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Episode Guide

Season: 2015

Episode 401: Turkeys with the Bomber

In this Episode Mike Hunt's The California Turkey Opener with NFL Legend Darryle "The Mad Bomber" LaMonica. Day one is productive, but wet. Day 2 They go deep for a double with a bow and a shotgun.

Episode 402: HossNZ1

Mike is Host to 2X Super Bowl QB Jeff Hostetler and his sons, Jason, Justin and Tyler as the group pursues 8 different hunts in as many days. From Tahr to Red Stag it's an Epic adventure with fast paced hunts set in stunning scenery. Episode 1 Mike Goes after a Tahr wjhile Tyler uses his bow for Red Stag and Justin does the same for Fallow Deer.

Episode 403: HossNZ2

The hunt Continues with 2X Super Bowl QB Jeff Hostetler and his sons. This week Hoss comes off the bench to save the game while Mike Heads out for Tahr and Justin harvests his dream animal.

Episode 404: Montana Bears with Bieck

Mike and 12 year NFL LB Greg Bieckert Travel to Northern Montana for a Spring hunt just after the spring thaw. It's all spot ansd stalk which makes for a physically demanding hunt.

Episode 405: QB's and Whitetail 1

2 former QB's head to the woods in search of Montana Whitetail as Mike Hosts former Atlanta Qb Chris Redman. They'll swap stories and Barbs as the hunt heats up.

Episode 406: QB's and Whitetail 2

Mike and Chris Redman have to finish the game as the first half of theirt hunt proved difficult. They take the time to stop at a local school and talk to youth football players about the game and the outdoors and finish the drive with a 2 minute drill.

Episode 407: Long Range School

Mike is joined by Greg Bieckert and future Hall of Fame Raiders Lineman Steve Wisniewski to learn hard core shooting skills from 2 Navy SEALS. The new technique has them banging targets out to 750 yards like it's their job.

Episode 408: Long range Wrap and Pig hunt

3 Former Pro Athletes are joined by 2 Navy SEALS to practice their skill with the long gun as they hunt pigs on California's Tejon Ranch.

Episode 409: Desert Defense

Mike is Host to NFL Great Justin Tuck in the Sonoran Desert. Where They'll chase deer and Javelina with their Bows.

Episode 410: Head Games

Mike hunts central California with record setting WVU QB, Clint Trickett who recently had to make a life altering choice due to injury.

Episode 411: A Son of Texas

Mike and Houston Texans QB Case Keenum Hunt the scurge of Texas….Wild Hogs.  The 2 QB's talk football, hunting, and Case's unique background as a native of the Lone Star State.

Episode 412: Best of Gridiron 14

The Best of Gridiron outdoors Hunts of 2014.  Locations include Montana, Newzealand, Arizona, and California.

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