at midnight and the east coast predators are on the move!


FOXPRO’s Mike Dillon and Al Morris head east to call predators outside the city of Baltimore, Maryland. Pete Hauer is the fox master in these parts and the boys find out why.

Texas 1

FOXPRO's crew heads south to tag team Texas predators. Mike Dillon, Abner Druckenmiller and Al Morris cut the state in half and look for eyes coming to the call.

New Mexico

FOXPRO’s Mike Dillon and Al Morris call predators in a breezy New Mexico hunt. November is prime time for calling yote’s, but will the boys connect?


FOXPRO’s Al Morris and Steve Dillon call southern predators in the polar vortex.  Ice, snow and bitter cold change the game for Texas and Arkansas yotes!


FOXPRO’s Al Morris heads to the coyote mecca of Alberta to chase January fur.  Big Al perfects coyote vocals to call breeding coyotes – up to 8 at a time!


FOXPRO’s Mike Dillon calls late season predators in Virginia.  Hunting alongside his wife, they introduce a piece of equipment that can change night hunting forever.

Season: 2013


FOXPRO’s Abner Druckenmiller covers the province of Alberta looking for the best place to call predators.  Teaming up with Corey Jarvis, the boys are covered with coyotes.

New Mexico

FOXPRO’s Al Morris joins hunting partner Cody Wood for a shot at a Coyote Quad.  The New Mexico desert comes alive with predators in this fast paced hunt.


FOXPRO’s Mike Dillon is on a predator marathon in the West Texas desert. Coyotes, Bobcats and the rare Kit Fox charge the call in the dark of night.


FOXPRO’s Al Morris travels the Arizona desert calling Bobcats and Coyotes. It’s prime time predators during the peak of the calling season.


FOXPRO’s Al Morris travels the Arizona desert calling Bobcats and Coyotes. It’s prime time predators during the peak of the calling season.


FOXPRO’s Abner Druckenmiller and Big Al Morris team up to control summer coyotes. Deer numbers are down and the Utah bounty is up. Decoys dogs help the boys bring the coyotes to the call.


FOXPRO brothers, Mike and Steve Dillon, head to Alaskan bush to call North America’s largest game. Hunting alongside master guide, Coke Wallace, the game is to get a Grizzly Bear to charge.


FOXPRO’s Abner Druckenmiller teams up with red fox expert, Pete Hauer for a hunt on the outskirts of Baltimore, Maryland. A dark moon provides a perfect night hunt for back yard reds.


FOXPRO’s Mike Dillon and Big Al Morris hit the Kansas prairie for an action packed coyote hunt.


FOXPRO’s Al Morris and hunting partner Garvin Young put the FOXPRO callers to work for a coyote slam in Southern California.

New York

FOXPRO’s Mike Dillon and Abner Druckenmiller call predators in upstate New York. Calling by night, the boys target both early and late season fur.


Fox season opens at midnight in Pennsylvania and the hometown boys are ready for the challenge. We’re after opening day predators in FOXPRO’s back yard.

North Dakota

The season finale of FOXPRO Furtakers draws Mike Dillon and Abner Druckenmiller to the North Dakota Prairie for extreme winter coyotes. Conservation and predator management take center stage in the recap of season 3.

Season: 2012

New Mexico

FOXPRO’s Mike Dillon heads West to call coyotes in tough conditions. Hunting alongside Field Staff members Barbara and Barry Stewart this trio calls early season predators in the New Mexico Desert.


FOXPRO’s Al Morris and Garvin Young tag-team coyotes in California Vineyards. It’s a unique hunt with crazy coyote action. You won’t believe how many coyotes run to the call and where they come from.  It’s high speed predator action at its finest!


FOXPRO’s Abner Druckenmiller heads to Oregon to hunt in the high plains. Early season coyote calling strategies and up-close action make this a predator a hunter’s dream.


FOXPRO’s Al Morris answers the call of duty to help eliminate predators on the Ute Mountain Indian Reservation. He joins Bill Countess, a damage control agent to call coyotes and bobcats during a cold winter blast.


FOXPRO’s Mike Dillon hooks up with Predator Strike Force guide, Tom Austin, to knock two states off his coyote hit list. This team calls the Rocky Mountain fringes to put down Montana and Idaho coyotes.


FOXPRO’s Al Morris flies solo to see how many coyotes he can put down in three days. With a home field advantage, these Nevada coyotes provide one of the most intense hunts of the season.

Massachusetts (Cape Cod)

FOXPRO’s Mike Dillon encounters one of his most unique predator hunts ever when he teams up with Brian Downs to hunt coyotes on Cape Cod. Sand dunes, ocean tides and huge coyotes make for an unforgettable adventure.


FOXPRO brother’s Mike and Steve Dillon head deep in the Alaskan bush on Outdoor Channel’s first ever wolf hunt. Hunting alongside master guide Coke Wallace, this trio chases one of America’s most dominate predators!


It’s opening day of fox season and the FOXPRO boys are ready for midnight. Mike Dillon and Abner Druckenmiller hunt their home turf looking to start this Pennsylvania night hunt off the right way.


FOXPRO’s Abner Druckenmiller and Al Morris tangle with Idaho coyotes under perfect conditions. Then it’s off to the Nightforce plant to test the strength of predator optics.


FOXPRO's Abner Druckenmiller tackles predator hunting in the far north. Abner battles arctic coyotes in the heavy snow covered prairies of Saskatchewan.


FOXPRO’s Mike Dillon flips the light switch and calls Virginia predators in total darkness. Joining Field Staffer Chris Ricks, this east coast hunt turns crazy in a hurry. Mike Dillon targets a triple, and a trio of different predators chase down the call.

South Dakota/Recap

Midwest prairies and hard-charging coyotes draw FOXPRO’s Abner Druckenmiller to South Dakota for a December hunt in the Badlands. Abner hunts solo looking to outsmart pressured coyotes on public turf.  Will he find luck? Then, we take a look back at our season across the country.

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